Historical Use

Hydrochloric Acid is an important ingredient needed for the health of the body.

Increasing the amount of Hydrochloric Acid in the body by various means (oral, topical, intravenous and intramuscular) had been used very successfully in the 1920’s and 1930’s for a variety of lymph stasis diseases including infection, tissue degeneration and cancer.  Dr. Burr Ferguson and Dr. Walter Bryant Guy pioneered the use of this therapy and reported their results in a periodical, open to ‘alternative’ approaches, called The Medical World.  When Dr. Ferguson began treating many kinds of bacterial infections successfully with intravenous infusion of 10cc of 1 in 1000 hydrochloric acid, he tried to publish his findings, but in professional circles, little interest was shown in this cheap effective cure.

(The reader must understand that cheap effective cures compete with money making drugs and the livelihood of many, so the info is often suppressed or the remedy maligned.  This efficacy of this remedy was slowly passed around by word-of-mouth, and now quickly via the internet.  Dr. Ferguson was approached by a large pharmaceutical company and offered a large sum of money to cease his efforts to present his results to the medical community.  This background info is to preempt this question:  “Well if  Hydrochloric Acid Therapy is so effective, why isn’t everyone using it?  Or, why haven’t I heard of it?”  Simply put, for financial reasons this remedy, like many others, is maligned or banned or ignored by the medical establishment.)

Hydrochloric Acid is an important natural constituent of the body.

From his many experiences Dr. Guy formulated a theory that most disease conditions, acute infections, anemias, metabolic disturbances and malignant cell overgrowths are the direct result of blockage of the lymph channels.  Dr. Ferguson found that intravenous injections of dilute Hydrochloric Acid stimulated phagocytosis which cleaned up the stagnant lymph pond of the body and produced spectacular recoveries from apparently hopeless cases without harming the patient!!  Case histories of successful cures include cancer (brain, prostate, skin, and colon), tumors or growths, pulmonary tuberculosis, convulsions, chronic bronchitis, migraines, tonsillitis, pneumonia, malaria, acne, bed sores, elephantiasis, and so on.  Many of these, including cancer are a result of long-standing congested lymph channels.  The result is a reduced nutrient supply to the involved tissues (resulting in lowered function and even localized necrosis and resultant infection), and accumulation of cellular wastes (resulting in swelling, weight gain and the formation of cysts or tumors and cancer).  Analysis of blood samples after diluted Hydrochloric Acid injections showed that blood oxygen levels increased drastically, increases in red blood cell and white cell counts, increased phagocytosis (removal of dead tissue, and other debris) all of which resulted in the cure of the disease.  More documentation is preserved in this pdf entitled Three Years of HCl Therapy.


Some quotes of interest

Dr Guy writes, “The world is in sore need of a reliable, effective remedy for cancer and tuberculosis, also a preventive treatment. The writer does not claim that he has a perfected remedy, but he does claim, by repeated proofs, that this [Hydrochloric Acid] solution contains in itself an ability to promptly cause many precancerous lesions to disappear, that cancerous conditions of the internal organs, where other methods are so futile, are and have been dissipated, and that in cases too far advanced for recovery, relief of pain and distress is so marked that such patients believe they will entirely recover.”

“The [Hydrochloric Acid] solution has been proved by the writer to be an effective and curative remedy in many cases of cancerous growths; also it points the way to the etiology of cancer and how cancer may be avoided.”

“It has curative properties in diabetes, tuberculosis and other degenerative diseases.”

“The late Dr. Willy Meyer, of New York City, wrote: “Exact pH measurements have revealed the fact, as shown by the literature, that malignancy is always associated with a high degree of alkalosis, and it has also been shown that the alkalosis precedes the malignancy. There can be alkalosis without malignancy, but it would seem that there can be no malignancy without alkalosis. The more virulent the malignancy, the stronger must be the alkalosis which sustains it.” ”  [HCl therapy reverses this.]

So why are people deficient in HCl?  Dr. Guy reports, “What, then, are the causes of its disappearance in the gastric fluid, following eating of food? First, Prof. Austin (author of Manual of Clinical Chemistry) says most conclusively that “hydrochloric acid secretion may be completely suppressed by emotion or worry.””   So addressing this basic cause is found here.

I guess doctors Guy and Ferguson wouldn’t think too highly of our acid-blocker therapies like Prilosec, Zantac and Nexium, etc.  Their conclusions seem to implicate such therapies as promoting cancer and degenerative disease.

Intravenous HCl was administered most commonly at the 1:1000 dilution.  Intramuscularly both 1:1000 and 1:500 were used.  Often, until a physician became comfortable, 1:1500 was used (of stock 35% HCl).
Laboratory grade 10% HCl may be found at educational and scientific websites.  One can also obtain it from hardware stores (muriatic acid, usually 35%) but because those applications of muriatic acid do not require high standards of purity, it may be advisable to use a laboratory grade.   Using a 10% HCl,  1:1500 corresponds to about 5 drops of 10% HCl in about 1/2 cup water; 1:1000 corresponds to about 8 drops of 10% HCL in 1/2 cup water; 1:500 corresponds to about 16 drops of 10% HCL in 1/2 cup water.  The amount injected was about 10 cc’s.


Naturopathic Application of Hydrochloric Acid Therapy

Applications of Hydrochloric Acid therapy consistent with traditional naturopathy are the oral administration used by Dr. Guy et al. and the topical administrations used and reported by many doctors of that time and outlined in the above document and summarized below.  Rectal implants have recently come into use and are also very effective.


Oral Dosage

Dr. Guy recommended 5-20 drops of a 3% Hydrochloric Acid solution 3 to 6 times daily well diluted.  ‘Well diluted’ means that the 3% Hydrochloric Acid drops MUST be added to a minimum of 1/2 cup of water (in a glass container) before drinking.  A greater dilution may also be used, for example the 20 drops of 3% may be added to 1 cup or more of water.  At these dilutions the Hydrochloric Acid tastes like diluted unsweetened lemon juice.

But don’t worry about exact percentages.  As a guide for you, I can comfortably sip on 15 drops of my 10% HCl in 1/2 cup of water (about 1:500).   That strength would correspond to about 4 drops of the 35% HCl, or 30 drops of the 5% HCl, or about 50 drops of Dr. Guy’s 3% in the same amount of water.  One poster below uses 10 drops of his 35% HCl in a full glass of water which he measures has a pH above 4, which is less acidic than lemon juice or vinegar or apples.  If this whole idea makes you nervous (as it did me at first), begin with 1 drop in 1 cup of water, stir with a non-metallic utensil (I use the eye dropper) and sip.  Increase by one drop at a time and sample until it is to your liking.  I encourage you to write down your findings or ask questions by posting below.

You should use distilled water but set the water out overnight in a warm environment uncovered to allow some of the soluble volatiles to escape.  (This is why the pH of purchased distilled water is greater than 7 when just opened.  Volatile substances that evaporate before water in the distilling process are often captured and redissolved in the distillate if not allowed to exit first.  This is quickly eliminated by boiling your distilled water uncovered for a minute or so.)  You shouldn’t use water with lots of dissolved solids in it as the HCl may react with those and lessen its therapeutic value.

As far as Dr Guy’s daily oral dose of HCl (20 drops of 3%, taken 3 to 6 times/day, which is 60-120 drops daily), in other HCl concentrations this works out to

Dr Guy’s total daily dose of HCl
(well diluted, may be in divided doses)
HCl concentration in percentage (%)
60 drops 3% HCl
36 drops 5% HCl
18 drops 10% HCl
5 drops 35% HCl

These number of drops can be put into a comfortable amount of water and sipped throughout the day.  When taken orally HCl contributes to improved breakdown of protein products in the small intestine, which reduces hunger and helps with blood sugar regulation.  Then it is absorbed into the lymph system where it clears up cellular debris in the channels back to the circulation.  The portal vein will carry HCl from the digestion to the liver where it can relieve lymphatic congestion there.  HCl has an affinity for the lymph channels where it breaks down proteins (hydrolysis) that clog the lymph!!!  Remember, worry suppresses our own production of HCl.

The medical doctors using HCl therapy so successfully began adding mineral chlorides and then used the term ‘mineral acids’ because they found that the addition of other mineral chlorides gave better results.  One such additive which is easily available to all, and the most well-spoken of is Potassium Chloride (KCl).  The herbalist John Christopher echoed their findings saying that cancer, tumors and cysts cannot exist in a body well-supplied with potassium.  KCl is a salt substitute found in most grocery stores under the name Nu-Salt or No-Salt.  Read the label.  You can add 1/8 teaspoon to 1 cup water to which your HCl was added.


Topical Application

Topical applications of the HCl were done at the 1:500 and 1:250 dilution. These were swabbed into orifices to successfully resolve itching ears, nose sores/polyps and skin epitheliomas. Fomentations (bandage soaked in dilute HCl and applied) were made for burns and reportedly stopped the pain immediately. These solutions were also sprayed onto the skin to resolve boils, skin ulcerations or other lymphatic congestion and in the sinuses to relieve congestion (I’ve not tried this- may sting).  Dilute HCl was considered a very effective antiseptic as these applications were typically used to address infections or to avoid infection in the cases of burns. You can make this yourself.
First, stock lab concentrations of HCl are about 35% concentration.  A 1:500 dilution would be about a .07% and a 1:250 would be a .15% dilution.
To make a cup (236 ml) of the 1:500 strength (.07%) from a 10 % HCl solution.  (Using the dilution rule)
10% x Vol HCl = .07% ( 236 ml H20 + Vol HCl )
9.93 Vol HCl = 16.52
Vol HCl = 1.66 ml

Using the accepted conversion of 20 drops per ml, that would be 33 drops of 10% HCl in one cup (236 ml) of distilled water to make the 1:500 topical dilution. To make the stronger 1:250 dilution, double the amount of drops in the same amount of distilled water, or, use the same amount of 10% HCl drops in 1/2 cup water. Remember that Hydrochloric Acid even though very dilute, will react with metals so avoid contact with metal containers, utensils, measuring devices or jewelry.


Rectal HCl Retention

HCl may be dosed rectally using a common syringe (20 cc), a tip designed for that purpose, OR a short length of polyethylene tubing (3/16ID, 5/16 OD) which can fit on the end of the syringe. Cut tubing to a 4-5 inch length and soften the end to be inserted using heat. (I used a grill lighter flame for a few seconds and molded the end.

The ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of retention enemas or implants, is described in detail in this post.   Basically this is a dilution of HCl that is inserted rectally and held until it is absorbed by those tissues.  One poster (below) uses 3-4 drops of his 35% HCl in about 4 teaspoons (20 cc) of distilled water and uses a rectal syringe to administer that small amount.  He credits this practice with putting his leukemia in remission.  So 3 drops of 35% HCl would correspond to 10 drops of 10% HCl or 20 drops of 5% HCl in the same amount of water.  To begin you should try a lower dosage to make sure it is comfortable.

The HCl is absorbed by the protal vein and goes to the liver where it improves any lymphatic stagnation in that area.  It also enters the lymph system of the lower pelvic cavity, breaking any large proteins that are clogging the lymph flow up the main return.

To make the solution draw up the 20 cc’s of distilled water into the syringe and then place that amount of water into a small empty (shot) glass.  Add the HCl drops, stir (with the glass dropper), and then draw up the solution back into the syringe.  Add the tip and then implant and retain as described in more detail at this link.

©Pat Block ND 2007


152 Responses to Hydrochloric Acid Therapy (HCl Therapy)

  1. Bonita Poulin says:

    The Cellular Debris Remover formulas are no longer available at the store. Can I make my own? Can you supply a recipe?

    • PatBlockND says:

      First you need a 10% solution of HydroChloric Acid (HCl). Here is one source. (High school chem labs would have this too.)

      To make 500 mL (about 2 cups) of a 3% solution, place 350 mL of water in a glass beaker or graduated cylinder and slowly add 150 mL of 10% HCl.

      To make the .076% takes 2 steps of dilution, 0.5% then to 0.076%.
      To make 500 mL of a .5% solution, place 475 mL of water in a beaker or graduated cylinder and slowly add 25 mL of 10% HCl.
      To make 500 mL of a .076% solution, place 424 mL of water in a beaker or graduated cylinder and slowly add 76 mL of the .5% HCl you made in above.
      You can obtain the graduated cylinder from the same source as above.

      • Muysana says:

        Hello Dr. Block and Everyone!!!

        The Science store HCL is in a plastic bottle. Do you think that is a concern for using it internally? The brand in glass that I was using seems to be unavailable these days..



        • PatBlockND says:

          Hey Muysana,
          I seem to remember from chemistry that the bottles these came in were chemically inert, meaning that the HCl does not react with the container. If it did react with the container, not only would that be dangerous, but you may get some unexplained results in your high school chemistry experiments. That said, there is ALWAYS some minute reaction between a container and its contents, even glass. I personally have no problem using/diluting the HCl in the bottle it comes in.

  2. Bonita Poulin says:

    Thanks for the recipe. That supplier doesn’t ship to Canada. 🙁

  3. I wonder if you could check my conversion numbers please?
    I bought a 5% solution of Hydrochloric acid and would like to make small solutions of 1:1500 since my measuring equipment is small. Here is what I figured:
    148 ml Distilled water + 2ml of the 5% solution = 150ml .066666% solution
    Is that correct?
    Thanks for your help!

  4. Thanks for you help!

  5. I started out injecting the 1:1500 solution into (butt) muscle and then went to a 1:1000 solution. However, whatever I injected did not disperse, but instead remained as a lump. Yesterday I decided to try applying it topically. I am amazed at how much more beneficial this method seems to be. I never noticed much from the injections, apart from getting lumps, but since starting the topical applications, I did notice more energy, almost immediately, as well as a feeling of well being! I’m impressed!
    I do have one question though. Why do you specify removing all jewellry? My rings don’t come off any more! Will it hurt the rings or transport impurities into my body? Please clarify.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Bonita,
      Drs. Ferguson and Guy mostly did intravenous injections of HCl which I
      would not venture w/o the help of a physician who has experience with
      this therapy.
      The experience you had of creating ‘lumps’ may be indicative of poor
      lymphatic drainage.  This explains why you got such good
      results topically.
      For other supportive lymphatic remedies
      please consult that post.
      Acids corrode jewelry so I would keep them away from your HCl.

      • PatBlockND says:

        I found this info in rereading the HCl document. “Since this measure had the affect of stimulating the defense mechanisms of the blood, it is plain that the sudden increase of phagocytes at the focus of infection will be followed by the formation of pus, which, after all, is but an effort on the part of nature to attack invading bacteria. Should this sudden increase of the defense forces take place in an area where the drainage is poor, an abscess may result.”

  6. Thanks Pat. I read of other doctors of the time doing mostly IM injections, which made me think I could do that too. An interesting side effect is that the day after the injection in my butt muscle, I was having a boil develop a few inches away on my thigh. I haven’t had any more of these boils since I started using the HCI topically.
    I didn’t see any points for draining my butt muscle lumps on your chart, but it occurred to me that perhaps I should use my LL Laser on those boil sites. I did breifly scan some of the bumps once with a spread laser beam, but saw no effect. Perhaps longer or repeated applications would get rid of them. I will experiment with it to see what happens. Thanks for your help!

    • PatBlockND says:

      I have found that if the lateral superior pelvic rim is tender, then the ab and butt area are not draining. Is that the case? This isn’t a Chapman reflex per se, just one I happen to find. I’m preparing a post with other NLDPs for weight loss. Chapman drained specific organs.

  7. David Hallgarth says:

    I began using one to five hundred mix of HCl, sub q, and the results were noticed.
    However as the other poster mentioned, I began getting lumps, no dispersion of the mix.
    I had an MD appointment some ten days after starting. Doc noticed my blood/oxygen level was one hundred percent, up from a normal ninety percent.
    I purchase muriatic acid aka hydrochloric acid (HCl), thirty five percent, from Home Depot. I mix twenty cc’s of distilled water, from wally world, and three to four drops of HCl concentrate, and inject it as a retention enema.
    I erred some time ago with warm water and bicarb soda, took too much as an enema, saw flashing lights, but feel sure anything taken as an enema goes directly into the blood stream, the soda raised my blood pH, I will guess, and caused my problem. However we live and learn. It took more than twelve hours of bed rest for me to feel like walking again.
    Anyhoo, the HCl put my leukemia in remission, my interleukin receptor tests indicated seven thousand, which is indicative of leukemia activity. and I was rapidly approaching chemo stage.
    My white blood count is twenty five hundred, if I do nothing to support it, so I took HGH to raise it to four thousand, but that’s expensive, so started LDN, which did the same thing, HCl took it to six thousand.
    I put my leukemia in remission, but was still left with a systemic candida infection, for that I used a cup of raw beet juice, a cup of fennel juice, half cup of celery, half cup of carrots, kicked the candida out.
    I also like twelve grams of ascorbate acid and twenty four hundred mgs of lecithin, that is three teaspoons C, two teaspoons of lecithin. really great stuff, the oil really helps c get into our cells.
    My background is in Nutrition/Dietetics, retired now, but oil will really work synergistic with water soluble supplements, etc. as to getting into the body.
    So I take olive oil, butter oil, fermented cod liver oil with water soluble supplements. david lubbock tx.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thanks so much for sharing your interesting case history. Would you be willing to break down your HCl protocol kitchen-style? (20 cc=4 teaspoons; and readers should be aware that metal spoons/utensils cannot be used with HCl) For example, when you say “HCl concentrate” are you referring to the 35% from Home Depot? So do we understand correctly that 3-4 drops of 35% HCl is added to 4 teaspoons distilled water and injected rectally and retained?
      Are you doing this now and getting the same results as your subcutaneous injection?

  8. David Hallgarth says:

    For what it’s worth department, I took a quart and half of foodstuffs, and had to add two ounces of HCl concentrate to it, to reach a 3 pH. This is normal for our stomach to do after each meal, to begin digestion. Most folks are not aware, it the amount of HCl in our stomach that dictates, how much bile, digestive enzymes, how many neurotransmitters are produced, serotonin, dopamine etc.
    Also our immune system is manufactured in our digestive tract, exactly how the proper amount of HCl affects this, I do not know.
    I have attempted betaine HCl, after meals, but about ten drops of HCL concentrate, thirty five percent works so much better.
    Colostrum and Bee Propolis are both very helpful for colds and flu, but somehow HCl dictates our immune system and feelings of well being.
    Current research tells us, stress causes cell inflammation, and fifteen minutes of meditation can change that, the Swedes have found that depression is caused by blood inflammation, so Dr. Ferg, may have known, HCl activates the lymph system, and clears blood inflammation to relieve depression. That could be true in my case, but anyhoo, my life is a bowl of cheerio’s with HCl, beet juice and vitamin C, david lubbock tx.

  9. David Hallgarth says:

    Pat I use pH stix, from the garden center, ten drops of HCl concentrate in a full glass of water, measures out above pH 4, anything less than 4, can burn.
    I use HCL from home depot, it is thirty five percent concentrate, aka muriatic acid.
    About twenty dollars a gallon, should last forever.
    I take from the gallon and put an ounce of HCl concentrate in an old iodine bottle with a dropper, seems to work well.
    I cannot say how much HCl is too much, I take the retention enema daily, I use a twenty cc syringe, works great, I pull just less than twenty cc’s, put in a small container, add the drops of HCl concentrate and mix. Most would find four drops would burn, so start with three or less, and use after a BM is best.
    I juice my beet juice etc and add eighteen drops of HCL concentrate, about 5 pH, so safe to drink, and adds a slight lemony taste. Very acceptable to the taste.
    I thought I may not require the enema, since I was using it in my beet juice and taking it after meals, but after a few days, I found it helpful to go back and do the retention enema. It works much better than sub q injections.
    I began life as a medic in the military, so IV is not difficult, but the retention enema is much faster, just a few seconds, using the syringe, the liquid remains inside well, and dissipates within ten or fifteen minutes. The body seems to like it, we do have two sphincter muscles back there so insert the syringe a couple inches.
    It actually took me some six months to start Dr. Ferg protocol on HCl, as like me, most cringe when HCl is mentioned, but no reason. HCl has a tremendous health potential, and something we can do at home, and I have found no side affects, david lubbock tx.

  10. David Hallgarth says:

    Sorry forgot, the retention enemas can be stopped and started at any time.
    However taking HCl orally, gradually withdraw, as our body becomes accustomed to it, so you will be reminded if you stop, especially after meals, I actually carry an iodine bottle, one ounce with me, if I am traveling, so I can add the drops to my drink, generally lemon water after a meal. If I don’t take it, I feel bloated.
    david lubbock tx.

  11. David Hallgarth says:

    My doc surprised me with a PSA test to look for prostate cancer. Most docs including mine are not aware of what they really are, not but how much activity is going on there, I had sex the night before, which will double the test numbers. I feel it is reasonable to assume many prostates have been cut out, by a fast moving Uro surgeon, his bread and butter, from not following general guidelines in taking the test. Whoops my doc called with me to visit my Uro after she got the test, I was alerted to what the results may be, so a little nervous I was. My Uro told me my PSA has dropped to four. My normal is seven with leukemia, so most likely w/o any prior activity, it would have been lower, and I attribute that to HCl therapy. So again HCl therapy seems to have great health benefits.
    david lubbock tx.

  12. This is very interesting. Thanks for posting it David!
    I haven’t checked the pH of my 1:1000 solution, but I do have some test strips, so I will test it and post it here. From what I read, the 1:1000 solution is what we naturally make inside us, so that is what I worked up to. I am currently applying 10cc to my body every morning. I have thought of trying a 1:500 solution topically, but have not yet. I’ve also wondered if mixing in a bit of DMSO would be beneficial.
    I have noticed slightly more energy since I started using HCI topically. This translates into less left sided partial paralysis, so I can walk a bit better. I have noticed my facial palsy is not as noticeable either. I am hoping that over time these conditions may improve more. I am getting large boils on my thighs every few days again, which I believe is toxins coming out. This started when I was injecting but continues with the topical applications. I have also noticed my blood looks better i.e. not so much rouleau when I look at it under my microscope. Coagulation has always been a problem for me, probably Lyme related.
    I also take my solution orally. Three times per day I take 3 eyedroppers in a bit of water, followed by homeopathic mineral salts.

  13. Hi Pat,
    Sorry I didn’t answer your previous questions but I did not see them until now. My lateral superior pelvic rim is not tender, only the lumpy areas where I injected are. I’ve tried using my laser and LEDs on the lumps a few times, but they have not decreased. I’m not able to excercise but do use a Chi machine everyday, plus lately I’ve been rifing with frequencies to stimulate my lymphatics as well. So far, the lumps still remain though.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Bonita,
      The devices you mention may work well on the nodal structures of the lymph but not the tissue you describe with the lumps. For those, use a rotation massager BETWEEN the lump and the closest nodal collection, eg. the inguinal nodes. Other kinds of massagers may also work but it is important to shake the tissue w/o force or contact, and it should dissipate nicely. Also herbal remedies like Burdock, or NSP’s I-X formula resolve boils nicely for my people.
      To rebuild the nerves consider a nerve glandular. I have used Neurotrophin from Std Process with good results.

  14. Thanks Pat. I tested the pH of my 1:1000 HCI solution. My test strips only go from 5.5 to 8. My result was below 5.5 but I don’t know how much but it was the same colour as my urine pH test that I did at the same time.

  15. Muysana says:

    Hello Dr. Block! Thank you for sharing this HCL info! I have the N……..ogy 1:500 hcl.. The bottle reads:”Hydrochloric Acid 1:500 in water (0.06 %)
    1 ounce = 18 mg HCL and 30 ml of water)”

    I want to switch to the brand from the science store, 10 % . I am happy with the dosage I’m using but I do not know how to compare the two products. one is 10 % and the other is saying it is .06 of 1 %???

    How can I make the science store % equal the N……logy brand’s 1:500?


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Muysana,
      To make a .06% solution from a 10% solution the rule is
      (%)(V1) + (%)(V2) = (%)(V1 + V2)

      V1 is the volume of 10% HCl and V2 is the volume of distilled water and the % are the percentages of HCl. We have 10% (0.1) and want .06% (.0006). So
      (0.1)V HCl + (0.0)V H2O = .0006 (V HCl + V H2O)

      So if you wanted to make the 500 mL amount that company sells..
      (0.1)V HCl = .0006 (V HCl + 500mL)
      (0.1)V HCl = .0006 V HCl + 0.3
      (.0994)V HCl= .3
      V HCl= 3.0 mL
      3 mL is a little more than ½ teaspoon (0.6 teaspoon). So fill your 500mL bottle with distilled water and let it sit open over night. Add a rounded (inverse miniscus) ½ teaspoon of 10% HCl using a non-metallic measuring spoon or any utensil that will measure 3 mL. If you were able to obtain a 5% HCl solution, then add twice that amount of 5% HCl (6 mL to your 500 mL distilled water).
      Now please let us know how is that solution is helping you.

      • Muysana says:

        Thanks Dr. Block!!!

        I need to order some items from the Science store and I will let you know how it turns out.

        Thank you very much!!!

        • Muysana says:

          Hello Dr. Block and Everyone!

          I apologize for not replying sooner! Using Kinesiology, I decided to use 10 cc of the HCl diluted every other day. After about 3 weeks, I only needed to use it once a week or less. So I am still on the same bottle of N…….gy HCl and I have 2 unopened bottles. I never needed to order any from the Science store although I MUST have some of those beakers!!! LOL Best wishes to all!!!

  16. Deborah says:

    Should I be concerned with harming my teeth when drinking the HCL at the recommended dilutions? I have heard to drink it with a straw.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Deborah you can drink it through a straw but at the dilution given it is less acidic than lemon juice. I drink it through the same kind of tubing used for plumbing ice makers (also shown with items for rectal implants.) You can also swish with water afterwards.

  17. Bonita Poulin says:

    Thanks Pat for posting more info on the topical and enema uses of HCI. The next time I get a boil or abcess, I will try topical HCI for that too!
    I am still applying 10cc of 1:500 HCI solution topically every morning as well as drinking a half glass of water with 4.5 cc of this same solution three times per day, followed by a homeopathic combination of all 12 of Schuessler’s Cell Salts.
    Ingredients: Homeopathic Combination of: Calcarea Fluorica 6X, Calcarea Phosphorica 3X, Calcarea Sulphurica 3X, Ferrum Phosphoricum 3X, Kali Muriaticum 3X, Kali Phosphoricum 3X, Kali Sulphuricum 3X, Magnesia Phosphorica 3X, Natrum Muriaticum 6X, Natrum Phosphoricum 3X, Natrum Sulphuricum 3X, Silicea 6X in a base of lactose USP.
    I continue to realize a bit more energy from this protocol.
    The lumps I had from injecting HCI in my butt muscle are slowly diminishing, perhaps due to topical application and message of those areas. I have also started doing doorknob rope exercises every morning because I was concerned about the atrophe in my left arm and leg. I started out only able to do 5 repititions but am now up to 35. I have noticed an easier time climbing stairs, probably because of increased muscle.

  18. deb says:

    If HCI is so reactive with metals, will it react with fillings in teeth, most people have them, or if someone has taken silver or has other unknown deposits of metal in their body?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Deb,
      Remember first that this is dilute HCl, the pH of which (depending on the dilution) is like that of lemon juice. It will react with any metal in the mouth as any acid will – tomato sauce, apples, etc. But sours, as a class of foods in our diet, are VERY important to thin the bile, lymph and blood so we must have them. Drinking dilute HCl through a straw will avoid direct contact and swishing with water afterwards should remove most residue.
      As far as the ‘silver’ fillings, there are microbes in the gut that can remediate Hg residue in the lumen. You can also do a little chelation with food.

  19. John Miksa says:

    Hello Pat,
    This is a great discussion. Is the NSP PDA comparable at all to this therapy? And if so how much and when would you take it?
    Thank you

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey John,
      One of the posters on this topic said he did not get the same beneficial effects from the betaine hydrochloride (like NSP’s PDA) as he did from drinking the diluted HCl.

  20. lynn says:

    Could a person just open up an HCL capsule and add it to a little water and do a retention enema? I already take HCL with protein as I am very low in it and have had chronic fatigue syndrome severe, for 28 years.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Lynn,
      Hydrochloric acid is a liquid. It wouldn’t come in a capsule form. What you may be thinking of is Betaine hydrochloride which is different. One poster below gets better results taking the HCl drops than he does with betaine hydrochloride – orally. I have no experience nor have I heard of anyone doing a betaine hydrochloride retention enema.
      I wrote a post on what my sick clients taught me about fatigue with lots of links to various remediations. Hopefully you will find helpful info there.

  21. Fantastic info guys! Have used HCl clinically for some time after reading “Three Years of HCl Therapy” Nutricology took their product off the market so had to figure DIY protocol. Using muriatic acid from Home Depot with great results. HCl can be nebulized to treat asthma and upper respiratory infections. Most recently,using it ti treat the pertussis outbreak.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thanks Dr Mitchell,
      Would you mind sharing what dilution of HCl you are using for nebulizing? My people have had good results with an atomizer and straight Colloidal Silver. I’ve tried HCl with unimpressive results, but maybe I need a different dilution. We’d appreciate knowing any other applications with which you have had success.

  22. A. MOTTE says:

    Dear Pat,

    I do not know, if you have received my mail. I want to take the opportunity to post you my question regarding the HCl (hydrochloric acid therapy).

    1. Question:

    I would like order from a compounding pharmacy sterile injection ampule of HCL dilute 1:500 per sterile ampule of 2ml for (IM) intramuscular injection. What should be the base of the HCl in percentage, is it pure or 10% or 35 %, could you please advice me on right % to prepare the prescription?

    2. Question:

    A HCL dilute 1:500 has a range pH scale of 1.3 , does it really cause a problem when such a acidic substance is injected at this pH range? Is it true that this acidic pH could be life-threatening?

    I thank you for your support.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey A.M.,
      We are fortunate to have the many posts of those who are using intramuscular HCl injections in the comments section. Did you read over those? I don’t do injections but others who do have reported their concentrations in the comments section. If you don’t find all your answers there, please let me know. I can put you in touch with some of these people with more experience than I with injections.

      • A. MOTTE says:

        Pat, thanks for your comment. I would appreciate if you could get me in touch with David Hallgarth or you could mail me his phone number.

        Basically, a pharmacist is going to prepare me some 2ml HCL sterile ampules of 1:500, but in your opinion what should be the base 2%, 5% or 35%?

        Thanks for your support.


        • PatBlockND says:

          Hello A.M.
          If I understand your question correctly, the concentration you begin with does not matter. It only determines how much you need to dilute it to arrive at the desired strength (in your case 1:500).
          Since the normal stock concentration that labs have on hand is 35%, the 1:500 simply means 1 part HCl (at 35%) to 500 parts distilled water. If you start with another concentration, say 10% or 5%, the dilution would be changed by a factor of 3.5 or 7 respectively to get the desired concentration of 1:500.
          I have contacted David H on your behalf.

          • A. MOTTE says:

            Thanks Pat, now I understand the facts about the concentration. Does David going to contact me or do I have to mail him?

            thanks again,

  23. JD says:

    Hi Pat, I’m wondering if you think HCL therapy would be effective for getting rid of HPV?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey JD,
      From my readings on case histories in the HCl document, I think it would be successful with the intravenous application – which I don’t do.
      Another approach which I have found to work with my clients is to help the liver balance the terrain so tissue is not vulnerable. And if you find someone who does the intravenous both therapies are compatible. However, improving liver function does many things for your well being that HCl therapy may not do.

  24. mike says:

    If we’re trying to get HCL into the lymph, wouldn’t soaking in bath water work? Would soaking be help full in addition to the enema or redunent, get wasting time. Any idea on concentrations of HCL into a bath tub of water?
    Thanks, mike

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Mike,
      I guess you could approximate the volume of a tub or count the number of gallons of distilled water you put into it. But the most likely spots to benefit from topical application are the locations of the nodes. They are shown throughout this post. I have found that a dilution of even 1:125 has not hurt my skin. For example, I have put 21 drops of 10% HCl into a 2 oz dropper bottle and applied this topically with no irritation at all. However, a soaked compress secured to these sites may cause some irritation manifesting as itching. So at the first sign of itching I would remove the compress to another lymph node site.
      Keep in mind that this dissolved debris is going to the liver and I’d advise you to check out this post as the problem may manifest in the lymph but not originate there.

  25. Jenifer Richart says:

    Hi Pat,

    Hi Pat, I have 2 questions…How would one know this is working? What should I feel if it’s “too much” or not diluted enough? I am starting today with 18 drops of 10% HCl, purchased from your link, in 3 cups distilled water with 1/4 tsp Nu-Salt. My presenting issues are anemia, insomnia and receding gums. Ten years ago I had a mercury amalgam placed and quickly removed, however my health has been an uphill climb ever since. I’m attempting this HCl therapy as I’ve been told my stomach acid is low and contributing to my inability to absorb iron (and assuming most other nutrients). God Bless and thank you for the wonderful work you do. Jen

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jen,
      I can tell by taste regarding the concentration of the HCl. I would not go more than an unsweetened lemony taste. The I-X formula is great for anemia 3B. Acidifying the stomach (with HCl or lemon juice or ACV, all depending on blood type) will bring more bile down to detoxify your body. Pat

      • JEAN says:

        Have you ever thougth of using Guy’s formula 1 and 2 which are described in Three years of HCL therapy? What do you think about using potassium arsenitis at the dosage recommended in Guy’s formulas?
        Thanking you in advance for your answer and for the content of your site which I find quite exceptionnal.

  26. Rev37 says:

    Hi Pat, I just came off a 6 week HCL Betaine Therapy. Now i am doing the 10% HCL orally and rectal implants. The question i have is: How often can i do an implant? I noticed the only frequency mentioned here was “Often”
    I started with 7 drops of 10% to 4 teaspoons of water and am now at 10 drops. Yesterday i did 3 implants but want to be sure i am not over doing it or under doing it. I believe in doing “therapeutic” amounts of anything and want to receive maximum benefits. THANK YOU

    • PatBlockND says:

      The only reason to do ““therapeutic” amounts of anything and want to receive maximum benefits” is if you are in a crisis or apparent near end of life situation. Be gentle with your body AND be patiently consistent. It has its own time dependent processes which happen in intelligent order and it goes better if we submit to this.
      You can use your symptoms to determine frequency of application. I don’t think daily is too much. So do you feel you received benefit from the ‘6 week HCL Betaine Therapy’? Can you tell us if/how?

  27. Rev37 says:

    Hi Pat.. i was wondering if you could tell me how often an implant can be done. I am drinking the 10% and have done a few implants since i received my HCL. The only information i could find here was doing them “Often” and of course the great information with amounts & measurements. Can you help?

  28. Rev37 says:

    Hi Pat, Thank you for your reply. I hear you saying to use intuition and symptoms, is the best way to determine the plan, to which i would have to agree. and after seeing my doctor…he had said that once daily was sufficient… the 3 i was doing was too much. I am intentional in avoiding that “crisis” you speak of, tho i do have hep c and everything i am doing is leading to the healing of that. The chemo was a racket and crashed me for 1.5 years with 33 side effects and didn’t kill the virus because they had to take me off because it wasn’t responding the way they thought best and too many side effects!

    I’d love to share about the betaine. The immediate and traceable results are: My energy increased drastically. I’m going on my 4th week of 13-15 hr days of work and activity and am sleeping better too. My tumescence increased. One side of my prostate was harder than the other and is now normal.
    There are other factors with contribute to the picture. For example…. i cut back on my coffee consumption ( i think this helped the energy as well. I was doing prostate massages which i believe helped with the fibrose area of my prostate or a possible infection. I was peeing 2-3 times a night and now its 1-2.
    I haven’t had heartburn in over 2 months and it was really bad. I also took coral ledge too, which contributes, and again, cutting back on coffee.
    Under the darkfield microscope my blood has improved, not as much yeast and my WBCs look way more aggressive! Another thing worth nothing is before i was only able to do 2 coffee enemas on back to back days…. i have done one 10 days in a row. All in all, i have a greater self connection… something has shifted. That’s the result of treating all four areas. Psyche, Scars and trauma, Biochemistry and flexibility….it was really important to stretch along the way. I want to let you know that this site and all its links have been a great resource…. THANK YOU!


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Rev37,
      I wish everyone knew that they could get better without medical intervention.
      What I have found is that the virus is not the enemy and improving tissue integrity esp in the liver will reduce the viral load. Thanks for sharing.

      • Muysana says:

        Hi Dr. Block!

        How many drops of the 500:1 HCL in water would equal Dr. Guy’s daily oral amount please?

        Thank you!!!

        • PatBlockND says:

          Hello Muysana,
          The 1:500 is already very diluted (.07%). According to the table above, Dr. Guy’s amount of a 1:500 would be about 1/2 cup.


          • Muysana says:

            Hi Dr. Block and thank you for your reply!!!

            Do you mean that I could mix 1/2 cup of 1:500 HCL solution in a container, add water and sip that total amount throughout the day? That would = my daily dose according to Dr. Guy’s table?

            Also, do you know if Rev37 used the Premier Research Labs HCL protocol for 6 weeks? That protocol uses PRL’s HCl along with an HCL Activator. I want to know if Rev37 used the activator also? He is the only person I have read about that has personally reported on results from this protocol. I am interested in it but I want to know a little bit more before I spend the $$$. I have read that the HCL protocol can ‘c**e’ Lyme.

            Thank you!!!

          • PatBlockND says:

            Hey Muysana,
            If you have a 1:500 HCl then, yes, it would take about 1/3-1/2 cup to get to Dr Guy’s dose. The problem with figuring doses is the confusion regarding how many drops are in a milliliter or a teaspoon. There is one measure pharmacists use, and then the one we use in the kitchen, and then there is the standardized metric dose which I doubt Dr Guy used. So just be cautious and begin with 1/4 cup of your 1:500 and then go up and gauge your response. Some things to keep in mind…
            Dr Guy’s dose did not come from Mt Sinai, so it is helpful but not required.
            Others here have reported good results here who did not follow the protocol you mention.
            The key is to heal the body and not spend time focusing on a parasite or disease.
            Consider the recommendations in the fatigue post.


          • Muysana says:

            Thank you Dr. Block for your reply of May 27th!!! For some reason, there was no ‘reply’ button under your response so I am posting it here.

            Thanks again!!!

    • Muysana says:

      Hi Rev37!

      Did you do 6 weeks of Premier Research Labs HCL + Activator?

      Or just HCL? Which brand if not PR?

      How many bottles did you use? Did you only take it with meals or anytime?

      I am interested in this protocol because I read somewhere that it really cleans the blood of pathogens.

      Thank you!!!

  29. Richard R. says:

    Regarding the lumps mentioned in a number of posts, have you tried DMSO? It is known for its ability to disperse bruises and swellings. It use to be used in head injuries to prevent swelling of the brain, until they began using cortizone alternatives.

  30. ALLAN says:

    I have morgellons and 35% HCL, so if i use 4 drops to a half glass of water can you use more water or does it affect the treatment and how many times a day does a person take it.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Allan,
      Dr Guy used 5-20 drops 3-6 times a day so the max daily dose is 120 drops (6×20) of 3%. That would correspond to 10 drops of 35% which I would dilute in about 2 cups of water. If you read the results of other posters here you will see that often more than that is used.


  31. Armin says:

    Dear Pat,

    I have found in Germany one company that has HCL in injection ampoules of 7.2 %.

    Could you please tell me how many drops and ml water should be used to obtain 1:500 and 1:250?

    Does the HCL detox kit from PrLabs a real effect on a stagnant lymphe, as much as the regular liquid HCL ?

    Thanks for your consideration.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello A.M.,
      If you are planning to use the injection ampules, you may want to contact the company that sells them and see if they can put you in touch with practitioners in your area that purchase them and have experience with this modality.
      How to make a 1:500 depends on the concentration your start with. If you begin with the standard stock 35% HCl then it is simply 1 part of HCl to 500 parts of water. For example 1 ml of HCl to 500 ml of water is a 1:500 dilution. If you start with a 10% HCl solution, then 1:500 would be 1 ml of HCl to 143 ml of water.
      I am not familiar with the PrLabs you mention.
      There are many reasons the lymph stagnates. If the liver is too toxic, then to preserve your life, it will sequester the lymph in tissue. So make sure to address the liver.


  32. betsy says:

    What is the best way to clean the equipment used for retention enemas?

  33. betsy says:

    Is it ok to use it topically all over the body or would that be too much?

  34. Betsy says:

    A few more questions. Can I premix HCL, according to the above instruction in this article, for topical use and store it in a glass container to save time? If so how long will it keep? Or should I be mixing it fresh every time want to apply it?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Betsy,
      Simply clean retention enema equipment with warm water and wipe outer surfaces dry with tissue.
      You can use the HCl on the skin but I recommend using your dilution in a small area in an inconspicuous location for a few days first, just to test. Increase the area covered a little at a time and gauge your results.
      Yes you can premix the HCl dilutions. It should keep a long time. Keep in mind that the 10% dilution that is available for sale is a premix. Glass is probably the best container.

  35. Jean says:

    Hi PatblockND,

    Thank you for the site and all the useful information. I bought HCL 22% from Homeharward. The color of the solution is white like milk. Is that the right color of hydrochloric acid? The problem there is no detail on the package. All it says is the concentration of HCL. Is there a reliable store to buy HCL in Toronto?



    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jean,
      Hydrochloric Acid should be clear. You may have a product in which HCl is an active ingredient, but not the only ingredient, as in some cleaners. I would not use this. I am not aware of sources for HCl in Toronto. There are online sources of pure HCl which are laboratory grade.
      I believe the docs using HCl in the 20′ and 30’s were getting good results before tweaking it with the addition of other compounds. I cannot vouch for the safety of them.

      • Jean says:

        Thank you for the reply. Unfortunately , I could not find a supplier of a pure hydrochloric acid in Toronto. I did not use the one I got from homeharward because it seems not like a pure hcl as its color was white like milk. It must have something else in it.

  36. Carolyn Pierce says:

    This is all very interesting. But what exactly is the whole purpose of taking the HCI?
    Does it balance out your alkaline in your body or is it for just general health? My sinuses are always a issue during spring and fall. I did ear wax candling and alot of the pollen and wax came out. But still feel clogged. I am going to do the saline solution in the sinuses today. I did notice ringing in my ears last nite. Will you let me know if the HCI might be a better avenue to clearing my sinuses. And please let me know where the best web site is to order from.
    Thank You Carolyn Pierce

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,
      Hydrochloric acid is a lymphatic debris dissolver. Many ailments respond to clearing the lymph of such undigested proteins.
      As far as your sinuses are concerned I would go to the sinus post and use colloidal silver in a nasal atomizer. Many people report great results with their sinus inflammation.

      • Carolyn Pierce says:

        Thank You Pat, your web site is wonderful. And I appreciate you taking time out to answer everyones questions. God Bless You

  37. george says:

    I’ve been using the HCL implant thearpy for several months but I really need to know how much an how many times per day it can be adminstered for prostate condition,would someone please reply,thanks.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey George,
      Usually the hydrochloric acid therapy gives results in less than a month IF it is the therapy you need. I’m not sure what your ‘prostate condition’ is, but I have several men clients who have gotten good results with ‘prostate conditions’ with either Equolibrium or Prostate Miracle. In the mean time, if your condition is serious, you may want to do a consult. Always work on your good health so your good health can work on the unseen underlying cause of your condition.

  38. David says:

    Hello Dr Block and other posters. Fascinating site and you really know your stuff! I also like your web template colour scheme. Hope you don’t mind if I borrow it of my site? Okay reading your page on Hydrochloric Acid do you think that apart from anxiety and stress as depleting factors it could also have something to do with over eating, eating too often and wrong food combinations?
    Also I can’t help seeing parallels with Cider Vinegar therapy do you think that as a dilute acid it amy also work in a similar way to dilute HAcid? And how about Jim Humbles MMS that is made of sodium Chlorite. The claims made are very similar to your above list on the benefits of Hacid.
    Finally I must add a mention of a Russian researcher Dr Volkov who recommends in his book ( in stark contrast to those who preach drinking alkaline water to alkalise the body) to drink diluted battery acid for longevity or Apple cider vinegar. “In 1992, Russian medical doctor and researcher, Vladimir Volkov, claims that the cause of disease and aging is the absence of Hydrogen (H proton). Dr. Volkov is head of the Laboratory of Biorhythmic Researches of the Russian National Institute of Health. He believes that illnesses have a common phase: the blood becomes acidic or acidosis occurs. Dr.Volkov believes that the acidosis is a natural, necessary healing process. He feels that there is no recovery without acidosis.

    The body’s intelligence creates this acidosis condition in order to attempt to eliminate the toxins. Therefore, the acidosis is the main medical remedy against everything, and is prompted by the nature of the body. The majority of human diseases are accompanied by the acidation of an organism

    An acidation is carried out by the proton (hydrogen). According to Dr. Volkov, if there is no proton, then there is no acidation, and thus, no recovery. He has conducted extensive research studies using proton
    (hydrogen) water on both animals and people and has had incredibly positive results. [More information about his work on Hydrogen (H Proton) can be found on his web site at http://www.h-longevity.net].”

    I have both part 1 and part 2 of his book which is no longer available.

    thank you for your excellent site

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello David,
      I agree that over-eating will use up your supply of hydrochloric acid, however your ability to replenish it is hampered by worry. In other words, if two people eat the same meal the worrier will not replenish his supply of hydrochloric acid as quickly as the non-worrier.
      Many people find that the food acids help them in the same way. Some people don’t do well with apple cider vinegar. These people may get improvement from lactic acid (ferments) or citric acid (lemon juice)
      A well nourished intelligent body attempts to regulate its own pH which varies from tissue to tissue. Having both the acids and the minerals to do that pH regulating is important. The original users of hydrochloric acid later referred to them as mineral acids. So the acids were supplied with the buffering minerals so the body could balance itself.
      I totally agree that we should not try to alkalize the body through the stomach. People attempting to regulate anything about the body instead of nourishing the regulating organs and allowing it to regulate itself wind up with an uninspired remedy.

  39. David says:

    Thank you Pat makes perfect sense. The best way I have found to date to regulate body acidity is by intermittent water fasting. I fasted for six weeks one day eating and one day fasting (also known as DODO fasting day on day off) and my saliva became much more alkaline as a consequence my teeth felt much cleaner too especially upon waking.

  40. george says:

    Dr. Block,
    My prostate condition steams from calcified stones in the gland, what do you suggest for this condition?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey George.
      Often when docs see features on an x-ray or an ultrasound like stones, tumors and cysts they assume THAT is the origin or cause of the problem.
      It isn’t.
      One must ask why are the stones there? What imbalance in the body prevented those from being resolved? Often, but not always, medications have caused an imbalance or allowed one to exist masked over.
      Since I have very few particulars of your case, what I would recommend to begin with are two herbal formulas. One is called Gentle Move 2B, 2D and the other is Dr. Christopher’s JP – X formula 2B, 2D. The first addresses bowel issues with some nice magnesium (often deficient in stone formation) and the second is an inspired urinary formula. After 3 weeks reduce dosage by half.

  41. LC says:

    I’ve been doing the 1:500 concentration misted all over my body after my nightly shower. 5-10 minutes after application, I get EXTREMELY sleepy and must sleep immediately (it’s like clockwork!). The first couple of nights I slept deeply for 12+ hours right through my alarm. By the third night, I was getting body/muscle aches on top of the sleepiness. The first 5 nights, I would wake up in the middle of the night very thirsty and drink a bottle of water (I never get thirsty at night and never wake up at night normally). When I woke up in the morning, I would pee a lot and the color of my urine was much darker than normal. This is my 8th day doing it and the sleepy effect is less noticeable, but still there. The body aches lasted about three days and are now gone, and I am still more thirsty than I usually am throughout the day, but no longer waking up in the middle of the night. I don’t know what this says about the treatment, but I wanted to share my experience. I definitely don’t feel worse than before I started, but I’m not sure if I feel any better either.

    FYI, the issues I am dealing with that made me want to try this treatment are IBS-C, many food intolerances and allergies including severe fructose intolerance, hypoglycemia, anemia, chronic sinus/ear/vaginal infections, parasites (diagnosed, treated with pharmaceuticals, and hopefully cured last year), and chronic fatigue. I’ve had these issues for over 10 years (late 20s now). I started acupuncture a few months ago and have been experiencing steady improvements, but also developed many boils on my butt/thighs in the last month (first time getting boils). Researching the cause of boils brought me to lymph stagnation, which brought me to this site. I have not had any new boils since starting this treatment, but it has only been 7 days, so time will tell.

  42. Yvonne says:

    I have been seeing a talented (Classical Hannamanian, single remedy) Homeopath/MD for a few years to treat stomach and bowel problems. I was diagnosed with IBS and took no Western medications to treat my condition and instead, went to the Homeopath/MD. My symptoms included: daily blood in stool, stomach cramping, body cramps and spasms, severe fatigue, eczema, arthritic-like symptoms, hair loss and occasional, low-grade fevers. All of this started when menopause kicked in in earnest (not during perimenopause). After two years of remission (remission took about 8 months with homeopathic TX) I began to have a recurrence of symptoms, not as bad as previous to TX, but nevertheless, un-fun. My Homeopath/MD changed my remedy, explaining that she had several, based on my symptoms, to choose from and that all potential remedies were related, meaning getting the right remedy may mean trying several in that family. Along with lessened symptoms (no complete remission, per say, over 3 months on new remedy) I now have in increase in GERD. I have a history of contracting parasites and have treated them successfully (in the past) using GSE, wormwood, burdock, raw rice and raw pumpkin seeds. I have not attempted to treat my current symptoms with anything other than homeopathy; my Homeopath/MD follows the strict protocol typical of those practicing classical Hannamanian single remedy. I am starting to think, after doing a lot of research, which includes reading these posts (and many others) that the parasite issue is not really the issue and that my stomach flora and acid is disturbed and cannot handle any pathogens or parasites on its own. I am concerned that 5 or 6 years of symptoms is causing irreparable damage and consequently, I am beginning to feel quite desperate (I know worry does not help). I am wondering if I/my symptoms are a candidate for Hydrochloric Acid treatment, given my descriptions?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Yvonne,
      Here are my thoughts:
      1. I have seen many things blamed on menopause but I find it a stretch to associate your digestive and arthritic symptoms to menopause. To me it sounds more like a life event that occurred around that time that you have had trouble processing emotionally. Either that or, less likely, your body’s compensation skills were broken as you approached menopause.
      2. Energy medicine like homeopathy is wonderful for symptoms. But when bleeding, cramping and parasites are present it strongly suggests the need for demulcent, tissue-healing herbs. To put it more bluntly, it is great to affect the energy field of the body and feel better, but your tissue is falling apart. Homeopathy does not nourish the tissue but it can make it feel like you’re better.
      3. I think with time you may be a candidate for hydrochloric acid treatment but I don’t think you’re there yet.
      4. To aggressively address the gut situation, I would consider lots of PLS II (4 before each meal, reducing w/symptoms). With this you will feel a nice improvement in your joints too. To address the emotional component I would do use lots of Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula 3B, 3D. You should notice a difference inside a week.

  43. MikeB says:

    I have read many of the early researchers’ reports on HCl therapy for many illnesses including cancer, but not for G.I.S.T.s which were not then known as a unique cancer type, but in fact may have been treated. Are there any records of using HCl therapy on G.I.S.T. tumors? If so, what dosage and method (IM, IV, etc.?) was used? Any record of results, positive or negative? There is one report from the NIH which shows positive results when compared to other dilute acid therapies, but is not specifically for G.I.S.T.s. Do you know of any studies or clinical trials using HCl therapies?

    Thank you,


    • PatBlockND says:

      As helpful as HCl is in helping the body resolve various issues that have developed in its absence, it does not address the underlying cause. The emotional aspects of any cancer MUST be addressed to bring things to a real healing resolution. The emotional insults that effect the digestive track, especially those that result in the development of tumors, have to do with forgiving and letting go of past offenses and hurts. From a GNM perspective, the excess tissue produced(cysts, tumors, etc) is the body’s way of producing more of what is needed to process the insult completely out.
      Try this: think about the symptoms that you are having and that are associated with the tumors. Lean into those feeling and scan your history. Does any past hurt come to mind? Use what spiritual tools you have to let it completely go. If you feel you do not have sufficient tools, you can consider downloading my book, Spiritual Disciplines for Physical and Emotional Healing.

  44. david says:

    just a few questions…u made a comment that you take diluted HCL in water and sip on it throughout the day eh? DOesnt bother the stomach at all without any food in it? Is it a more diluted mixture than the one you make with food? Also guessing we should fill our stomach a bit before taking in the hcl. hmmmmm. THeres also people who report applying hcl topically their getting incredible results…more energy…etc etc…i made the 1:250 dilution…apply it daily…Dont really notice very much. And yes…my lymph is very congested…and yes i am dissolving the liver stones and cleaning that out. Are there any circumstances with HCL would be contra indicitive? Thanks for the clarity…appreciate your help,support and services.
    Ohhh…another unusual thing…Lets say i make a smoothie in the morning…pretty simple one…with colostrum, lecithin…hemp seeds..some hemp oil…an some aminos and a few other items…blend it well…drink….I notice it just sitting in my stomach for a long while…not digesting…bleh… taking enzymes…ox bile…etc etc…very frustrating !!!!!!!!!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello David,
      There is supposed to be a natural mucus lining that protects the entire digestive track from the contents therein. In fact, it is the mucus that the body produces, that buffers our stomach tissue from our own HCl. Certain meds inhibit mucus production, most notably NSAIDS, but others do as well.
      Demulcent herbs are your next best ally when the lining is without mucus and inflamed. These herbs were contained in the first formula I recommended for you along with other known mucosal lining remediants.
      Any remedy, including HCl is contraindicated when it becomes too much or is applied in the wrong place.
      When the food you have eaten remains in the stomach, there is a possibility of nerve constriction of part of the passageway. These are commonly called strictures. For this situation, the abdominal massage is indicated as well as the other formula I had recommended for you.

  45. Marie Borchert says:

    Thanks a million for your site. Can you tell me if it is safe to apply HCl topically as well as taking it internally? Or is that overkill?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Marie, topical application is safe at the dilutions given in this post. It isn’t necessarily overkill because the topical application can affect an area of the skin to which the lymphatic drainage may be impaired, thus the circulation may be lowered.

  46. Musliman says:


    I agree with this therapy, however, anti acid like PPI could be a life saver. Omeprazol when it was introduced ended the ulcer surgery all together which used to be invasive and dangerous. Of course, anti acids have their side effects but still they can be a life saver too.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Musliman, but the old-time existing therapies obviated the need for surgery in the first place.

      • Musliman says:

        I agree with that there are old wisdom we should never set aside. But in cases of H.pylori infection, vitamin U from cabbage cannot do much. H.pylori is a beast, believe me because I suffered from it and first line and second line treatments failed me. First line was: Amoxicilin, clarythromycin, PPI. Second line was Pylera. I felt better on the first line. I tried vitamin U, pine nut oil and many other things but they do not work well for this beast from hell. I bought Matula tea but it did not work. Even amoxicilin alone could not eradicate H.pylori. Only after using a mixture of Amoxicilin and PPI, the first eradication of H.pylori was achieved by an Italian doctor. One natural almost cured me was Artemesia annual ( Chinese wormwood). It is POTENT against H.pylori but after 2 weeks, this bacteria from hell became resistant to it. H.pylori is known to acquire very quickly resistance. This bacteria is so smart that uses urease to turn Hcl into ammonia inside the stomach to buffer it.

        • PatBlockND says:

          Yes Musliman, but fighting infection never solves the problem long term and is not what cabbage juice or other natural remedies is designed to do. The best approach is to heal the tissue which obviates the need for infection in the first place. I would suggest to you that the ‘beast form hell’ is not H.Pylori but rather the stress that causes the ulceration in the first place.

          • Musliman says:

            I don’t have much stress other than my own illness CFS which is due to an infection, most likely H.pylori. Read this new article, many patients with this beasts develop CFS and fibromyalgia:

            Toxicosis in Helicobacter.pylori infection-A Hypothesis, By Dr Mihai Belascu.

  47. Susanne Murphy says:

    HI Pat. I began taking HCI about a year and a half ago. I immediately noticed that I was not catching all the viruses and bugs going around.
    But last fall, I began having acid reflux so I stopped the HCI. Then, this past winter I started getting sick again so I started the HCI back up taking it from time to time. Sometimes it seemed to increase my acid reflux symptoms and sometimes it did not. Is there a correlation or is it merely coincidence?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Susanne, It is hard to say from here, but you can adjust the amount you take or the frequency with which you take it. Or, an old time remedy, which you may want to try instead, is to take 2 tsp of apple cider vinegar in a glass of water with each of your meals. Then you can back off to only do such at 2 of your meals or one of your meals, or only doing 1 tsp. Adjust according to your needs, or symptoms.

  48. Debbie says:

    I suffer from a chronic cough with recurring pneumonia. According to tests, always due to haemophilus. I have been taking HCl orally and iv with a naturopath for the past year. It seems to have spaced out the illnesses. I have also gone through the Spiritual Disciplines. Do you know of something else I could add? Have you had patients with a similar illness?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Debbie,
      I would need more info to make a recommendation, so you may want to consider filling out and submitting the consult form and doing a consult with me. For some yet-to-be-determined reason, you ability to reverse this is not working, and that’s what I would work on.

  49. Robin says:

    I have extremely low stomach acid, and use Betaine HCl with Pepsin. I take 6 650mg caps with each meal. I’m wondering if a few drops of muriatic acid in water that is not too hot to swallow would be strong enough to take the place of my 6 capsules. Do you think I could make the substitution and still digest my food?
    Also being bad at math, I am very confused by the dilution information.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Might I ask how your stomach acid level was diagnosed? And what strength HCl do you have?
      Please read the 2nd paragraph under ‘Oral Dosage’ to see how to take it safely.
      As far as replacing your Betaine HCl/Pepsin, that depends on several things (in order of importance)
      (1) How much worrying you did that day (read this)
      (2) What you are eating
      (3) How much of it you are eating
      Typically people have certain familiar symptoms with the digestion which can be used to tell if it is going well. You can always drink a glass of diluted HCl if you begin to experience those symptoms. I also encourage you to read the many helpful comments on this post.

      • Robin says:

        I diagnosed myself since MDs have failed me. I found that with the supplement (betaine HCl) I had energy from eating instead of fatigue and my stomach emptied, where before food sat like a sack of cement for hours. My nagging cough after meals went away and also reflux and sleep apnea went too. So I know I need acid.
        I am a worrier, and am working on that.
        I have 35% muriatic acid. I want to put some in a capsule and swallow it with a glass of water, how does that sound? (It doesn’t damage the capsule.)
        I am going to start with 5 drops in a glass of water and see what happens. I also will use it topically. Thanks for the informative site.

        • PatBlockND says:

          Hello Robin,
          Please don’t put 35% HCl in a capsule to swallow.
          I’m glad the Betaine helped you as it does help some people.
          I think the 5 drops in a glass of water and then building up from there, if comfortable, is a more body-friendly way to go.

          • Robin says:

            Thanks for your reply. I wonder if you could explain why you feel that way. Isn’t acid what is supposed to be inside my stomach? Isn’t it a lack of acid that is causing my problems?
            I am not going to go off half-cocked and do this. I am only looking into the possibilities, and am sincerely interested in discussing it with you. I do fine with betaine HCl, but money is an issue and may be more of an issue in the future, so I need to know my options, and muriatic acid is very cheap.
            So really, your thoughts on why this might not be a good idea are more than welcome. Please let me pick your brain.

          • PatBlockND says:

            Hey Robin,
            If you read the bottle label you will garner a little more respect for muriatic acid. If the 35% HCl drops dissolve the gelatin capsule (which is very likely) on the way down to your stomach you will be in serious pain and may require medical intervention – to save your esophagus – if you survive. Your other problems will pale into insignificance compared to what you just did to yourself. And if you want to save money, consider that medical intervention is not cheap.
            I can’t tell from here whether a lack of HCl is causing your problems.
            But let’s back up a little. Worry is often the cause of insufficient HCl as well as deficient liver function. These should not go unaddressed while supplying the body with HCl.
            Consider dosing yourself safely according to what I have described here in this post.

  50. Robin says:

    Thanks Pat.

  51. Robin says:

    This is from the PDF Townsend Letter on HCl therapy: RE: lumps left after shooting intramuscularly. If you’ll notice the last few words, “if not injected deeply enough.” Hope that helps someone.
    BY P. L. GORDON, M.D.
    Mount Savage, Md.
    And still the HC1 solution finds new uses: that of treatment of burns by
    the physician in Amarillo, Texas. I shall try it at the first opportunity.
    In regard to an inquiry whether the intramuscular injection gives any
    pain and much local reaction, I can assure the doctor that it gives no more
    pain than an ordinary hypodermic of any other kind of medication, for I tried
    it on the dog, as Dr. Guy says it is best to do (meaning myself), before trying
    it on a patient, and no local reaction, but it will leave a slight lump if not
    injected deeply enough.

  52. Melissa says:

    Hello I heard about the hcl therapy from a website about using hxl with animals especially horses. I have a 1200 pound thoroughbred mare with cellutius. It is not the same as humans. Cellutius in Equine is caused from a wound allowing bacteria into the tissues causing extreme swelling of 95% a hind leg. It can and does make a horse so swelled up the skin started to pull apart called debriding which can also make the horse very sore or (lame).
    I was wondering what dose I could give and for how long? I bought 1:500 oral solution and planned on giving 2 oz with 8 oz water. In feed twice a day along with uniprim which is a bacterial antibiotic.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Sorry Melissa,
      I couldn’t venture a guess on horse dosage. The dilution you have has been used topically and I would consider spraying on any area that appears affected.

  53. Melissa says:

    How many ml of the 10% HCI should I put in a 16 oz glass bottle? How many ounces to ml of HCI? I want the 1:500 strength.

  54. Melissa says:

    Sorry seen it was 3 ml of 10% HCl to 16 oz distilled water to make 1:500

  55. Heather Almaroad says:

    Hi Pat!

    I’ve been struggling with tonsillitis or strep throat the past couple days. It had gone away with some homeopathic remedies, but returned again. Are there any herbs you can suggest for this? Would this be a lymph issue and what herbs would you recommend for helping to clear the lymph? Thanks!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Heather,
      The symptoms were masked by the homeopathic but the underlying cause remained. Perhaps you can contact Brenda and we will find something that will help.

  56. holisticgal says:

    Hi Pat,
    I love that you take the time to reply to posts, even though this thread is years old!! *It looks like the Doc that said he nebulized hcl never got back to you with the ‘kitchen’ measurements, right?

    *I also wondered if you might do an updated comprehensive recap post to this page with the different info nuggets and answers you and others have provided?

    For example, I keep seeing mention of purchasing the 35% HCL from Home Depot, where it is known as MURIATIC ACID. Is this correct? I just want to clarify that Muriatic acid is indeed food grade safe, because as you are aware, the safety data sheet says all kind of warnings (which I KNOW can often be totally ignored, just like with BORAX that can also be ingested, and kerosene, etc.) I have not yet seen any links provided here to just be certain I am getting the right product.

    Can you please confirm these as correct links for the right base product to use? I am not looking for a product endorsement, just ensuring safety of ingesting and getting the right product.
    1. http://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-1-Gal-Swimming-Pool-Muriatic-Acid-2-Pack-10014HDX/202254527

    This one says it is more environmentally safe, and safety sheet looks like it is still pure:
    2. http://www.homedepot.com/p/Klean-Strip-1-gal-Green-Muriatic-Acid-GKGM75006/202690263?MERCH=REC-_-PIPHorizontal1_rr-_-100119310-_-202690263-_-N

    3. http://www.homedepot.com/p/HDX-2×1-Gallon-Muriatic-Acid-2118-HD/100119310

    I saw also that someone asked if a premade for TOPICAL use mixture can be stored safely in glass, to which you answered yes. However: 1. Can a glass jar with a plastic lid be used? 2. A canning jar with a metal lid cannot be used, right? 3. Can an ORAL premade mix be safely stored, and if so, with which lid and for how long? 4. If we fill a dropper bottle with straight 35% liquid for taking while out and about, is it critical that we dilute it with DISTILLED water, or can we simply use it on the go dropped into clean, filtered water? 5. Can it also be dropped onto food at meals? Forgive me if I missed these answers somewhere already.
    I think there are a total of 8 questions here. Thanks for your time so much!
    I also emailed Brenda yesterday with some questions because I am planning to set up a consult with you. Can’t wait to hear back!
    Blessings and gratitude from CA

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Holisticgal,
      Yes, Muriatic acid is HCl and is found at the 35% strength in big box stores. My concern is that the purity standards may not be very high so I recommend getting a laboratory grade HCl if you are going to injest it.
      Storing suffuciently diluted HCl doesn’t requre more careful packaging than 5% white vinegar – just look at the kind of container HCl comes in. So glass bottles are fine with hard plastic lids but I would avoid metal.
      For oral applications I would dilute using distilled water. Please review the post. And I wouldn’t consider 35% HCl as something I’d carry in a purse. Dilute it down and carry more safely that way.

  57. Raquel says:

    Great information here! My question is my 16 year old daughter had some blood work done recently, her white count and neutrophils were low, the Dr said she wasn’t worried but wants to keep an eye on them. She also battles severe acne, every pore is congested and Fudd Dr wants to out her on Accutane, would this solution be of help to her? Internally? Externally? She has also already been battling hemorrhoids….do you have any recommendation?

  58. Josiah Monks says:

    There are pills available with HCl. We used the powder inside to cure my daughter’s acid reflux when she was a baby.

    Could taking the pills be comparably as effective as drinking it diluted in water? I’m looking for lymphatic cleansing in particular. Thanks!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Josiah,
      HCl doesn’t come in powdered form. Betaine hydrochloride does and acts as you mentioned for your daughter, does a good job of reducing residue in the body, but I might include proteolytic enzymes too.

  59. Gay Hunt says:

    If I get migraine type headaches after taking HCL liquid drops, should I stop using it or am I just using too much?

  60. Rod says:

    Is it possible to benefit from an HCl treatment for a case of advanced stomach cancer? It shows metastasis you can feel under the skin. We are at IV stage now.
    Thanks a lot for your earliest answer.

  61. Natasha Vins says:

    I would like to have a consultation with you concerning my health condition: I was diagnosed three months ago with stage 2 breast cancer that also affected lymph nodes. I had a biopsy but not considering chemotherapy, surgery and radiation that my oncologist suggested.

  62. Terrence says:

    hello, I’ve read quite of few of the comments from 2012 but I want to know what kind of container should I use to drink HCL from? Glass? Plastic? Also, im trying not to dissolve my teeth as ive heard it will cause actual holes to form in your teeth if not diluted properly so can you help me with this? Thank you

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Terrence,
      I would use glass. Some plastics are OK for acid storage but I don’t know which ones.
      The diluted HCl as I mention here for taking orally is no stronger than lemon juice. If you are concerned, you can sip it through a straw placed to the back of your throat so it misses your teeth.

  63. Terrence says:

    Also I have chronic myocarditis at the age of 29. Myocarditis is considered an autoimmune disease. After 10 months of researching its lead me to this particular forum on HCL so I was wondering what you think about myocarditis and HCL. Myocarditis is a disease of the heart muscle which causes chronic inflammation and ultimately causes structural damage to the heart altering the heart eventually. Do you think HCL maybe able to help me?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Terrence,
      For any inflammation I would first consider doing the Blood type diet so you stop the ‘chronic’ aspects of the inflammation. Some foods are inflammatory – so stop eating those as, even at your young age, you are having trouble resolving the inflammation that is being introduced by the diet.
      The body is not stupid. Your body is not attacking your heart muscle (aka autoimmune). It is removing damaged tissue to restore healthy tissue. To support its efforts, consider taking Rosehips 3B,3D; Hawthorn Berries 3B, 3D; and High Potency Grapine 2B, 2D, reducing all with symptoms.

  64. Eliza Delyne says:

    When is it best to take it? Before meals, after taking a few bites, on an empty stomach? Thank you in advance.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Eliza,
      It depends. If you are having digestive issues, then take it as you eat – I’m referring to the diluted version. If you are having issues with fluid or lymphatic stagnation or cancer, say, take it between meals.

  65. Pankaj says:


    I posted this request earlier also. Please can someone suggest where can I buy it in Australia

  66. Zennan says:

    Hi Pat,

    I tried doses of potassium chloride about 6 months ago, which got me some severe aches in all my teeth. They also turned darker towards a grey-black by about 6 tones on a colour chart. It was very noticeable.

    About 2 weeks of anxiously watching them gradually lighten again felt like forever.

    Ever since then I have been very sensitive to potassium containing foods, feeling aches in my teeth from only one banana or herbal sets like Dr Christopher’s flesh and cartilage builder. I only need to take 3-4 size 0 caps for the effect to be pronounced the next day. it takes about 2 days for aches to go away and sensitivity to die down.

    The original doses were one size 0 cap 2-3 times a day over 2 days. I figured that it would help me make stomach acid and any extra would simply be excreted via urine. Seems I was wrong somewhere…

    Can you shed any light on what is going on? Phytic acid seems to help, but that could be coincidental.

    Any pointers would be MUCH appreciated!

    Kind regards,

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Zennan,
      With unusual reactions like this I always recommend balancing the liver. To that end I would do the Gentle Liver Cleanse. You will never be sorry you balanced your liver.

      • Zennan says:

        Hi Pat,

        thanks for the tip, I’ll get into that asap. I have already started feeling a decent difference with just a blessed thistle / St mary’s thistle mix… looks like a liver boost is on the dance card.

        Any ideas on the science behind what happened?

        I’m a big believer in understanding the principles I broke so I can know exactly what I overloaded (and thus avoid doing it again going forward) because sometimes vastly different treatments can load the same basic pathway.

        Any speculation based on your experience is welcome 🙂

        Kind regards,

  67. Marta says:


    I wonder if you could help me figuring out how to take liquid HCL. I can buy pure lab grade 35-38% HCL locally and would like to use it to improve my digestion due to lack of stomach acid.
    I’ve been taking betaine hcl + pepsin for a few months, but would prefer to use pure hcl, also for financial reasons, since I need quite a few capsules per meal.
    If I wanted to use the 5 drops a day that are mentioned on the dosing table, how much water would I need to dillute them with?

    Thank you very much for such a wonderful page.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Sorry for the delay. My website was hacked, then an update crashed it, and I wasn’t getting notifications of posts.
      Try 5 drops in 12 oz of water and then adjust either the number of drops or the amount of water according to your tastes. PLease reread the section above on Oral Dosage for more ideas.

  68. D Linden says:

    Doesn’t HCl form hydronium and chloride when mixed with water? Is it possible that hydronium can then cause increased levels of H2 (molecular hydrogen) in the human body? Dr Carey Reams advocated a protocol involving alternating lemon juice (citric acid) and distilled water ingestion to improve health. Both HCl and citric acid are hailed for health benefits, but is this because of their hydrogen content? Hydrogen therapy involving inhalation, drinking water with dissolved H2, topical, and through intestinal fermentation of long chain FOS by hydrogen-producing bacteria appears to be increasing.

    • PatBlockND says:

      If HCl forms hydronium and chloride when mixed with water, then that occurs in your own stomach with your own endogenous HCl, so no difference there.
      I totally agree with the health benefits of lemon juice, and in fact, generally prefer whole foods to formulations of isolates, like hydrogen therapy. Why? Because Intelligent design is responsible for the body and its life principles. Same for foods. When man thinks he has improved on Intelligent design, something gets screwed up. HCl is a product of Intelligent design (within the body), so is lemon juice (within the lemon).

  69. Darren McMahon says:

    Hi Pat is your site back up? I was wondering if a topical dilution would work on keloids. Thanks

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thank you, yes it is sorta ‘up’ again, but I noticed that some of the pictures are missing, ugh. The learning curve for computer websites is difficult and I avoid climbing it if I at all can.

      My best understanding of keloids is that they form after a skin trauma where the proper conditions for healing are absent. Although one might assume HCl might be able to dissolve such tissue structures, I don’t think that is the case. Application of essential oils might help, like Myrrh, but it may take a while. More importantly one should focus on getting oneself out of that state of poor recovery ability. To that end I recommend the Gentle Liver Cleanse .


  70. Amy says:

    Such Facinating information. I have super high titers for many viruses, and am unable to take anything with horrible die-off symptoms… So I will be doing more research to see what I can do. Also, I currently have a chest cold with some sinus pain. What’s a method I should use to eliminate any bacteria in my sinuses and lower respiratory area? And the formula you recommend? I appreciate all you’ve done, thank you!

  71. Daniel Vogt says:

    Hello, I want to share a very special experience I had last weekend: Later then usual I let the dog, a loving labrador, in for the night. Here in South Africa it is advisable to keep dogs inside during the night, since it happens that dogs are poisoned before burglars break in. Immediately after she was inside she vomited.
    We wondered if she was poisoned or if she just ate something foul. There was some muscle twitching at her thigh, but not so bad. Eventually we went to bed. At about 3 I woke up and went to check on the dog. She still refused to eat and didn’t wag her tail when I spoke to her, so it was clear she wasn’t well, even though she didn’t show signs of being very ill. Within about 5 minutes of being with her, she went into severe convulsion. Suddenly! Stretched out, head stretched out, jaws shaking and foaming at the mouth, whole body shaking…. It was horrendous! My adrenaline went up – what to do? Middle of night, I think we still have a curfew in place and anyway it was too late to get her to a vet, we live outside town. Earlier in the year I researched the use of IV hydrochloric acid in humans in case of severe infections. I then got lab grade HCl and made a solution using distilled water.(recommended strength was 1:1000) I still kept that solution in a kitchen cabinet, sometimes thinking I should throw it out because I can make a fresh solution should I ever need it. Well: There was nothing to lose, there was no time, every second counted – doing nothing certainly meant the dog would die. I went to get the prepared solution, only syringe that was close by was a 3ml syringe, so I quickly gave her 3-4 injections into her thigh. (muscle tissue) Then I went to get my medical grade ozone machine – that is something else I researched earlier, and gave her an injection of ozone in her thigh of about 20-30ml. Within about 2 minutes the dog looked at me with her loving eyes, waging her tail. It was like in a dream – unbelievable! I still monitored her for the next few hours, on about 3 occasions the muscle twitching of her thigh muscles started again, and I gave her each time about 3ml of diluted HCl under the skin. It’s a week later now, and the dog looks perfectly fine. We are so grateful for that!

  72. Jiří Hutečka says:

    There is another method of ingesting hydrochloric acid using gelatin capsules. I use big gelatin capsules where I can fit 15 drops of 3,5-4% concentration of hydrochloric acid and I swallow that capsule at the end of the meal with last bites of food.. That is great method if you want to use HCL to help digest food.. I take also 10 drops in glass of water on empty stomach and that’s more for systemic use. I have really congested lymphatic system. So I can feel herx reaction almost instantly when I drink it.. I drink it with a straw. So HCL doesn’t touch my teeth..

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