StoresIf you are looking into the herbal formulas I recommend, they can be found and ordered online at this link.  My sponsor number is 10908 if you need it.  When you are asked to Pick your membership plan, choose ‘Classic’ so that if your purchases in a calendar month go over $100 QV, you will get 10% back in rebates.

If you live outside the US see below.

Or you can …


Order Herbs by Phone:

You can become a member and make your herb order by calling 1-800-453-1422. The nice operator who answers will need to know my reference number (10908) in order for you to set up your own membership account.  Purchasing $40 in herbs gets you a free account.  When you are asked to Pick your membership plan, choose ‘Classic’ so that if your purchases in a calendar month go over $100 QV, you will get 10% back in rebates.
BTW at some point they may ask for your Social Security number only because they must report the rebates that they send you.


For Other Items I Mention on this Website

Please read the posts and comment sections in the event someone else asked your question about where to obtain devices or HCl.


Outside the United States

Not all the herbal formulas I recommend are available in all countries.  There are a number of ways to find what is available and how to get them.  If you are having trouble finding a particular one, I may be able to help you find a substitute.

Begin at this link.  Find the US flag at the top of the page and click on it.  On the drop down menu, select your country.  This is the official NSP site for your country (you will now see your flag at the top of the page).  Select the ‘Shop’ link on the top navigation bar (usually the first on the left) and you will be able to see the A-Z product listing for your country and how to sign up as a member to order them.  My sponsor code is 10908.   There is also on that page a way to contact the NSP organization in your country.


Sunshine Direct International

The Sunshine Direct International ordering program is a service provided for Nature’s Sunshine members who live in the United Kingdom, Japan, and Canada and would like to order approved US products that are not available in their market.  If you are not a member, follow the instructions above beginning with ‘Begin at this link’.  Once you have registered in one of the participating countries, and you have your member ID#,  you can participate in the Sunshine Direct International ordering program.

You can only order once per month per account number, and the amount of herbs that is ordered must be less than a 90 day supply.  The products are for personal use only and must not be resold.

How to:
The order can be emailed or faxed.
E-mail orders:
Fax orders: 1-801-210-4350 or Canadian customers may also use 1-800-472-9328
Please provide the following information:
Member ID#  (If you are not a member, follow the instructions above beginning with ‘Begin at this link’.)
Shipping Address
Product name(s) and stock #(s)
Credit card#
CC Expiration date
The customer is charged the member direct cost for the herbs and the shipping costs associated with the order.  Questions about ordering can also be sent to




16 Responses to Store

  1. Anne Dail says:

    I thank u for the many hours, effort and your knowledge required to produce this web site. I appreciate being able to read and learn from u. Anne Dail

  2. How do I set an appt with you for an initial consultation?

  3. Dana Davis says:

    Do you have any information on MS?
    My don has just been diagnosed with primary progresive MS.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Dana,
      MS is a nerve disorder from long-standing stress. You can go broke throwing lots of supplements at it. If THEY are interested in a nutritional approach have them read the MUST READ info on the client tab above and call Brenda for an appointment.
      One thing I find interesting about MS folks is that often they smoke or have smoked and that quitting cigarettes makes the MS worse. Most of their remedies will be found in the nerve section.

  4. Nicki Abbott says:

    Hi Pat,
    Where do I find info on ordering cold lasers?
    Looked in the store tab…….

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Nicki,
      There are so many kinds of cold lasers for various applications. I have this one which is about $200 and this one which is about $9000. I don’t sell them. Often local chiropractors have cold lasers and they can tell you what theirs have been helpful for. Doing an internet search for cold lasers can be mind boggling but will give you an education.

  5. Gina Forrester says:

    I have done some research and am trying to find Pine Bark Extract- 60mg., L-arginine- 690 mg and Aspartic Acid- 552mg (all once daily) to try to help with endothelial dysfunction. I couldn’t find them on the store list. Can you tell me where to find these?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Gina,
      I would ask the people who recommended those things to you. I would not recommend isolates like those as they (1) are not food-like, (2) can mask symptoms and (3) create other imbalances in the body. Sorry I can’t help you with that approach.

  6. Celeste says:

    Can I obtain a cd or ? of this website?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Celeste,
      I do have a hard copy but not for sale. I keep updating and think it will be hassle to keep up with revisions of CDs or books. :o/
      Maybe one day.

  7. Linda Ashe says:

    The web site is great. I have enjoyed reading everything. I need to make an appointment for any time in the evening. You helped me a few years ago and would like to come back so that I can get better again. Going to download the book this weekend. Thank you.

  8. Hello… I just found your site looking for information about neurological integrating exercises that had been recommended to me over 20 years ago. After briefly reading some of your post, I am blown away. I have a health and wellness Studio where I recommend and share information to my students, members and clients. Thanks for being here and you will hear more from me! The best, EJ

  9. Shelly Noll says:

    Thank you for your website and for all of the resources that you provide (ie. Herbs and lots of information)! Your help came at a time when pharmaceuticals just didn’t seem to fit. Thank you for your help and your valuable time. Thank you also for Brenda’s great customer service.

  10. Cliff McQuillion says:

    Where can I find ordering instructions for the Brain and Bio tuner
    also, I’m involved w/ humanitarian group in Democratic Republic of Congo –HIV and other ailments are everywhere and the local hospital is under supplied for everything–I am very interested in the device for HIV electro treatment. Please send catalog site directions.
    Thank you

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