ADD, ADHD, Autism, Behavior disorders.

This is a heart wrenching topic but if you are a parent or grandparent looking for ‘something natural’ for a kiddo with a medical label, there is good news…and bad news.  First, the bad news.  Modern medicine IS the problem and modern medicine has NO solution – only labels and drugs that make them zombies, social misfits or change their personality and make them suicidal.  The schools are also complicit seeing as they get more funding for every officially labeled kiddo in their system.

Now the good news.  I’m reporting here what my little clients taught me as their mommies brought them for their follow up and they were better able to focus, slept better and had better attitudes, social skills and self-control.


Some important concepts.

  1. ANY child’s reaction to a situation is the RIGHT reaction based on the reality they are experiencing. Children don’t come into the world knowing all the rules of proper behavior. They often pattern what they see, or, what gets the response they perceive they need for survival.
  2. A child’s reality gets distorted by two kinds of insults: chemical insults and emotional insults.  Have you ever had moments where things are just fuzzy and you can’t think, or you can’t remember?  (I’ve been there and that is what got me into natural remedies.)  A kid can enter one of these permanently or temporarily depending on the insult and their body’s ability to recover from the insult.  Remedies below.

Physical/Chemical Insults.

  1. Vaccine induced brain fog Vaccines introduce neurological antagonists (past all the body’s natural immune/protective barriers) that cause inflammation of the brain and nerves. ALL vaccines do this. Some  babies/children can resolve that inflammation right away and suffer no observable damage. Others have prolonged inflammation (manifesting in fever) causing unmistakable damage to the nervous system and even death.  Most fall somewhere in between those extremes and that is why they call it the Autistic Spectrum.  A child enters this foggy reality after a vaccination or booster.  Parents often notice a fever but far more concerning is that their bright alert child suffers a set back in development or a personality change.  The outer corners of their eyes droop. These insults result from brain inflammation and the observable dysfunction depends on which area(s) of the brain became involved (motor cortex, visual cortex, auditory, speech, etc.).  The resultant neurological inflammation sensitizes the child’s nervous system to many stimuli within their environment.  (We wouldn’t function well under these conditions either.)  As they get older, they just can’t focus and they want to please the teacher/parent but they don’t understand what the adult wants them to do because of this vaccine induced fog coupled with an over-sensitized nervous system.  It makes them confused and then they get angry because they can’t seem to please anyone AND they feel totally unfit for the world they live in.  That would make you angry too. And many withdraw into another reality that suits them better.
  2. Blood sugar induced brain fog.  The brain needs a steady supply of fuel for good mood and good focus (for kids OR adults).  This type of brain fog is usually temporary in children and is easily corrected by a diet plan and herbs.  However with genetic predisposition to blood sugar imbalances coupled with poor dietary choices (especially at breakfast), supplementation may be needed to clear up the resultant mood and focus problems.  These are the kids that are easily frustrated at times (anger outbursts), crave sugar and may also have bed wetting problems. This goes into adulthood and results ultimately in Alzheimer’s if unaddressed.
  3. Drug induced brain fog The resultant ‘behavior problems’ from the above problems need medications – you know, the kind that docs give kids that affect their personality, appetite and make them suicidal.  So the child is diagnosed as bi-polar, or OCD and the adult-type med is given to them that helps them disconnect from the fog that made reality too hard for them.  Great.  This is how we create life-long drug-dependent social misfits out of sweet-hearted intelligent and clever little children.  There are natural remedies but medicine won’t/can’t acknowledge them.  So when all you own is a hammer, every problem starts looking like a nail – or an anti-depressant deficiency and the child becomes ‘under-medicated’.  These drugs cause hallucinations and nightmares in addition to weight gain in some and suicidal thoughts.  Caution: Modern medicines at work.

Emotional Insults.

  1. Trauma induced brain fog.  This occurs after some type of trauma.  Some examples include the death of a family member (even a pet), physical abuse, sexual abuse, divorce, a shocking observation (scary movie, parents fighting/screaming, car accident, near drowning, etc.)  An ‘A’ student turns into a ‘D’ student overnight.  An understanding of the role that trauma plays in the physical aspects of the human brain is provided by Dr. Hamer in his German New Medicine.  After the trauma the child tries to process what happened and figure out how they can survive in a world where these things that they cannot control can happen so unexpectedly.  As the child is in the ‘conflict active’ stage or what we might call the survival mode, they use up lots of glucose and commonly go into ‘Blood sugar induced brain fog’ above.


Sometimes it is difficult to determine which insult(s) are

There are many ways to get nasty herbs into pleasant carriers and then into children.

contributing to a child’s behavior or brain fog or their place on the so-called autism spectrum so I recommend a four prong approach to begin resolving this.  Get the child calm and functional first.  Then cut back one supplement at a time to see what was working for them.  Our children are worth it!  They are counting on us!

  1.  Shock recovery This is a must and certainly appropriate in cases of Vaccine induced brain fog and Trauma induced brain fog  above.  Often a shock is so sudden and so traumatic that it puts us in a state where we are stuck or stalled in our recovery attempts. (This happens to adults too with PTSD.)  To initiate recovery and help the child’s stress response herbs like Eleuthero (#660-9) or Korean Ginseng (#665-4) work reliably well.  Since neurological inflammation sensitizes a child to their environment (opening a huge distraction window), adaptogenic herbs like these are very important to help modulate their stress response.  Either of these will work, OR you can do one of them for one week and then the other the next week, alternating and watching their response.   My little clients taught me this and it surprised me as I had never studied or read that these two herbs were useful for this.  I’m glad I was paying attention!  Both of these are also helpful for the stress that school presents daily (bullies on the bus, PMSing teachers, not getting a party invitation that everyone else got, etc.).  So even though the medical diagnosis melts away, the stress of school remains and kids may find these same herbs helpful. See Creative Dosing for ideas on getting herbs into kids of all ages.2-3 yrs, ½ capsule; 3-6 yrs, 1 capsule 1-2X/day; 6-11 yrs, 2 capsules 1-2X/day; 12 and up 2 capsules 2X/day  Use the higher dosage for the more severe cases and reduce dosages with symptoms. If the child is faced with more stressors it is fine to increase the dosage and then reduce again.  This would include trips to doctors or tests at school.
  2. Modulate fuel supply to the brain.  This is not only important for proper function BUT ALSO fuel is needed for the repair of the brain itself as it increases stems cells in the blood. (Yes, of course the brain can repair itself.)   For all cases I recommend following the Insulin Resistance Diet (only 5 rules) and, as much as possible, following their Blood Type diet.  I posted some easy starters for carb sensitive kiddos of all ages.  As their situation resolves you can try reintroducing the inflammatory foods into their diet to see if their sensitivity to these foods has decreased from having been on the adaptogenic remedies from Shock Recovery above.  Read and follow the recommendations for hypoglycemia in the Dysglycemia post especially if the kids crave sugar, have gained weight, or if the stimulant amphetamines (like Adderall, Dexedrine, and others) or methylphenidate (like Ritalin, Concerta) help them focus. For dosages on HY-A (#950-0) follow the recommendations in (1).
  3. Address neurological inflammation and supply brain nutrients. My little clients showed me that they often preferred one or both of these supplements.  GABA Plus (#1823-6) and Nerve Control (#1242-4).  GABA Plus combines nutrients that have been shown to produce a sense of calmness that is helpful for those with racing or anxious thoughts (like survival thoughts from traumas), chronic stress (school), hyperactivity or the inability to focus or concentrate.  Nerve Control reduces the effects of emotional upset, nervous tension, excessive stress on the body and helps nerve repair.  It reduces inflammation, pain, relaxes muscle spasms and tics while not hindering the natural reflexes of the body like drugs will.
    24-36 months
    3-6 yrs
    6-11 yrs
    GABA Plus ½ capsule 1X/day 1 cap. 2X/day 1 cap. 2X/day 1-2 cap. 2X/day
    Nerve Control ½ capsule 1X/day * 1 capsule 1X/day* 2 cap. 2X/day 3 cap. 2X/day

    * Nerve Control has some capsicum in it as an activator (i.e. red pepper) which is good for the nerves but too hot for little mouths. If a 5-6 year old is not responding to just the GABA Plus then, if the child can swallow capsules, add this in at the 1/day level and see how they respond. Creative dosing will provide ideas on helping kids take herbs.

  4. Re-establish orderly brain communication. Any of the above insults can create faulty brain communication which further results in coordination problems, reading and writing problems and speech and hearing problems. Usually when these little folks come to me they cannot even do a simple ‘cross crawl’. They watch me do it slowly but just cannot do it. The parents are amazed how difficult it is for their child to do something so simple but it shows the reality of the dense fog they were put into and live in everyday! But they can come out of it following what I say here, or with the additional help of a consult. Read the Brain Gym post and help them do the exercises. Which exercises apply are described there.
  5. ElectroMedicine solutions. The Brain Tuner is especially helpful in relaxing the brain so one can focus – anyone. This is important if there are issues preventing the digestion and circulation of the herbs.
  6. Special Cases. Sometimes when a child has been damaged by Vaccine induced brain fog or Trauma induced brain fog, the child may have some damage in their little liver which often manifests as simple mood swings to ‘meltdowns’ all the way to uncontrollable anger, or fits, or rage. This scenario which is brought to you by modern pharmaceutical toxicity may respond well to HY-A described in the Dysglycemia post. If not then do Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (#1884-7). This is a liver/adrenal formula that helps the child adjust to the toxins leaving their body from their liver.
24-36 months
3-6 yrs
6-11 yrs
Dosage ½ capsule 1X/day 1 cap. 1-2X/day 2 cap. 2X/day 2-3 cap. 2X/day

The herbs that I have recommended here are strong foods.  They may all be taken together without a problem.  The Creative Dosing document and the What to Expect document will give you info that will increase your comfort level in taking or giving herbs.  There are many other effective nutrients to help move a child out of the damaged state that they have been put into.  There is always hope with children unless they have suffered too much medical intervention.  Then it is best to make an appointment.

Finally the stress post describes how to do repair on the pre-physical level.  I especially encourage the use of the Flower Essences from NSP as many parents have reported good results with them with behavior and nightmares.   The thought patterns adopted by your child will go with them into life and continue to create problems.  That post gives some options.


©Pat Block ND 2009



10 Responses to Childhood Disorders

  1. Angie Hyatt says:

    Thank you for being obedient and educating yourself to help people like me and many others. Answered prayers.

  2. Cindy says:

    My son just started his first year of college and has realized he has a hard time staying focused in class. He is also having difficulty keeping his mind from drifting off while he is reading. He called me and asked for help with staying focused. Will the Brain Tuner help him?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Cindy,
      The Brain Tuner is helpful for many such things but usually there is a dietary and stress component to not being able to focus. If you would like to try the bio-tuner contact Brenda. Mean while follow the dietary recommendations in this post.

  3. M.J. Lowe says:

    Dear Pat,
    I have just read your childhood disorders post, out of concern for a nephew, But have reopened concern for my own son, now in the Navy. I will encourage him to contact you but probably he will hesitate for fear that an herb you might give him would cause random urine drug tests the military requires, to read a false positive for drugs. You probably know if anything would cause a false positive but I would need to reassure him. All of them return with very low testosterone levels from the stress of war.

    • PatBlockND says:

      M.J. it is best to wait until it is his idea to seek out ‘something natural’ for whatever health issues he is concerned about. I had a son in the same situation.

  4. Charria J says:

    Dear Pat,

    I really don’t know where to start and hope I don’t overload you with my post, but I’m in Texas seeking help. Maybe this and your answer can help someone else. How familiar are you with herbs helping mental disorders in place of medication or to support the body while taking them? I was never officially diagnosed with a childhood disorder, although my Mom was going to put me on Ritalin as a 5 year old in 1995 (coincidentally I know now when the drug hit the market) until my Grandmother talked her out of it. Both parents were in the Army, father was special forces ‘Nam vet, so Lord only knows what all they were exposed to and I was stressed in utero from what my Mother said. They divorced when I was 2 and I was fully vaccinated. Fast forward to 2017, as a new breastfeeding mother under extreme stress (living in moldy apartment and couldn’t sleep because the baby couldn’t from poor air quality), I experienced a psychotic break and had acute renal failure from dehydration. It happened again, and was ruled a form of seizure. Was hospitalized 7 times, had the psychiatric meds cocktail (felt like I was special needs from side effects), and I now take lithium carbonate (mood stabilizer) and an anti-anxiety med I can wean off functioning well. The formal diagnosis now is bi-polar manic severe with psychotic tendencies or schizoaffective bipolar I type. My concern is long-term effects on thyroid and kidney function from the lithium. Every time my blood levels go too low, I’m in psychosis. I will get your book too, as there are some emotional scars/guilt from the relationship with my earthly father in the way of my relationship with my Heavenly Father. What can help mania/depression, provide stress management/relief, and aid major sleep disturbances? Thank you for your time!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Charria,
      Sorry for the long delay. I have had many problems with my website – long story.
      In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the mood is held in the liver, and so anything that congests the liver can produce mood disorders. To begin decongesting the liver and assisting its functions, do the Gentle Liver Cleanse. Then to stop congesting it with inflammatory by-products, strictly follow the Blood Type Diet. I think you will feel better.

  5. Jennifer Bragg says:

    Hi Pat! This is awesome info. My son has severe ADHD he does very well with taking vitamins and he is not on any type of medicines. However, he struggles really really bad to focus in school. I’m reading here that it has a lot to do with diet. The problem is he is an incredibly picky eater. He loves chicken and eggs but most of the rest of the stuff you named he would not even think twice about. He would probably just not eat. What do I do?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Jennifer,
      Glad you found supplements to help.
      Picky eaters are intelligent eaters. We don’t know what their gut feels like but they are telling us it isn’t up to par but for a few ‘safe’ things. Adults can be this way too, and it is for a good reason. If you are local you can make an appointment or consider doing an email consult. He likely will need demulcents to soothe the digestive tract. It is also important to follow the diet according to his blood type to reduce the amount of inflammation added by diet.

  6. Mary Jane Lowe says:

    Dear Pat,
    I and my family have been blessed by you numerous times. I have recommended you to my sister in law many times for help with her 20+ year old son who fits your descriptions of childhood disorders. They have not listened but I think things are bad enough now they might. Must be exasperating that people come to you when they are hanging by a thread. He has been diagnosed as bipolar and gone from program to program, new docs trying different meds and finally now on lithium. Somehow he still manages to have a sweet spirit and wants to get well. His pattern: he takes the new meds, then says that he can’t stand the way the drugs make him feel and he stops taking them. Then he’s “crazy” until he becomes lucid and agrees to more medicine. He’s “stable” now, on a drug cocktail, but will be released. We are thinking of taking him in so that we might work with you for actual healing. I suspect it will be a huge undertaking for us but the alternative is like watching him drown.

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