Chronic Infections

Warning: This isn’t what you want to hear.  Here is the etiology of chronic infections

Chronic Stress => Chronic Inflammation => Chronic Fatigue => Chronic Infections => Chronic Fatigue => Chronic Infections, etc.

It’s not complicated.

So let’s cut to the chase.  To improve your state long term you need to

1. Address the stress – explains the etiology in detail w/remedies

2. Increase your energy – A must.  Go there.  Do that.

3. After these two efforts have been fully implemented, you can improve your immune efficiency by Immune Stimulator (#1839-3) 3B, 3D

Keep Colloidal Silver aka Silver Sol liquid (#4274-1) on hand to keep inflammation down so you can avoid anti-biotics, the beginning of sorrows.   If your infections localize in your sinuses or lungs, using Silver Sol liquid in a nasal atomizer, nebulizer or CPAP machine has been found helpful.  For vaginal infections or bladder infections, see those docs.  If the infection/inflammation is on the skin, use Silver Gel (#4950-1).

Important factoids to help your paradigm:


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