Tinnitus – Ringing in the Ears

Let’s start with the obvious.  This is from the Mayo Clinic

“Medications that can cause tinnitus
A number of medications may cause or worsen tinnitus. Generally, the higher the dose of medication, the worse tinnitus becomes. Often the unwanted noise disappears when you stop using these drugs. Medications known to cause or worsen tinnitus include:

  • Antibiotics, including chloramphenicol, erythromycin, gentamicin, vancomycin and bleomycin
  • Cancer medications, including mechlorethamine and vincristine
  • Diuretics — water pills — such as bumetanide, ethacrynic acid, furosemide
  • Quinine medications used for malaria or other health conditions
  • Chloroquine, a malaria medication
  • Aspirin taken in uncommonly high doses (12 or more a day)”

Over-the-counter medications can also contribute to tinnitus if taken long term.  If you are the victim of medication damage, it may be a while before your body recovers but you can begin by cleaning and renewing your liver with the Gentle Liver Cleanse and include the sulfur compounds MSM and NAC as described there.

Tinnitus resolves very slowly and without fanfare.  Most my clients who had this don’t know when it actually went away.  The most common underlying cause is oxidative damage to the nerves related to circulation issues.  This occurs any place you have a delicate detector, like the eyes, or the finger tips.  Tinnitus is often associated with high blood pressure, BUT poor circulation can be the underlying cause of both.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine ear issues are associated with kidney/bladder issues, but the kidneys rely on good blood supply too.  OK?  So….

  1. Begin an aggressive blood supply program with GC-X (#1212-1) and Ginkgo Hawthorn (#909-3).  Your body will love this (3B, 3D of each).   Some of the Electro Medicine devices will also help with circulation.
  2. If after 3 weeks you notice no or only modest improvement you need to add nerve repair like St John’s Wort 2B, 2D.  The nerves can affect the blood supply or be damaged themselves.
  3. If you have a tendency towards swollen lymph glands, sore throat, and congested head/sinus, or tooth abscesses, then relieving the lymph stagnation would be important.  Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY (#920-3) 3B, 3D
  4. If after 3 more weeks you have not completely resolved the issue you will need to add some anti-oxidants like Grapine HP or Super ORAC (#808-3) 3B, 3D.  Antioxidants can improve blood supply by reducing vascular inflammation.
  5. Concurrent with this program you can investigate whether resolving lymphatic stagnation issues with non-herbal interventions eases this problem (and others).

Excess Ear Wax

Ear wax is to the ears, as mucus is to the nose, as tears are to the eyes.  These are all soothing, cleansing substances made by the intelligent body purposefully, usually in response to slow lymphatic drainage affecting those tissues.  This post explains how debris leaves the body and the things that can affect lymphatic drainage.  If debris cannot be removed using Plan A (lymph) then it resorts to Plan B which is wax (or mucus, or tear) production.  Plan B then requires we pay attention and manage these flows (not stop them up).  Plan B works better if the head and neck area are kept very warm at ALL times (snug hats and scarves, especially in the winter).  To encourage Plan A, in which these things are handled without our notice (or discomfort), do a diet with only blood type friendly foods but without any grains at all.  Grains tend to thicken our lymphatic fluids (even the blood type friendly ones) so the lymph fluids drain more slowly, which can initiate Plan B.  Try it.  You will find relief from Plan B manifestations in other areas of your body.


Itchy Ears

Itchy rashes anywhere on the body are also a sign of localized lymph stagnation (see ‘Ear Wax’ above).


Plugged Ears

This  is a benign warning that you are fertile ground for a very unhappy diagnosis beginning with the letter C.  Why?  Because plugged ears bespeak clogged lymph.  Clogged lymph has long been indicated in these unhappy diagnoses.  There are steps to open the exits, some effective electro-medicine devices and other therapies that help here.  Steps 3 and 5 above also apply.  If there is pain, follow the recommendations in the kids remedies post under ear issues.



The program above for tinnitus can help with vertigo too.  But if you only have vertigo and no (not ever) tinnitus, then the cause may be due to calculi (tiny stone) slowing down the flow of equalizing fluid in the ear as you move your head.  Have a health professional do the Epley manuever on you.  This is a slow procedure involving head movements and that uses gravity to get the calculi to move out of the canal.  Look ‘Epley manuever’ up on YouTube.  There are several very good animations that explain the process.  Some people may want to try it on themselves.



5 Responses to Ear Issues

  1. betsy says:

    I have itchy ears that drain liquid for 4 years ENT’s say that is not possible. I used earplugs in shower for 1 month and my ears still drain liquid so it isn’t shower water. I have chronic lyme and I believe this is what is causing it.

    I have had a CT scan They see no leaks. I am wondering if I could swab my ear canal with a solution of 33 drops of 10% HCL in one cup of water to help move debris in the ear/lymph?

    Would it be bad to use a couple cups of this water to flush my ears with an ear wash apparatus or to fill my ears with the solution using an ear dropper?

    A few question a little off topic. If I wanted to use the above solution on my skin could I apply it all over my body after I shower or would that be overkill?

    Last twp… What is the difference in benefits between doing high dose Betaine caps (30,000 mg per day) with an activator vs using concentrated 10% solution drops into water with the potassium chloride? Is it best to always include the potassium chloride in your opinion?

    Thanks for your help it is really awesome info. You are the only one that has this info layed out the way you do. No one else has this with such great details so we can DIY.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Betsy,
      I have had this too. It is the result of chronic lymph stagnation so the cellular debris has to find another way out. And the more you try to force move the lymph, the worse it gets. Itching is almost always a lymph stagnation issue. There are a number of reasons for this and Lyme’s isn’t ever an underlying cause. Ever.
      Swabbing with HCl or an EO is fine and may give temp relief while getting to the underlying cause.
      The 2 main reasons for stagnated lymph are muscle tension in the neck area (upper traps & ant. neck flexors, primarily, pinching off the downspouts), and too many grains in the diet or not following your blood-type diet. Grains thicken the bile which in turn thickens all the fluids in the body.
      The muscles I refer to can be palpated to see if there is hardness or tenderness. Often stretching and massaging helps soften the muscle so it doesn’t pinch close the lymph drainage channels.
      Let me know how it goes.
      PS The muscle tension is caused by chronic stress…just FYI.

  2. Betsy says:

    Hi Pat! Thank you so much for your reply! This makes so much sense. I am having problems with all the above mentioned muscles and I’ve spent a lifetime as a poor manager of my stress. I am diligently working on it and have learned to be better at stress management as I believe that stress is the root to all diseases. In fact I know that all my health issues, especially the lyme, are the result of not managing my stress. I wish I would have understood just how dangerous stress is. I Have come to learn what it means to be wealthy and successful… If you have good health that in my opinion is the greatest wealth and success one could have. Everything else is secondary in my opinion.

    I even get boils in my ears. I have one right now in my left ear. I am guessing it is due to the backed up fluids building and prob causing a bacteria haven.

    The only grains I eat anymore is white rice 1 or 2 times a week. Wouldn’t you know it I had white rice the last few nights and my ears have really kicked into high hear with the itching and draining. The rice is going so I will now be grain free. I eat a lot of vegetables, sea food, grass finished beef, ghee, coconut milk, coconut oil, liver. Dairy is out for me it gives me boils on my face but I can eat ghee just fine and use it a lot.

    I will revisit the eat for your blood type book. It used to be on my bookshelf but it is not their any more. My blood type is O but I will have to find out if I am negative or positive.

    What kind of massage would be best for me. Deep tissue to address the knots in my traps and ant. neck flexor or lymph massage?

    Last question you said @Swabbing with HCl or an EO” what is an EO?

    This ear issue has been a nightmare and I am so grateful to finally have an answer that makes sense. I have had too many doctors none had any answers for me. So thank you again!’nnb

    • PatBlockND says:

      Sorry Betsy, an EO means an essential oil. These work really well to stimulate circulation in the area and can relieve itching but it is a temporary relief because the problem is an internal problem – deeper than the skin.
      Yes boils are a sign of lymph stagnation. Many of my clients get good relief taking Dr. Christopher’s formula called I – X when they get boils. Sometimes the lymphatic system get stagnated because the liver is clogged and toxic (from antibiotics). The formula I – X helps clear the liver.
      I would definitely follow your Blood Type Diet.
      Sour foods have a beneficial effect on thinning the bile. Putting lemon juice in your drinking water would serve you well.
      As far as massage is concerned I would recommend a small handheld vibration massager as shown here.

  3. Betsy says:

    I just read about how you believe stress is the cause of all disease on a page about prayer coaching. Now I will have to read your book.

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