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Often an herbal intervention cannot be effective because the therapeutic principle cannot be delivered to the site where needed due to lowered circulation or other impairments.   It is critical at these times to use some type of mechanical or energetic intervention to relieve blockages, restore circulation, and open lymphatic drainage.  It is a MUST to resolve stagnation anywhere in the body.  On the sidebar is a list of devices I discuss here.  I classify them according to their action being primarily energetic or mechanical.  Links below provide a fuller discussion of the devices.

Electrical, Electromagnetic or Energetic Interventions


Beck Devices

The late Robert (Bob) C. Beck, D.Sc. was an independent researcher who had a great interest in the field of electromedicine.  As a result of his research, he developed several simple (and cheap) electromagnetic devices and widely published the instructions for building these devices at home to enable people access to the help they needed and to avoid the high prices of devices on the market.  A general discussion on Vitamin Electron or the therapeutics of electricity is found at that link.
The blood ‘electrifier’ was modeled after a US patent that seemed to reverse infections like Lyme’s and HIV although this was not accomplished by killing viruses.  Anecdotal reports include efficacy in cases of chronic fatigue, systemic inflammation, blood quality issues, vertigo and diabetes.  Of course, ‘results may vary’ but check out the link for more info.
The magnetic pulser provides pulsed EMF (or PEMF) and is FDA approved in slow healing cases  or post-operative swelling where the microcirculation is compromised as evidenced by dull aches.  Electric currents,are induced deep inside the tissue resulting in quicker healing times.  Anecdotal reports include efficacy in cases of tooth abscesses, broken bones, neuralgia, tennis elbow, and frozen shoulder.  But remember boys and girls, ‘results may vary’.
The brain tuner which is a Cranial Electrical Stimulation (CES) type unit which Beck reports from his own observations is very helpful for memory, depression, anxiety, sleep and addictions.  You know the drill ‘results may vary’.


Light Beam Generator

The Light Beam Generator helps to remove ‘log jams’ caused by large proteins in the lymph channels or nodes.  The LBG is a non-invasive technology that produces low current negatively charged light photons which have a beneficial ionizing action on the fluids of the body particularly in areas where acids and toxins have become congested causing pain, stiffness or edema.

iTovi Scanner

The iTovi scanner assesses imbalances in various tissues of the body by electrically micro stressing it via a hand cradle and measuring skin conductivity.  With this data, a set of recommendations which clear the energetic imbalances can be made.  The iTovi scanner  is a ‘bio-communication’ device, in a sense, because when you put your hand on the cradle it ‘pings’ you with very small digital signals and then measures your responses.


Ion Cleanse

The Ion Cleanse helps remove toxins from the lymph via ion exchange at the skin.  This eases the burden on our organ detoxifiers.  The IonCleanse bath is a non-invasive technology that produces positively or negatively charged ions in a tub of water in which the feet are placed. These ions create an osmotic pull of the oppositely charged toxins through the feet into the water bath.



The diode is a passive device that helps attenuate or stabilize the erratic effects of EMF on the body’s electrical system.  In 1964, Wayne Cook developed a method of enhancing the body’s natural electrical field, by neutralizing the harmful  effects induced by external electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).   People who have tested for using a diode have reported relief from the constant agitation they felt which was likely caused by the induced currents from external EMFs.


Ion Wand

The Ion Wand is a passive quartz resonance device, that is, it affects the energy garment around you, which affects how the physical tissues of your body operate.  I was introduced to it by other practitioners who reported amazing results with painful conditions including: backaches, headaches, neuropathy, teething, poison ivy, and various kinds and locations of joint pain.


Resonant Lengths

These are precisely cut lengths of conductors that, when brought into the biofield of the body amplify a set of vibrational wavelengths that are needed within the energetic circulation of the body.

Cold Lasers – Photobiostimulation

Cold lasers or soft lasers are energy devices that can penetrate into the cells into areas that often the blood cannot reach (which is why problems develop there).  The Bioflex superluminous diode array and the Cold Laser help healing tissue at the cellular level.

Mechanical Interventions


Chi Machine

The Chi Machine (also called a Swing Machine) is a relaxing passive exerciser for those who need to move but have no energy.  It is wonderful for improving lymphatic return, improving circulation and sometimes even weight loss.



The Rebounder is a mini trampoline that athletes use to move acids, that they accumulated during training, out of the muscles.  It is the best exercise to get fluids moving in the body especially in cases of chronic stiffness.



A simple vibration massager  or rotational massager aides in relaxing muscles that are so tight that blood and lymph flow are impaired within.  Loosening up these muscles can can be a challenge but these devices makes it easier.  Often people already have these around their house and just need to reactivate them into a routine.


Lymph Roller / Pain Eraser

The Lymph Roller aides in the removal of acids surrounding joints that make them stiff.  It was originally called the ‘Pain Eraser’ because it did.




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    Do you have a reliable place to get Cook diodes? As I look online it is hard to decipher what is “real” or junk. Thanks!

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