Philosophical Differences in Healing Approaches – An Overview

From a Biblical Naturopathic viewpoint, a successful healing intervention MUST …

  • respect the intelligence of the body and work WITH the body,  according to its innate programming to fix itself
  • supply needed body-compatible nutritional elements as found in nature
  • encourage energy circulation, or, provide body-compatible methods to remove blockages
  • address emotional traumas and broken relationship issues

In Basic Principles I’ve presented my observations in helping sick people get well.   I was clued into many of these from Biblical concepts.

There is a clear difference when you contrast naturopathy vs. modern medicine.   The approaches and outcomes are different because the foundations are different. This can be viewed as a contrast between a ‘smart body’ paradigm (naturopathy) and a ‘dumb body’ paradigm (modern medicine).

Our view of the role of infection clearly determines our approach to healing.  Does infection have purpose?  What if it did?  Should we ‘fight’ the infection if it has value?  Is it just an Infection OR a BioRemediation.  What about parasites and Candida?  Or what about ‘natural’ anti-biotics?  The effective approach and good outcome depends on your basic foundation.

One of my more rewarding ‘finds’ in sane approaches to healing was German New Medicine (GNM). Developed by a German oncologist, Ryke Geerd Hamer MD, GNM was based on his own experience with cancer which he survived and his wife’s cancer (who did not survive).  This propelled Dr. Hamer to begin interviews of the emotional state of his many patients who developed various kinds of cancer. His approach for ALL diseases is counseling the patient and helping them ‘come to terms with’ some trauma(s) in their life – in particular, the trauma responsible for the disease.  He also subscribes to the belief that infection is bio-remediation.

Much is written about the role of the body’s pH in its health.  And if we become convinced that our pH is outside the range that ‘has been deemed healthy’ we can take two different courses: (1) the ‘dumb body’ approach which would be to try to change it with rock calciums, diet, special waters, even baking soda, or, (2) the ‘smart body’ approach and realize that the body’s pH is NOT an underlying cause.  It is an indicator of another underlying imbalance.

Although I have listed many dietary approaches on this website, the one that helps the most imbalances is the one aimed at reducing inflammation, and that is the Blood Type Diet.  My clients return and report the value of following these guidelines.

The most intriguing articles on healing are those that summarize an old, but successful treatments for a variety of diseases – those offering cheap remedies based on how the body works.  One such is the use of Hydrochloric Acid Therapy to treat cancer and lymphatic diseases. I’m posting an intro and a link to the articles in full for your consideration. It was felt by many in the 1920′- 1930’s  that cancer diagnoses would no longer be problematic for mankind. What happened?

From a Biblical perspective we have been shown 2 non-supernatural methods to be healed: (1) the leaves of the trees and the herbs of the field, and (2) the laying-on-of-hands.  The herbal remedies (1) I’ve written on extensively on this website.  The hands-on aspect may take many forms: massage, chiropractic, tapping as well as other approaches.  Of greatest interest (and study) for me are the ancient methods that traditional people used that were handed down with applications for common ailments which have plagued man from …antiquity.
Jin Shin Jyutsu
and the Mayan Massage (on which I based my Abdominal Massage) are two of them.  Their approach is to restore balance to the body with the hands; the first with a light touch, the second, a deeper touch.

Finally all successful approaches to resolving disease must Address the Stress. And stress does not come from our situation but rather how we perceive ourselves in that situation.   We then have some options as to what we can do with that perception?



2 Responses to Philosophical Differences in Healing Approaches – An Overview

  1. Ken says:

    Have you worked with hypochondria? I’m actually in a very bad way physically at this point, mostly the result of panic and overreaction – restricting diet in one thing or overdoing something else. Have ended up with osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, vascular problems, memory loss, etc., etc. So, I need to deal with trying to heal or resolve many real health issues while losing the anxiety/panic over every new issue that comes up.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Most symptom manifestations are related, and they usually go back to one underlying imbalance. If unaddressed, the imbalance manifests in other areas.
      The anxiety over these things often comes from an early trauma issue where you felt that your ability to survive was in question – maybe a near death experience. That’s why new symptoms or doctor reports trigger anxiety, and you get over worked about it. It is not hypochondria, it is your exhausted adrenals saying, “I’m not sure we are going to make it, buddy.” The constant tension creates muscle tightness and joint problems follow. The tension also reduces blood flow to important organs. I wrote a self-help book to address these, but with early survival issues you may need some help.
      A nice place to begin is C. Nervous Fatigue 4B, 4D and reduce with symptoms. Make sure to follow your blood type diet.

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