So here is the bottom line up front.  Support for my position follows.

Inflammation is needed when there is cellular damage due to trauma or terrain stress (caused by insufficiency of waste removal).

When the body is overwhelmed with chronic inflammation, infection is necessitated.

 The important role of infection is bio-remediation.



Ubiquitous Microbial Remediation

Anyone growing up in our culture has been continually exposed to the belief that infections are bad.  They can kill you, so therefore killing germs is good.  One can find a variety of anti-bacterial and anti-fungal personal care or cleaning products on the market to ‘kill germs’.  However, in nature, germs or microbes appear to be nature’s way of correcting the terrain, of breaking down and reducing dead material to usable products to support the living. That is, microbes are an important part of the recycling process. This includes environmental wastes and toxic chemicals.  Bacteria have been used to process sewage in municipal plants for nearly a century.   Researchers have discovered that certain species of microbes can even attack metals, inorganic chemicals and compounds containing chlorine – wastes once deemed impossible targets for bio-remediation. Microbes with a taste for toxic chemicals are surprisingly easy to find at most hazardous waste sites  – germs at work.  Bacteria are even found ‘bio-remediating’ radioactive wastes sites and microbes had been discovered actively ‘gobbling up the Gulf Oil spill’.  These bacteria have been laboratory-grown and have even been applied to oil spills to clean up the environment.   (And specific microbes abundant at oil spill locations are sparse at non-oil spill locations.  Hmmm)   Happily, there are bacteria (L. Plantarum) that breakdown glyphosate to harmless compounds.  And it is the action of microbes in the compost pile that transforms yard and kitchen wastes into good garden nutrients. So how does this apply to our health?

There are over 500 microbial strains in our own intestines that reduce our food into absorbable nutrients. So then, one must ask, might the germs that we call ‘infections’ be actually bio-remediating our damaged or non-functioning tissue?  Living detoxifiers?  God’s plan?


Divine Intention

God made everything, AND, said that everything He made was ‘good’ (Gen 1:31).  This must include all the microbes (including the maligned Candida Albicans) as well as parasites, because nothing else was created after He pronounced that all that He made was good.  I propose for consideration that there is a good purpose for these creations and that ‘bio-remediation’ is in their job description as a benefit to all nature.  That is, ‘infections’ serve to clean up and detoxify us of damaged/dysfunctional tissue so it can be quickly replaced with new healthy tissue.  A critical job.  One might ask, “But what about people who die of MRSA or pneumonia or other infections?”  Clearly these infections are present when a person dies BUT was their role causative or remediative?  For example, if you find me at the scene of a crime does that mean I caused it?  I came to help the victim but my presence is associated with causation, not remediation.  My politically incorrect but professionally plausible opinion is that microbes and parasites are present only because tissue bio-remediation is needed, and in such a capacity they are aiding the life process not killing it.    So what then do these people really die from if not from the ‘infection’?

My answer would be that they were overwhelmed with critical tissue dysfunction that was needed to continue life.  The insufficiency of remediating microbes due to anti-biotics and anti-fungals left the critical tissue in a state of disrepair unable to rebuild because of accumulated debris.  And what caused the critical tissue dysfunction in the first place?  Well, often an inflammatory diet, resulting in an accumulation of inflammation by-products which cannot escape the body creating a localized or systemic terrain poison,  sometimes stress but also toxic exposure or tissue trauma.

Debris accumulates in tissue due to stress or trauma or circulation insufficiency. This MUST be removed so new tissue can be built upon undamaged tissue. Infection is needed by an unhealthy terrain. That remediation must occur on the cellular level.


Clinical Experience

I have observed that when people come to me with active ‘infection’ that they do not test for remedies considered to have antimicrobial properties (see ‘natural anti-biotic?’ discussion) but rather for those that improve the circulation and/or the energy production.  These kinds of herbs aid in the quick creation of healthy functioning tissue, reducing the need for bio-remediation (a.k.a. ‘infection’).  When these people return for their follow-up, they report no symptoms of their ‘infection’.  This has happened repeatedly and has not only forced me to rethink this matter and change my paradigm but has also shown me a better way to approach ‘infection’.

This positive view of infection is also held by the German New Medicine.  Here, in Dr. Hamer’s theory of disease, he explains the etiology of cancer and cancer-like diseases, and the role of microbes in the resolution of these diseases.  He has observed that when certain fungal strains are present, cancerous tumors will be digested by those microbes.  In Dr. Hamer’s words, microbes are “indispensable biological garbage men and the restorer of our organism.”  When people with cancer had come to me for nutritional assistance, I would always find Candida involvement and my training had convinced me that these yeast infections were causative.  My observations have taught me that they are actually curative and I was happy to find Dr. Hamer’s work to see I’m not the only one who has observed this.   And furthermore my experiences have shown me that the best way to avoid ‘infection’ is to stop causing the problem by eliminating inflammatory foods, work on improving energy and tissue integrity and to emphasize stress reduction.

Backhoe removing debris

This backhoe, which is removing debris, almost looks like what a microbe or parasite looks like under a microscope. This terrain is being bio-remediated one shovel full at a time. More backhoes will make this go faster. If you don’t have backhoes, another way to remove this debris would be to burn it. In the body THAT is called inflammation.


Microbial Deficiencies

The so-called ‘auto-immune’ diseases also develop when there are insufficient bioremediators available, that is, in the absence of a full deck of microbial strains.  These microbes are the most efficient remediators in the effort to rectify a necrotic tissue state rendering the least amount of inflammation or collateral damage.  Folks with an auto-immune diagnosis have often been victims of strong or lengthy anti-biotic or anti-fungal treatment from which they have not completely recovered.  The induced digestive derangement further handicaps their return to health causing  fatigue.  In the absence of these bio-remediators, the body goes to ‘Plan B’ where dysfunctional tissue must be broken down by the immune system with the use of the superoxide anion produced by the white blood cells (and other cells) and the resultant cellular debris resorbed via phagocytosis.  The use of the superoxide anion is associated with much collateral inflammation which is the hallmark of ‘auto-immune diseases’.  Those in medicine who have adopted the ‘dumb body’ paradigm conclude that ‘the body is attacking itself’.  No, the intelligent design has to resort to its backup Plan B for its repair process because of insufficient bioremediators.  Less inflammation results when dysfunctional tissue is reduced via microbial action a.k.a. ‘infection’, or let me use a new term here ‘bio-detoxification’.

Researchers have also found that autistic children often have insufficient bioremediators.  A likely contributing cause is mom having insufficient bioremediators to pass on due to poor recovery from anti-biotic use.  Successful attempts to reverse autism employ fermented foods (see below) as an important and effective part of the protocol.

The conclusion of the matter is that microbes from the very beginning were aiding the life process.  But, because they were observed under the microscope when a disease process was active, they were considered the cause of that disease.  It is advisable to rethink this practice and replenish our system with our living ‘bio-detoxifiers’.


Restocking your Bio-Detoxifiers

Many important bacterial and fungal strains should exist in the lumen of the intestines for good health.  This ecosystem detoxifies harmful substances that you might have consumed  (like they do elsewhere in nature), reduces raw foods into absorbable nutrients (if ‘raw food goes right through me’ then this ecosystem is ailing) and produces many important, life-enhancing compounds including vitamins.  In addition, these are held in reserve for dispatching anywhere in the body.  If you have a ‘full deck’ of these microbes, which can number between 500 and 1000 different species, then they are your best ally in good and vigorous digestion which is a pre-requisite of glowing health.  However, if you are the unfortunate victim of many rounds of antibiotics, and anti-fungals, well, sorry – you may need to restore your full deck.  Evidences of an incomplete deck include first of all fatigue, then intestinal gas, excessive burping, intestinal cramping, failure to thrive, diarrhea, and inability to gain weight.  And these are just the beginnings of many other sorrows.

To restock the gut and reverse pharmaceutical damage, many people will eat yogurt ‘with live culture’.  Unfortunately hundreds of beneficial bacterial strains are decimated or made dormant by antibiotics and similarly the fungal strains with anti-fungals (like liver-damaging Diflucan).  The commercially prepared yogurts usually contain one or two bacterial strains.  On the other hand, foods rich in beneficial microbes include homemade ferments and cultures.  Homemade kefir (made from real kefir grains), homemade sauerkraut and other lacto-fermented veggies (pickles, onions, etc.) are easy to make and are some of the best foods to re-inoculate the gut and complete the deck.  Real home-made kefir has from 50 to 60 kinds of microbes including 18 strains of lactobacilli, 8 various cocci-type strains, 11 mycelial strains, 6 beneficial Candida strains, and many other fungal strains as well as acetobacter strains.  Kefir is highly respected as an anti-inflammatory, a digestive corrector and an immune adjunct (for reasons given above).  Commercially available kefir is often pasteurized, killing all microbes and then 12-20 are added back in, but this is still a good start. The sauerkraut sold in supermarkets is also usually pasteurized.  Pasteurization kills all the microbes; stops the fermentation; and allows the sauerkraut to be stored a long time.  For more information on making cultured and fermented foods, consult with the book Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon. For those not inclined to engage in ferments and cultures, there are good and potent supplements like ProBiotic 11 (#1510-1).


Maintaining your Bio-Detoxifiers

Restocking your gut with microbes is like planting seeds in your garden. With proper conditions they will get re-established and multiply, populating all the crevices where their favored conditions exist, and joining the work force in the digestive process. If you find that you must keep taking them then this is an indicator that your gut conditions are unsuitable for them to re-establish. And that is usually an indicator the the liver is not able to maintain a suitable pH for them via the bile.  The liver has a major role in setting up conditions for digestion so if you continually need probiotics check out the liver document.

©Pat Block ND 2008

Revised 2011


14 Responses to Infection or Bio-Remediation

  1. Jim says:

    Pat, God did create everything and said it was good but man sinned and death entered our world. God also cursed man, the earth and the serpent. Therefore, do you think because of the fall these things were altered?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jim,
      I’m familiar with that interpretation, but the 3 curses that God pronounced in Gen. 3 did not turn a created thing from good into something evil. The curses seem to all relate to a ‘labor’ activity that was not in effect beforehand, rather than turning something good into something bad. Do you have some Scripture references I should consider?

  2. Danette says:

    Hi Pat,
    Just reading up on some info re candida and German New Med. what emotional issue is an abundance of candida related to,or do you want to look at the part of the body where the candida is involved to find the emotional issue that may need resolving? Btw I had the baby on Friday! A boy, Jeremiah, home birth, 6lbs 5oz. Hes doing wonderful! Many Blessings,

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Danette,
      Congratulations. Glad all are doing fine!
      With GNM the yeast is just part of the healing process, ‘digesting’ tissue that has been damaged by stress. The tissue that is effected by the stress tells you the nature of the stress.


      • Danette says:

        Ok, so do you try to resolve sources of stress/emotion that were present around the time ‘symptoms’ started or does it go back much further than that with emotions related to childhood experiences that need resolving? For instance if its a territorial conflict, how do you know if its a current one or one that needs much deeper digging into childhood eperiences?

        • PatBlockND says:

          You start with the current/recent territorial insult or infringement. Then go to page 48 in my book where I explain how to find your vulnerability to such infringements. You likely became vulnerable at the early event and the recent event is the reminder that the issue is still unresolved. That is, the issue needs God’s truth to resolve it and armor you.

  3. Dick Baublitz xpi says:

    I have build a few different zappers myself and helped in the development of other medical electronic healing devices.

    I helped in the development of the ReBuilder Medical unit.

    I built and gave away many Arthritis type zappers and found it beneficial to use on myself when my legs become to painful to walk on.

    Thanks for you information.

    Regards; Dick

  4. Francisco Gonzalez says:

    Hi! Really nice article. It cleared up some of my doubts. However, it left me with some new ones:

    1. From My understanding of your article, people who die from “infections” are likely to have died from another cause e.g. too much waste tissues, and the germs were there to aid the body get rid of dead tissue. Well, then why sometimes, when the patients are given antibiotics, they recover/save their lives? Shouldn’t they get worse, since they get rid of the aiding germs, and the excess waste tissue stays there?

    2. Why is there an inmune response to the germs from our bodies? Are white cells trying to control the germs population in order to prevent germ overgrowth or are they just trying to aid to germs do their jobs? Aren’t these overpopulations harmful too, just like having too much animals on an ecosystem?

    3. There are natural predators in nature too, so aren’t some of these germs trying to eat us too?

    4. What about amoebas, tape worms, and other parasites?

    5. What about vaccination?

    I do believe germs are more likely to cause more good than harm. It’s just like when soldiers get wounded: I saw in a documentary that a soldier got shot on his leg and he bandaged it, and a few days later when he cut the bandage he found his leg full of larvae, when he got rid of the larvae, his tissue was renewed.

    Thank you very much

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Francisco,
      Good questions. The answers are inseparable from ones belief system. Does your belief system begin with life’s intelligent design or its randomness?

      1. The people who ‘recover’ when given antibiotics may have recovered without them, so that is a difficult assertion to prove. And antibiotics fortunately don’t kill all microbes. We can live with debris in our bodies. We can’t live without microbes in our body. Sometimes antibiotics do make people worse (read the recorded phone message at the bottom of this post). Work on good health and these things won’t overtake you.

      2. WBCs and our whole immune system digests cellular debris too – but with more inflammation. Most microbial over-growths are self-limiting due to eventual scarcity of food. The goal is to improve digestion and circulation so all tissues are well functioning.

      3. Perhaps. Remember God made them.

      4. God made them too and so they are purposeful.

      5. I discuss vaccinations here.


  5. Rose says:

    Hi, Pat!
    I’m glad I found your website. I’ve been reading it for more than an hour now! Virtually no site keeps me engaged for more than 5-10 minutes and those are the rare ones with well-written relevant and serious information.

    I understand from your explanation that fungus also shouldn’t be killed, because they have a function. In the case of nail fungus and removing the option of using fluconazole, let’s consider oregano oil (topically) as a natural way to “combat” the problem. Are we then killing the fungus with the oil treatment – or is the oil promoting the right condition to the body to heal itself so then the fungus is no longer necessary and they naturally disappear?

    Thank you for your time. 🙂


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Rose,
      Herbs that improve circulation will help with the toe nail fungus. These issues are most prominent on those with poor circulation. (Important: Poor circulation to the toes can also mean poor circulation to the brain = memory issues.)
      Actually ANY EO will help if applied daily, say after the shower, to the nail bed – or actually the entire toe. If the circulation is good the affected nail will grow out quickly; if not it will stall and just get harder and no EO will help.

  6. Christina Neary says:

    Love the sharing of information & experiences here! I tripped into this website by accident (researching zappers & cold therapy). I like the shared experience & information. Thank you N.D.’s for sharing.

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