Endocrines – Thyroid, Adrenals, Gonads


Endocrines   ‘Who’s in control here, anyway?’

Your endocrines are your regulators.  Along with your liver, they are in charge of how you feel.  Giddy?  Depressed?  Fatigued?  Anxious?   In pain?  And you think, “What is wrong with me?”  Ans. Unbalanced endocrines.  So nourish them all into proper function.  Your mood, energy and sleep will greatly improve.
Your endocrine or glandular system involves your pituitary, thyroid, gonads, adrenals, pancreas and other HORMONE makers and backups.  These are especially implicated for those who experience depression, anxiety, mood swings, ADD, ADHD, behavior disorders, diabetes, weight gain, low libido, insomnia, fatigue, excess sweating, heart racing/palpitations, cravings for specific foods or drinks, swings in body temperature, poor memory/concentration, menstrual disorders AND chronic inflammation. Your endocrines also give you personality, so a person lacking animation may simply have an endocrine imbalance as does the person who displays extremes of emotion.

If you also have specific joint pain consult with the Organ/Muscle Correspondence chart for more clues to see if any endocrine is the underlying cause of that joint pain.


What goes wrong here? Causes of Endocrine Imbalance

1. First of all, our thoughts activate OR inhibit certain nerve impulses and glandular secretions that in turn, activate OR inhibit endocrine/organ response and function. Continually pinging your endocrines with stress creates a need for nutrients to continually make stress-response hormones. That’s it.  Bad attitudes and thoughts inhibit ‘feel good’ chemicals in the blood.  So at some point in the healing process – maybe not at first – the thought patterns must be addressed.  The Address the Stress post has lots of options regarding how to lessen or even eliminate the impact. In the mean time consider the following nutritional support BECAUSE when your endocrines ain’t happy – ain’t NO body happy!

2. The second cause of endocrine imbalance is nutritional.  These organs need minerals and other nutrients which are not usually on our plate and become in short supply when used up by chronic stress.  Not to worry.  Herbs are the best remedy here – see below.

3.  The third cause of endocrine imbalance or malfunction is toxins – pharmaceutical or environmental.  In 1996 researchers had identified 51 synthetic chemicals (that are pervasive in our environment, such as pesticides) that disrupt the endocrine system. It is a LOT more now.  A well stocked liver can filter many of these out.

No matter what the insult to your endocrine glands, let’s balance them all so they function properly.  Without knowing where you are out of balance, the best supplement to take is…

MasterGland (#2870-7).   Begin w/ 4B, 4b.  I’ve received feedback that this combo has done everything from improve energy and reduce sugar cravings to eliminate the need for certain thyroid meds.  It is very safe and basically feeds your whole endocrine system.  Let’s look at specific endocrines and their associated indicators and sorrows for clues.



The thyroid is an endocrine gland which secretes at least 5 hormones (T1, T2, T3, T4, and Calcitonin) into the blood stream which have profound effects on the way we feel AND look.  The liver’s role is to CONVERT T4 to the others (except Calcitonin) by basically stripping off an iodine atom.  My clients taught me that thyroid dysfunction developed after liver dysfunction and the indicator of both was knee pain.  See liver involvement below.

  • T1 stimulates brain function and a deficiency may create brain fog or inability to call words to mind.
  • T2 affects heart rate, urination and defecation, so if you tend to be constipated OR cannot seem to do without diuretics, you may want to just nourish your thyroid – I mean you won’t be sorry.  Often folks have heart symptoms and zillions of tests are run on the heart (some toxic), and the heart checks out fine.  But the kinds of things that control the heart are rarely investigated – like the endocrines and the nerves.
  • T3 is your burner.  It burns up trash in the blood like triglycerides or excess cholesterol and keeps you warm.  So if these blood levels run high or you are cold when everyone else is comfortable, nourish your thyroid a little to balance it out.
  • T4 is an inactive or storage form with 4 iodine atoms which is converted to the active forms above in the liver (if it is working, of course) when needed by the body.
  • Calcitonin.  Can you guess what this might do?  This is one of many ingredients needed to build bone.  That is why folks on synthetic thyroid hormone often develop osteoporosis.

The thyroid is supposed to respond to the hormone TSH which is secreted by the pituitary gland.  Hyperthyroidism is diagnosed when TSH is low to normal and T3 and/or T4 are high.  Hypothyroidism is diagnosed when TSH is high and T3 and/or T4 are low.  From a naturopathic standpoint the body is doing the hypo or hyper condition for a good reason.  Herbs will help normalize the function, not push it one way or the other.

Symptoms of Hyperthyroidism (abnormally high thyroid secretions) include: increased sweating; fine and “limp” hair texture; tachycardia; atrial fibrillation; tremors; impaired concentration; nervousness and anxiety (most common symptom); insomnia; hyperdefecation (too frequent bowel movements); nausea and vomiting; weight loss.

More common in my experience is hypothyroidism; however, I believe that these people go through a period of hyperthyroidism before sinking into the hypo state.  Many have reported such experiences to me.

Symptoms of Hypothyroidism (abnormally low thyroid secretions) include: dry skin; puffiness; slow pulse (less than 60 beats/minute); depression; sluggishness; dementia; constipation; menstrual irregularity; decreased libido; decreased metabolic rate; weight gain (usually ~ 20 pounds); cold intolerance; elevated cholesterol (high LDL), brittle nails that tend to peel, lateral eyebrow hair loss, and a thick tongue.

I have found depression, cold intolerance and salt cravings most common indicators among those with hypothyroidism.  Also an unbalanced thyroid will cause the eyes to protrude or bulge slightly and sometimes there is swelling on either side at the base of the neck.

The standard medical treatment is with synthetic T4 only.   It is basically a form of ‘hormone replacement’.  One must ask the obvious question: Why not feed and nourish the thyroid so it works better?  Why not eat foods high in iodine OR take herbs known to nourish the thyroid into proper function?  The common sense answer has been drowned out.  (My clients taught me that these meds can cause annoying dry mouth)

As you do the sensible thing and nourish your own thyroid to work properly (OR nourish your other endocrines to do the thyroid’s job, OR support liver function (see below)) it will slowly begin to respond by making all the hormones it is supposed to make – in the right amount and at the right time.  To this end I recommend Thyroid Support (#1228-6) 3B.  If you have a history of thyroid imbalances in your family, you may want to continue on some level of Kelp (#410-3) 3B and alternate with Thyroid Activator (#1224-0) 3B.  As you nourish your own thyroid to work properly and you continue to take your synthetic pharmaceutical drug (Synthroid, etc.), you may begin to experience the side effects of too much thyroid med in your body.  These side effects of too much (which you are adding to what your own thyroid is beginning to produce) may be unpleasant and unexpected.  Be on the lookout for the following: nervousness or ‘failure to calm’, insomnia, increased body heat, rapid heart rate, (these are the 4 most common, then) rash, hives, diarrhea, headache, and muscle cramps.  If you experience any of these often, talk to your doctor about your symptoms.  Often your symptoms are not reflected by the blood tests.  He may want to adjust your dosage accordingly.


Liver involvement in thyroid imbalances.

Dr Whitman made a passing comment in one of my classes that ‘all thyroid problems come from the liver.’ So I watched my clients to see if they concurred. They convinced me he was right.  The other data was the protrusion of the eyes, as eye issues always go back to the liver.  My theory is that the thyroid backs up the liver in some of its functions. To do this, more iodine along with other nutrients are needed and often depleted leaving the liver’s job undone and the thyroid burned out (hypo).  If you have thyroid issues and also fit the symptom picture of the liver imbalanced person, then do the Gentle Liver Cleanse and take MasterGland as described above. You will feel SO much better.



The adrenals sit above the kidneys.  In addition to being your ‘fight or flight’ gland, they help the body adapt to different environments (heat to air-conditioning, sea level to 30,000 feet, awake to asleep, including exposure to pollen and foods), respond to inflammation and injury as well as handle stress response.

  • Adrenal hormones increase the metabolism of protein, carbohydrates and fats resulting in more energy for the body to utilize– like when you have to run from the bear.
  • Adrenal hormones make the heart beat harder and faster to pump more blood to the muscles and brain and increases breathing rate– like when you have to run from the bear.
  • Adrenal hormones speed up the metabolism rate, break down muscle tissue to create instant fuel for the body to respond to stress – like when you have to run from the bear.
  • Adrenal hormones activate blood clotting mechanisms to prepare for possible physical injury– like when you have to run from the bear.

The problem is ‘the bear’ is often in our mind and instead of running, we sit there and our tissues stew in our adrenalin rush.

The adrenals are also the back up for other endocrine glands and are responsible for many vital bodily functions. They produce 28 different hormones (including male and female hormones).  They regulate minerals and maintain water balance in the body, and they work with the thyroid gland to provide and sustain energy levels.

If the body is lacking moisture in one place (e.g. dry eyes, mouth, skin) and yet at the same time has excess moisture, (a.k.a. swelling or sweating) in another place (ankles, hands, etc.) this is a major indicator of a need to nourish your adrenals and Chinese HY-C (#1886-5) is best for this and you can add Licorice Root (#420-6) to this for better results.  Licorice Root also helps with the sweating that occurs with hypoglycemia.


How to know adrenals are exhausted.

  1.  Chronic fatigue coupled with restless sleep and eventually you start waking in the middle of the night for no reason and can’t fall back asleep.
  2. Craving for sugar and caffeine.  This is an attempt to balance your blood sugar after many, many ‘bear’ episodes.
  3. Mental confusion, loss of short term memory.  Your brain runs on glucose which your adrenals are supposed to balance, along with your liver and pancreas.  When the adrenals are out to lunch and your brain has nothing to run on, what do you expect?  This is where my problems were.
  4. Emotional sensitivity (easily moved to tears, anger, etc).  Remember, your endocrines are largely responsible for how you feel and your adrenals help you adapt.
  5. Quivering tongue, pulsing pupils and vertical cracks on the nails.  I don’t know why these happen but they are a reliable indicator of adrenal exhaustion.  So stick your tongue out and make sure it doesn’t quiver.
  6. Chronic inflammation or asthma that responds to steroids.  It is no problem to nourish your own adrenals into making your own steroids with the recommendations below.  Prednisone will not do as good a job as your own steroid making factory.  Plus your adrenals do so much more for your body than man-made steroids can.

Two really powerful formulas to correct both the liver and adrenal imbalance are HY-A (#950-0) and Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (#1884-7).  I can come close to guaranteeing that if you do 2 bottles of each, taking 3-breakfast and 3-bedtime of each, your sugar craving will dissipate and you will sleep so much better and if you experience any anxiety, it will also greatly subside.  Mood swings also balance out with this protocol.   After this, find how little you can take to keep the liver and adrenals balanced and your sugar/carb craving and/or anxiety at bay.  Another shotgun approach is to do the Adrenal Support (#1507-0) 3B, 3b for a week then cut back to 2B, 2b. (B=Breakfast, b=bedtime) for 3 bottles worth then see how little you need for the stress load you carry.  You can also alternate between the 1st and 2nd recommendations.  In extreme cases where there is lots of inflammation, you may need to add DHEA-F (#4202-2 for women) or DHEA-M (#4200-7 for men), at the 3B, 3b level so the adrenals that you are building up can have some materials to make the needed pain relievers.

And now for some encouragement.

Hey Pat!!!  Its **********!  I came to your website desperate one sleepless night and read and read and read!  I am so thankful!  I am still aiming on making an appointment but started with some basic lifestyle things from your website first.  I was irritated and sleepless and in one week of your recommendations (4B, 4B – Chinese nervous and Hy-a) I am 90% better already!  Thank God I still had some of those herbs, and by the time I was out, my order came in from Nature’s Sunshine!  I am also doing the ultimate greens and fiber.
I went to the dr and they wanted to put me on Ambien, and anti depressants, I just wanted my thyroid checked!  I was up praying and went to your site!  I was almost word for word what you described.  Could get to sleep but wake for no reason, SO IRRITABLE, and this was going on for like 2 months.  I was a mess.  This was where I was Nov 27, and I am getting better everyday.  I slept through the night within 4 days of the herbs!  Thank you for putting all that on your website.  There is so much on there, and I am so EXCITED about it all!  I was expecting 2 full bottles until I felt better…….so 4 days was AWESOME!
(name withheld)


Female Problems (PMS, menstrual problems, etc.)

OK well books are written on this, but here are my experiences helping my clients resolve these things.

First thing to understand is that since women’s hormones have a natural cycle, to maintain such a rhythm both the production side (which increases hormone levels) and the reduction side (which decreases hormone levels) need to be addressed.  That is, we need to both address the kinds of things that make the levels of certain hormones go up when they should and in the right amounts, AND, the kinds of things that cause the levels to go down when they should and in the right amounts.

1.   The production side.  The female organs produce female hormones according to stimuli from the pituitary.  If all these are present and properly nourished your production side is working well.  To support and nourish these, the best general supplement to take is MasterGland (#2870-7).   Begin w/ 4B, 4b. If you are missing one of your producers, not to worry, properly nourished adrenals will step in and produce these same hormones.  If the adrenals are exhausted (see above for indicators) the production side suffers and symptoms result.  In these cases, take both MasterGland and the appropriate adrenal formulas to increase production.

2.   The reduction side.  The liver is the most important reducer of too much hormones in the blood.  In this function, the liver is a hormone balancer.  So, for example, if you were told you are ‘estrogen dominant’ does that mean you should smear on progesterone to ‘balance’ your hormones?  Nope.  Cleanse your liver so it can better reduce the excess estrogen in the blood.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine female problems are first addressed by decongesting the liver so it can balance out the excesses.  To this end I’d recommend the Gentle Liver Cleanse.


Male Issues

Erectile Dysfunction is most commonly caused by blood pressure medications or other medications. The Unsupportive Methods post tells you how to find out.  If you are not on any medication then erectile dysfunction can be a harbinger of heart and vascular problems which can be serious. PLEASE go to the Circulation Post  for more info on this because these can be fatal.  Improving general circulation with something like GC-X  3B 3D and/or Target Endurance 3B, 3D is a good place to begin, and if you want to be more aggressive add Cardio Assurance (#553-2) 2B, 2D.   If the ED improves after 3 weeks then you have an important data point (and that is, you do not have a viagra deficiency but a potentially lethal circulation problem which you have found how to resolve.)  If not resolved by improving circulation only then add Korean Ginseng  3B 3D while staying on the others.  If you improve in a few weeks then stress is causing your problem – which is another important data point.  AFTER a course on these without improvement, THEN add X-Action Reloaded.  This is a safe herbal viagra that is taken (2 capsules) about an hour before romantic activity.  😉

The new pharmaceutical push is to diagnose men with ‘low T’  aka low testosterone.  They will make you think that all your problems will go away and you will feel like you are 21 again with testosterone application/injection.  No.  Don’t do it.
The cascade to ‘low T’ begins with stress, fatigue, depression/irritability/discouragement, then decreased stamina, then decreased drive, then sweet and carb cravings, then fat deposition to hips and breasts, loss of libido, difficulty sleeping, digestive challenges and acid reflux.  Then the doc measures your testosterone levels.  Huh?
Although the doc may want to order testosterone applications/injections, this does not address the underlying adrenal exhaustion and digestive imbalances which will continue to degrade quality of life.  If these underlying imbalances are addressed, libido will return naturally and testosterone levels improve.
Some contributing factors to low testosterone are …
1)  stress exhausted adrenals (see above adrenal section)
2) cholesterol medications (cholesterol is a precursor to male hormones)
3) exposure to progesterone creams used by women topically or vaginally as progesterone is an antagonist to testosterone.
4) liver congestion (that post will show you if you have other signs of liver issues)

The men I have worked with have shown me what works.  Here is a shotgun approach to each of the 1-4 above.
1)  Adrenal Support 2B, 2D and C. Nervous Fatigue 4B, 4D
2)  Talk to your doc
3)  Talk to your wife
4)  Do the Gentle Liver Cleanse.

©Pat Block ND 2007


35 Responses to Endocrines – Thyroid, Adrenals, Gonads

  1. Terri Baumann says:

    Hi Pat,
    Craig and I are planning on doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse, but I’m wondering if we can address multiple issues at the same time….

    I have no female organs, so my hormones are off and I wonder if I should take the Mastergland and also take the Chinese HY-C since I’m experiencing the symptoms of lack of moisture on eyes,skin,mouth but swelling ankles and excess sweating elsewhere. Also the doctor gave me some samples of Bystolic for my high blood pressure. I don’t want to take this, but my BP can get up to 150/95 at times. I am doing the Abdominal massage at night, would doing it more often help?

    Craig was recently diagnosed with Hypothyroidism, and given Levothyroxin (50mcg) 1B. Can he take Mastergland and Thyroid Support at the same time as the cleanse? In reading your site, should he continue on the Levothyroxin and look for symptoms of too much hormone, or should he discontinue that drug while taking the herbs? My common sense tells me to take him off the drug asap, but how quickly do the thyroid herbs begin to address the problem? Should he remain on the drug until after the cleanse?

    BTW, I love your therapeutic broth! It has been terrific in helping to feel better when sickness strikes! THANK YOU for your site and all the help it provides!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Terri,
      Yes you can address other issues while doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse.
      You have back-ups for your ‘female organs’ so you may not be in as bad shape as you think.
      Take the C. HY-C and then at a later time take the Master Gland and see how each make you feel. The C. HY-C may help with your blood pressure but it is a good idea to get a BP cuff and measure it so you know if your HBP is due to poor fluid management (which C. HY-C helps).
      If you do the Ab massage every night, then that should be sufficient.

      Most thyroid problems originate with the liver so just doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse helps the thyroid. I would just encourage him to do the Thyroid Support and then the Gentle Liver Cleanse 2X/year. I can’t tell him not to take his thyroid med but he can see if any of the symptoms that he went to the doc for when he got dxd w/hyothyroid resolve with the Gentle Liver Cleanse plus Thyroid Support.

      • Terri says:

        I have a BP cuff, so how can I tell if my BP is due to poor fluid management?
        I will take your advice for the C. HY-C and Thyroid Support.
        Thanks so much,

        • PatBlockND says:

          With HBP issues a doc will often give a diuretic to begin with to reduce fluids in the body and this will work in many cases (although it is hard on the kidneys). The reason it works is that excess fluids, from ‘poor fluid mgt’ as I call it, presents a resistance to blood flow so the heart has to beat harder (i.e. raise output pressure) to overcome the resistance. In your case, since the C. HY-C often resolves ‘poor fluid mgt’, you may see a reduction in your BP…IF you are measuring it…with your cuff. ;~)

          • Terri says:

            I am measuring it…I usually take it at least once a day. I thought you were referring to how (I) managed my fluid intake each day, but now I’m thinking your referencing how my body manages my fluid. Am I correct in that thinking? I will pay attention to it after I get the C.HY-C. I’m ordering it today.
            Thanks Pat.

          • PatBlockND says:

            Exactly. Fluid management (C. HY-C) determines what you do with your fluid intake. And in many people is more of a problem. I often see ‘gallon sluggers’ who are dehydrated. You can tell by the prune-like indentions on their finger pads. People who feel they have to force water becasue they have no thirst are in this category.


  2. Lauren says:

    Hi Pat,

    Just curious what your thoughts are concerning endometriosis. Thanks!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Lauren
      Many kinds of tissue growths are stimulated by estrogens that are not being removed from the body by the liver. You just cannot ignore the role of the liver in balancing hormones. Endometriosis, PCOS and fibroids are all conditions for which women routinely test for liver formulas or liver/adrenal formulas to resolve them. Sometimes we need to add a circulation booster so the herbs make it to the liver areas that are involved. Women who opt for surgery have a lifetime of scar tissue to deal with IF they cannot conjugate estrogens.

  3. Christine says:

    Hi, Pat~
    Thank you for taking the time to write for your website.
    I have experienced dry eyes for a little more than a year, at first just at night, and now throughout the day, as well. I don’t seem to have excess moisture anywhere else in my body, as you mention is often the case. In fact, my nose is dry; I’m thirsty all the time despite drinking excessive amounts of water; my finger pads have prune-like indentations. I took the Chinese HY-C as you suggest on the Dry Eye section, 3B/3D for the first bottle and then 2B/2D for the second. I’ve also done the liver cleanse. I recently began to take unrefined Celtic Sea Salt. Do you have any further ideas? Thank you!

  4. Brandy says:

    Hi Pat 🙂
    I have been struggling with thyroid issues for about 15 years, since I was 19. I have been diagnosed with thyromegaly and have multiple nodules. I have maintained a steady stream of hypothyroidism symptoms and even though the doctors retest my “levels” every 6months or so, I am always “within normal ranges” and so they haven’t put me on any thyroid medication. I do have significant family history of thyroid disease. My biopsy was neg. for any cancer but the gland itself has grown so much that I am scheduled for the removal of the right lobe of the gland at the end of this month. A friend recommended your site. I was reading through the information on thyroid support/activation and it’s ties to the liver. I didn’t know if these herbal remedies would be able to help me and if so, how would I go about choosing which ones? Can you help me?

  5. Carolyn Pierce says:

    Hi Pat
    Love your web site. I am on thyroid meds and have been on for at least 10 Years or more. I know they are probably not good for me. I am on levothyroxin 88 mcg. and I am going through menopause. I have terrible hot flashes at night. Some during the day, but are worst at night. What herbs would you suggest for me on both of these issues.
    I am 0- blood type. My family has a history of thyroid disease.
    Appreciate all the info, you are such a blessing to me. One day I will be able to make a appt. to see you. Carolyn Pierce

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,
      Thyroid symptoms are a sign of much earlier liver dysfunction. Blood type O is more prone to this as well as diabetes, and the negative rh factor indicates a greater liver weakness. Know that men get hot flashes when their liver function is compromised. Both men and women respond well to liver and possibly adrenal herbs for their hot flashes. It is hard to say from here which specific remedies would be best for you, but we can find those at your next appointment. 😉


      • Carolyn Pierce says:

        Hi Pat,
        I want to thank you for getting me started on the liver cleanse and nervous fatique formula. My hotflashes are gone and leg cramps no more.. but should I be taking something for my thyroid? I am on synthyroid and would love to get off of it. What is your suggestion.
        Thank you for all of your knowledge I am very grateful…

  6. Kelli Rountree says:

    Hey Pat! Hope ya’ll are doing good! You know I am a major follower of your website! It has helped me in so many ways cannot even begin…. So I notice when I take 4 mastergland a day, that I feel great. Not instantly, but a few weeks after taking it. I received the mastergland info from your site under Endocrine. Instantly when I start I sleep well. But this time long term proved to show me a general well being and euphoria, also appetite control, which makes me euphoric! I ran out and within a few days my monster appetite raging, depression(which I also get) and moodiness came back! Of course I have them coming in but what does it all mean? Is it something I can take daily, long term? I think I most associated Mastergland when I would be losing sleep and feel irritated. So once my sleep would get regular I would stop taking them. This time I stayed on them the whole bottle never missing a dose and felt the best I have felt in a very long time, especially about myself! Just wanted to share and give you some feedback! Also My dog has had car sickness for 9 years. I refuse to use drugs so, she would just get sick. I tried valerian root this year and no car sickness! Amazing! Also they lost their Mamma the day before vacation and they kept moaning for her, all night and could not sleep. Valerian root calmed their anxiety within a half hour and they all went right to sleep. 🙂
    Thanks for all you do!!!

  7. Veronica says:

    Hi Pat,

    I just really wanted to thank you for posting all of this information, along with the links to the various herbal medicines for each issue. I am 24 years old and have had trouble with ADD symptoms since I was very young as well as troubles with sugar/carb cravings, weight gain and anxiety. I started taking adderall a little over a year ago and had significant improvement, but also didn’t like a lot of the effects I was having and could tell I wasn’t healthy. I gradually stopped taking the adderall and changed my diet completely. I became extremely interested in natural medicine and thankfully I eventually stumbled upon your website. Though I was feeling better after changing my diet, I still could not concentrate and was having pretty frequent mood swings along with a lot of unnecessary anxiety. I first tried the HY-A and Chinese fatigue formulas, they helped a little, but not enough for me to concentrate very much. After that, I thought I would give herbs one more try. I have been taking the Master Gland formula and the Adrenal Support and I feel so so so SO MUCH better! I am a musician, and I have always had difficulty practicing, especially very tedious sections of music. I have been able to practice for almost 2 hours a day, and it is getting better. My mood is much much better as well, and I have been more productive than ever before in my life. What makes it so much better, is that I don’t have to depend on a medication in order to keep my life together. I by no means think that I am where I need to be, but the improvements that I have felt are so very drastic. I am so so thankful that I found your website, but I am even more thankful that you posted all of this information for people to see. I wish you could know that amount of gratitude and admiration I have for you. You’ve significantly increased the quality of my life. I now have hope that I can study music in graduate school. Thank you for all that you have done. I will be sharing this website with everyone I know. Thank you so much!

  8. amanda says:

    Hi Pat. A friend of mine that I go to church with recommended checking out your site…I have been having issues for years now…joint pain, fatigue, emotional issues, goodness my whole body seems to be falling apart and I am only 33 years old. It all started after I had my daughter(almost 9 years ago). I have been to dr after dr and they all keep saying it’s this or that..try this or that… take this medicine, etc. Nothing but adverse affects. Nothing is helping. I have found out that my DHEA-S and Testosterone are high, my DHEA-S level is in the 600’s and my Testosterone in the upper 70’s-upper 80’s. My cortisol level was checked in the morning and was 0.6. I was told that is “normal” by the endo dr but her nurse told me it’s low. I looked on-line and from what I have read it is in fact low. She told me I had PCOS..I really don’t believe it. I believe that my adrenal gland has gone whacky. Any ideas?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Amanda,
      Your body is supposed to self-regulate its hormones so THE best approach is to nourish the responsible organs, namely, the liver and adrenals. Often they are undernourished due to poor digestion or circulation. It is difficult to see where is the best place for you to begin without more info (requested on consult form), BUT a shotgun approach would be to do the C. Nervous Fatigue 3B, 3D, Liver Cleanse Formula 2B, and some Grapine HP 1B, 1D to address the inflammation which often accompanies a PCOS dx.


  9. Nataliya says:

    I enjoy reading your articles, and would love to follow your advice, but I cannot set my account up. Maybe because I don’t live in US, and there is no other options. Tried Canadian setup, doesn’t work either. What should I do? Please, advise.

  10. Sophie says:


    Should I take Master Gland or Adrenal Support with Thyroid Support? Based on the descriptions above I think I need Adrenal and Thyroid Support so I’m wondering if it’s better to take both or just do the Master Gland?

  11. angela says:

    Hello hope you are doing well!! I wanted to know will master gland formula help you loss weight ?

  12. Jess says:

    Thank you for this article. I just started Thyroid activator one day ago. I’m starting out with taking 2 pills in the morning and 2 for lunch. The next day I started spotting? I do take a birth control to help control and regulate it. I’m not due for a cycle for another week. Have you read about this or know anyone who has experienced this. I am experiencing all the systems of hypo. Of course all blood work comes back as “normal” and so the doctor sends me away with a note to come back in 6 months to see if symptoms are worse (so I have gain more weight and continue to be embarrassed by the excessive sweating geesh) so I’ve researched and researched and decided to try Thyroid Activator by Natures sunshine in hopes of something. Have you or a client ever experience spotting after starting Thyroid Activator. Thank you

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Jess,
      It is hard to say whether the herbs caused the spotting. Typically herbs support the body’s life preserving efforts. The cycle will be better regulated by decongesting the liver, so please read over that doc and consider doing the gentle liver cleanse. Notice how your body/emotions are balanced during each of the weeks so you can know which herbs you need to balance yourself in the future.

  13. Lea says:

    Hi Pat !
    I love your site and have gotten so much useful information ! Thank you for that !
    My question is I would like to do the Gentle Liver Cleanse – but I do not muscle test to the Chinese Blood Builder/Blood Stimulator. I do the the Mood Elevator and the Chinese Liver Balance – should I just do those two ?

  14. Caron Booth says:

    Hi Pat, I have a diagnosed multinodular goitre and am using Thyroid Support.Should I also use Thyroid Activator at the same time? Many thanks

  15. carolyn Pierce says:

    hi Pat
    I am a client of yours you started me on the liver cleanse and the Chinese fatigue for my adrenals and my thyroid it has worked wonderfully for everything and my hot flashes. anyways the reason I’m talking to you today is because my husband’s having some issues he went to his doctor he’s lost about 15 lb they said that his testosterone is high it’s like in the 1200s he has lower abdominal pain when you push there he’s been having like a whooshing sound in his left ear. he also has Ed now his doctor wants him to go for a muscle response test I’m not sure why or what this will do what is your suggestion.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,

      I don’t have a chart on him. I need a signature on file before making a recommendation. Plus he needs to read this first so we are on the same page.

      For a phone or email consult download the consult intake form, fill it out and sign it. Instructions are here.
      Remember RULE#1: Stop causing your problem. So get strict on your blood type diet. Sometimes making these changes alone will produce profound results. Consult with the app for the smart phone ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’

  16. carolyn Pierce says:

    Hi Pat
    My husband is definitely hyperthyroid..they prescribed methimazole 30 mgs. He had been on it for 7 days not much of a change though. his doctor said it could take up to 30 days to feel a difference. can he still take some of the herbs that you recommend? appreciate all the info you can give me and I will fill out the client form for him. thank you so much

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