Rebounding is one of the safest forms of exercising.  For people

A rebounder or mini-trampoline is useful to get accumulated acids (from exercise or over use) out of the tissues.

who are already in pain or report stiffness or soreness, I recommend to NOT gut-it-out with ‘muscle exercise’, but rather to do gentle rebounding instead.  After the pain and stiffness resolve, then you can engage in more abusive forms of exercise.  The easiest, most convenient, cheap and time-effective, least harmful way to circulate oxygen to your tissue and remove acids is to rebound on a mini-trampoline.

Gentle bouncing is effective. A little rebounding often is more effective than one long session.

Find a little 3-4-foot diameter 10-12-inch-high exercise trampoline.  Gently bounce, and deeply breathe. Your feet should never leave the fabric while rebounding.   Now this is important.  If you are frail or unstable, have something or someone nearby to hold, or, find the kind of rebounder that has handles.  If your joints hurt GENTLE bouncing constitutes less vertical pounding than even walking.  THE most important thing to do while gently bouncing is to breath deeply with the bouncing…inhale-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4 and inhale-2-3-4, exhale-2-3-4.  Breathe as deeply as you can.  The good news – you only need to do this for 3-4 minutes 2X/day!!  You can do it in your jammies, while you watch TV, in the privacy of your own home, on your schedule and not have to drive anywhere to do it and the weather doesn’t matter.  If you are able, you can rebound more vigorously but breathe deeply the whole time. 8 minutes a day, max.  Once the fluids are moving there is no need to continue on longer.  Can you handle that?  This will help circulate blood, remove acids in the tissue that make you stiff, and oxygenate your whole body.  Many people report to me they are less stiff even after 1 minute.   Heed the caution given below.

Cost: Maybe $20 at Walmart – or check garage sales.  Ask around.  Lots of folks have these in their attic.  Or if you are chronically stiff you can get an exercise version that body builders use at sports stores.

Caution:  If, after embarking on ANY lymphatic drainage technique, you detect any nausea or flu-like symptoms or abdominal discomfort on the right hand side under the ribs (liver area), STOP and do the Gentle Liver Cleanse for at least a month.  This means the lymph you are releasing is very toxic and taxing to your already congested liver.  I have seen this many times.  Often the body sequesters toxins which the liver had not been able to process. Many things adversely affect the liver (anger, drugs, chronic constipation) and I have also found that those with negative rh factors have lower detoxing capacity. Don’t gut-it-out.  Cleanse the liver!!  Then pick up where you left off.

Advanced rebounding

After you have mastered the above you can increase your lymph drainage by doing the Chapman reflexes using the method described in the Lymph Drainage techniques section.  Palpate to identify which points are tender.  Find maybe 3-4 of them.  Then during your rebounding session, massage these.  As the tenderness decreases from these points, find others and continue.  Remember the caution above.
One month I thought I’d focus on doing all the lymph drainage techniques I knew.  That was going to be ‘lymph drainage’ month for me.  After 1 week I felt systemically miserable – not better.  Why?  Because our bodies store toxins in tissue and we are releasing it…all at once when we release the lymph.  If our liver capacity is not up to par – well, it will let you know.  Systemic misery with flu-like symptoms is almost always liver.  So I stopped the lymph drainage and cleansed my liver and then, while continuing the liver support, picked up where I left off…just like I’m suggesting to you.

©Pat Block ND 2007


2 Responses to Rebounding

  1. Steve says:

    Hi Pat,

    I ‘ve been rebounding for about 9 straight mins a day for the last 15 days and I’ve started feeling pain more on the right kidney side (obliques). I don’t think this is the liver area, it’s a bit more down and to the side. I don’t have any nausea or flu-like symptoms so far. Do you think that the lymph being released can also congest the kidney and I should stop the rebounding? Is it the liver area and I am wrong? Is it a muscle pain? Something else?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Steve,
      A few questions for you:
      1. Have you ever had a pain in this area before this?
      2. Have you been experiencing any bladder symptoms prior to this, or observe any anomalies on your index finger? (just other indicators)
      We normally associate pain with a physical organ, but I have found that more often it is related to an energy stagnation or buildup, and the bladder meridian rules that area you describe.
      So, whatever the case I would stop for a day or two to see if your symptoms abate as it may be totally unrelated to the rebounding. Then I would only do 2 minutes 2X/day. I think beyond that the benefits diminish.


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