Chapman’s Reflexes Diagram

The information about the utility of these is found here.

P.A. means Posterior Aspect


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  1. Dear Dr. Block, I am writing to ask permission to copy you Chapman’s diagrams above to use in a small Chapman’s Reflexes class I am teaching. I am a registered Ortho-Bionomy® instructor. If not, that’s OK too, I just think yours are the best and clearest I have ever seen. Thanks for your time, Rouel

  2. GabeGarciaDO says:

    Hi Dr. Block, these are nice diagrams, do you have a diagram like this for just the posterior points? I’m a family medicine resident getting ready for my COMLEX III exam and this is very helpful, thanks!

  3. Hayden C says:


    Could I please use your diagrams? It will be to help the medical doctors in our clinic to integrate Chapmans points into their diagnostic process. Also, if you have any links to research on how the original points were determined that would be fantastic.



    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Haydn, you have my full permission to use these however you like. I used the 1937 edition of An Endocrine Interpretation of Chapman’s Reflexes by The Interpreter.

  4. Hi Pat

    Please may I use a copy of your diagram. I am a massage therapist very intestested in the chapman reflexes and your diagram works very well for me. Noelia

  5. Barbara Zajdel, D.O says:

    Dr. Block,
    I am an Assistant Professor at MSUCOM and am trying to put together a lecture on Chapman Reflexes for my students. So far the Chapman book written by his brother-in-law Dr. Owens, foundations for Osteopathic Medicine and 2 OMT review books do not have very good quality pictures I can easily scan and make legible in a power point. May I use your diagrams I found online? They are larger and less busy than Michael Kuchera’s diagrams I have in my texts. Having the points indicated in red is a very nice feature as well. Just an FYI- I do not allow photos in my slides to be posted to a site that may allow them to be downloaded and reused. than you for your consideration.

  6. Sabrina Royster says:

    Dr. Block,
    I was very excited to find your website with clear diagrams (and I also love the red accents). I am a Physical Therapist Assistant and work with Physical Therapists the Kenaitze Indian Tribe Dena’ina Wellness Center in Kenai, Alaska where we try to use the body and natural foods and medicines to help heal the body. We believe in reducing harsh prescribed medications for pain and other ailments that a healthier lifestyle and whole, natural foods can provide. We have been using the Chapman’s Reflex Points for a few months but would love to attend a course. We have found one in Australia but would like to know if you are aware of any courses that are offered in the United States or Canada. I haven’t had much luck finding anything that is not a course at a university. Thank you!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Sabrina,
      Using these reflexes is not that complicated that a course would be required. Just start with yourself and find what points are tender and work them for a week and see if the tenderness (and other associated symptoms) resolve. Then check others points on yourself and then others. Your discoveries will be a better education than anyone can offer.
      That said, I believe those that study orthobionomy practice this.

  7. Angela Marrow says:

    Thank you for this diagram. I am a lay person with an interest in Chapman’s Neurolymphatic reflexes. I do YouTube videos on Health and Wellness, TIPS2HEAL. I would love to have your permission to use this diagram in my next video. My goal is to share natural ways of healing. I have benefited greatly from this and would like to share, giving proper credit, and restriction to reuse without your permission. Thank you again for this valuable information.

  8. Pam C. says:

    Hi Dr. Block – Thank you for your diagram- it is extremely helpfu! I have been dealing with health issues after working in a molding building 25 years ago. Just in the last year, I received this diagnosis and things are looking up. May I copy this diagram to keep in my personal files, so I can refer back to your diagram? Thank you for your work and dedication to healing.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes you may copy this file. Glad you find it helpful.
      With all allergy issues, the Gentle Liver Cleanse will help. If the liver is congested the lymph will be congested and releasing it back into the body may bring on unpleasant symptoms. So keeping the liver decongested helps everything.

  9. Diane Glogner says:

    May I print and send these to Avera clinic in Gregory, South Dakota?

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