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My clients ask me all kinds of (personal) questions as they try to sort out for themselves what health based on nature and nature’s God looks like, and because naturopathy is a foreign concept to most people, they were curious.  Here are some common questions….


Q. So do you go to doctors?

A. No.  Not while I’m conscious.

But seriously, there are great diagnostic tools at the doctor’s disposal that can give people some answers or a ‘peace of mind’ regarding their symptoms.  There are two things to be aware of concerning your test results.  First, what the tests reveal may not be the cause of your symptoms.  It is just what they are able to see and then they try to connect those dots.  Second, there may be healthy interventions of which they are either unaware or legally unable to recommend.

Why might I be biased?  My prior personal experiences, my client’s scary experiences, my own father’s death, and, my husband’s disability.  I would just rather look for ‘something natural’.   If it is not your choice, that’s fine.

So from my experiences of seeing what drugs and medical tests do to ruin the quality of people’s lives, I think it best for me to just stay away if possible.  Studies show that folks who don’t go to doctors live longer.  When Israeli docs went on strike mortality dropped.  Besides, surely God has provided ‘something natural’ for my problems.  He has up to this point.  No need to doubt whether He will continue to do so.


Q. Do you do pap smears, mammograms, colonoscopies, etc.?

A. No colonoscopies, 1 mammogram over 25 years ago – never again.  No other tests except blood tests which you can order yourself or through Life Extension.   I had an elderly client die from a colonoscopy and several clients come to me saying they’ve never been the same since that test.  Medical tests can be risky and NOT always body friendly.  A CAT scan is equivalent to over 50 chest xrays.  Xrays damage your bones.


Q.  Do you go to the dentist?

A. Once my husband insisted I go since it had been 9 years since the prior appt.  No plaque, no cavities, all was good.  I use these practices that I recommend to others. I think the dentists are great for cosmetic repairs.


Q.  Do you take vitamins?

A. Not usually and never long term.  They are isolates taken from foods (or made in the lab).  Taking too many concentrated isolates can attract disease, just like giving a plant too much fertilizer attracts insects and disease because it has been made sick.  Whole people eat whole foods – not a bunch of isolated factors from foods.  I take herbs everyday – they are more body friendly.


Q. What kinds of food do you eat?

A. I strictly follow my ‘Blood Type’ diet.   I avoid frankenfoods (anything genetically modified) and try to do low carb.   Having said that, one must appreciate that ‘bad’ foods are not as dangerous as bad thoughts and unforgiveness.


Q.  Do you ever get sick?

A. Of course.  If I weren’t so sick, I wouldn’t be so smart.  But seriously, I probably have had all of the symptoms/diseases that my clients have had.  Naturopaths are not immune to illnesses.  They are just more knowledgeable about how to resolve them with ‘something natural’.  And if I am not experienced enough to resolve them in myself, how am I qualified to help anyone else?


Q. What do you do when you get sick?

A.  REST.  Take herbs, stay warm and calm, knowing that every symptom of the body is an intelligent response – same kinds of things I’ve recommended for others…and, I get well again in a way that is in line with the body’s innate self-healing tendencies.


Q.  If you don’t go to doctors how will you know something is wrong?

A.  I’ll break out in symptoms.  Then thank God for the big hint.

God gave us many clues to know something is wrong, or perhaps how we are abusing our body.  We shouldn’t ignore these signs nor should we suppress them with drugs.  Know this – it is prudent to address problems naturally when they are small – they are quicker to fix and cheaper to fix.  And besides, docs won’t get me better.  They will only suppress what feels bad.  That’s like putting black electrical tape over the ‘service required’  light in your car so you don’t see it – which then allows more problems to develop – for which they recommend more drugs.   No thanks.  I cannot see the sense in that approach.  I heard a drug rep say, “There’s no money in cures.  The money is in symptom management because people have to come back to get more drugs for their symptoms.  If they are cured, there is no more customer, no market.”   So how could the doctor possibly help me?  Sometimes they recommend tests.  Some are relatively harmless.  Some expose a weakened body to radiation poisoning, invasive diagnostic probes or toxic intravenous dyes. I’ve known people to die from these things – my own dad did at 47.

That said, people often go to the doctor and the doctor can’t find anything.  Then they ask if you are depressed.


Q. I know someone with this serious problem and they didn’t know they had it until they went to the doctor.

A. Here you have to ask about all the black electrical tape that they have been applying over every ‘service required’ warning sign on their dashboard prior to that ‘serious problem’.  Small ignored problems grow into more serious ones especially if they have been suppressed with drugs. If their dashboard is covered with black electrical tape, can you understand why they “didn’t know they had it”?  How could they!?!?  By the way, this can also be said for nutritional supplements, which are also used to suppress certain symptoms.


Q.  Do you get the flu shot?

A. No.  Never.

I know people that were killed by the flu shot or developed nervous system disorders.  Our best defense is good health.


Q.  What about your vitamin D levels (or cholesterol, or blood sugar, etc.)?

A. I suppose they are what they need to be if I am eating well and healthy.   Anyone can find out by ordering their own blood tests from or through Life Extension.

Is anyone you know in the ‘normal’ range for vitamin D?    So then HOW is that range ‘normal’?!    Who determines the ‘normal’ level?   Guess.   [FYI vitamin D3 is also sold as a rodent killer, just like coumadin.]   The profitable setting of ‘normal’ levels applies to blood pressure and cholesterol as these have changed over the years as a result of ‘scientific tests’ funded by…Big Pharma.


Q. Didn’t your husband have a stroke?  Didn’t he take herbs?

A. Yes, he did have a stroke – from which he actually FULLY recovered.  His stroke was due to a clot, NOT a bleed from high blood pressure.  An inspired neurologist in the hospital said his blood pressure was high in order to push blood into the brain to heal it and that should be maintained while in the hospital.  As evidence of his correct understanding and protocol, Art walked normally out of the hospital, fully functional and docs commented that he didn’t even look like he had a stroke.  However, an uninspired doc sent him home w/2 blood pressure meds (which diminish blood flow to the brain) that made him weaker and weaker and weaker until he fell and couldn’t do anything but lay in bed.

We took him to the hospital and they recommended rehab where he was given 2 blood pressure meds AND 2 muscle relaxers.  Art said “They are giving me something that is making me stupid.”  I went straightaway to to look up interactions and found out that these had severe interactions and should NOT to be given together.  The muscle relaxers potentized the blood pressure medication 13 times.  No wonder he felt ‘stupid’.  I would too if no blood got to my brain.  The doc’s response to my challenge on this dangerous interaction was, “We know how to use these medications.”  Say wha?   Thanks to their ‘know how’ Art has partial paralysis of the right hand side and some memory impairment.
That doc has since been relieved of his position at that rehab –  too late for Art.


Q. I heard that so-and-so went to see you and then they died.

A. Sigh.  Often I’m the last stop before the morgue – when medicine has done so much damage that there is nothing else they can do.   These people present with all this black electrical tape that is killing them and full of fear with a doc’s report that they have 6 months to live.   I’m not sure how to ‘pull a rabbit out of a hat’ yet so my approach is to try to gently reverse medical damage and give these folks some quality of life back. Sometimes in that process the drugs or their chemical or radiation poisoning catch up with them and they die.  The people closest to them know the truth which is also reported in the JAMA which states that medicine is the 5th leading cause of death in the U.S.  (And, if they cause death, what makes you think they don’t cause other damage on the way there?)  It is probably higher, but docs will never put that their treatment is the cause of death on the death certificate.  But the loved ones know the truth.  They watched silently as it happened.  They tell me, plus I get to see it first hand….over and over again.
And that brings us back to the first question…and why I don’t go to doctors.  Dying of natural causes has to be kinder and gentler than what modern medicine offers.


10 Responses to Personal FAQs

  1. Marie Barthelemy says:

    Please tell me how I can make an appointment to see you.

  2. Look forward to seeing you Thursday!

  3. Diane says:

    I have this bump on my left upper eye lid and it has been there since last Friday–6 days now. I read something on your site about a liver cleanser. I also called and left a voice mail msg w/you during my lunch break today.
    I did make an appt w/Dr Kauffman on Monday to get my eyes check because my vision is changing and has been for about a year now. Not sure he will do anything about the bump on my eyelid. I tried some Silver (on my own) a couple of times but it hasn’t done anything. Please let me know what to do.

    You’ve helped so much getting me off that Effexor which caused blood in my urine, a kidney stone and 8 UTI/bladder infections in the 8 months I was on it for hot flashes/mood swings. Thanks so much for pinpointing this out to me after seeing my family dr and 2 Urologists and many xrays/tests who didn’t have a clue that the prescribed Effexor was causing all of it–I told my family Dr and he was rather shocked but appreciated me telling him so he could do more research on the drug. Diane

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Diane,
      The origin of the eye problem is not the eye but rather the liver. You can apply things topically but for your long term health I’d consider doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse and add the NAC to it. Problems like this with the eyes or around the eyes indicate sub-optimal liver function – which will not serve you well.
      Herbs do not work instantly like drugs do. Patiently work on your good health. You will never be sorry you did.

  4. Yvette Baran says:

    I was just wondering if I can copy your muscle/organ correspondence table, & how I can go about doing that, or how can I get that info & be able to save it. I am an orthopedic massage therapist, & find it so valuable to refer to.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thanks Yvette,
      I made that table in WordPress so it isn’t in a format that I can send and it is filled with HTML. Maybe you can do a screen capture. If you have opportunity, I would encourage you to take the Touch for Health classes. They were very helpful for me.

  5. Kristina says:

    Please, give me a phone number to schedule or contact info–Ive searched the site and can’t find this information! Thanks you

  6. Maureen says:

    Hey Pat, thinking about you and wondering how you are. I just wanted to thank you and let you know I am praying for you. Congrats on your upcoming retirement! Though, what will we ever do without you? You have been the only source of information I trust.
    Honestly I’ve wanted to pick your brain for the longest time; I wonder how a highly accomplished NASA engineer found her way to the Lord and, what you think about SpaceX. I could go on but won’t …. Take care of YOU!
    Many blessings and many thanks to you, Pat!

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