Is your body unhappy about holding onto debris?

Back in the 1920’s Tilden’s book, entitled Toxemia, espoused the notion that all disease is a result of the body’s inability to rid itself of accumulated toxic wastes.  All kinds of accumulations within the body may be a sign that cellular debris cannot exit.


Important Analogy

Getting debris out of the body is like spring cleaning your house, which is difficult to do when all the doors and windows are shut and the trash collectors are on strike.  In this case, you would be forced to collect the dirt, trash and other rubbish into large plastic trash bags, and STORE them somewhere inside your house.  We will call these cysts, tumors, edema and excess weight.  And if you have ever been in someone’s house who has an aversion to throwing (or giving) things away, you know how such collected clutter impairs the functionality of the various rooms, like the bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom.  Similarly, too much stored debris in the body impairs its ability to function optimally.   I know of a case where the person needed to rent an apartment because there was no room in their house for them to live there and function because of all their accumulations.  In my analogy, this is death – when we cannot live in our own body because of accumulated debris.


The Pathway Out

Debris removal begins with the lymph which ‘vacuums’ the wastes from all the tissue of the body.

Removing debris that has been squirreled away all over the body, or, in one location, can produce some uncomfortable symptoms on its way out IF care is not taken to remove it in a sensible way.  The pathways all need to be open.  Those pathways to the main exit go something like this:

The lymphangia, which look like fine strings with gills, permeate the tissues and suck up the debris in the extracellular fluid.  This is the beginning of our watershed.  The debris is brought into the lymphatic ducting.  Along these ducts there are scrubbing stations, called lymph nodes (or glands), which contain immune cells to process some of the debris.  All the scrubbed lymph drains into the major lymph ducts that dump it into the major veins (below the collarbones) that return blood to the heart.  At this point, the scrubbed debris has entered the blood.  It still needs to be processed out of the body.

The debris that entered the major vein goes to the heart, then is pumped to the lungs where it is exposed to oxygen.  (Intelligent Design alert.  Did you know O2 is used in sewage treatment to increase the aerobic microbes that break down debris!!! )  The oxygenated mixture goes back to the heart, then into the general circulation of the body.  Of interest to our effort are the organs that can remove the debris from the circulation.

The major removal organ is the liver.  It processes the blood in circulation and the trash products go into the bile.  The bile goes to the gallbladder and then into the small intestine, the large intestine and out of the body.

The prudent way to open the exits is in reverse order.  That is, begin with the intestines, then the liver, the blood vessels, then the lymphangia, then the address any stagnation in the tissue.  And even with all cautions observed, the process of exiting toxins may require cushioning, which is added into the supplement list below.  NOTE: A Herxheimer reaction comes from stirring up debris in the body when the exists are blocked.  If you open the exits, the intelligent body will process the debris in a kinder gentler way.

Finally, as you address each potential area of blockage (you may have one or several) know that this process takes time and note which herbs/therapies seem to effect an opening for you.


Supplements and Therapies

To open and facilitate removal of debris, the following nutrients may be helpful.  (Strategies are given in reverse order of removal, that is, they are listed in the order they should be addressed.)  Other factors that affect the removal of debris are nervous contraction of the muscles which can close off any of the pathways outlined below, and, thick composition of the lymph.

Pathways out of the Body
Natural Interventions to Open the Pathways
Intestines are like the trash trucks that remove the debris from the property, that is, our body.
Once these are running on a regular schedule, advance to the liver.
Consult with bowel post if there is any problem in this area or begin with the Magnesium Bowel Cleanse. When emptying regularly, add the following:
Una de Gato
(which has been called “the opener of the way” for the way it corrects digestive problems) 2B, 2D;
, which relaxes all muscles to the exit (if you are not already on it) 1B; and
C. Anti-Gas
, a formula which, in TCM, is used to “dispel earth” or rid the body of excess tissue growths 2B, 2D.
The Liver is the discriminator which knows which components need to be removed from the blood. Its function is often compromised or blocked by drugs. This is why some drugs can cause weight gain. Liver Cleanse Formula is the waste-removal herbal blend of Pavvo Airola 1B-2B.
N-Acetyl Cysteine
provides important sulfur compounds to the liver for detoxification1B-2B.
HCl Therapy
has been used historically to dissolve cellular debris and can be taken orally or as a rectal retention enema.
(Use CC Mood Elevator only if Liver Cleanse Formula is too strong).
The Veins receive some fluids from the tissue as well as the major dump from the lymph ducts. Varigone is important to add in cases of easy bruising or weak veins/varicosities. The Blood Type Diet will reduce insult to the cardiovascular system.
Lymph ducts form a network all over the body, like tributaries, to return the lymph to the subclavian vein beneath the collarbone. Lymph Gland Cleanse-HY, or Lymph Gland Cleanse are formulations to do just that 2B, 2D.
Bayberry can also be used (2B, 2D), and if these are too strong, use Rosehips 3B, 3D
Addressing the Neuro Lymphatic Drainage Points (NLDPs) (Chapman’s Reflexes) is explained at that link. The NLDPs are especially important if there are specific areas of accumulations causing concern, OR, if the lymph starts to back up.
Lymph Nodes/Glands. These are nodules containing white blood cells and act as scrubbing centers for the returning debris. Non-herbal interventions like the PEMF, LBG and Cold Laser energize the processing that occurs here.
HCl Therapy – if the white cell counts tend to run low – this is very important.
Astragalus if there is frequent illness. The lymph gland cleanse formulas given above are also designed to help here.
Lymphangia. These structures appear like microscopic ropes with gills that receive the debris for removal. Internally these ropes contain backflow valves. (See diagram above). Niacin (which contains Feverfew and Hops) 2B, 2D,
(2B) and Magnesium relax and dilate these threads and the tissue they service. These improve the vacuuming capacity of the lymphangia.
Tissue. Having transformed nutrients into energy the cells dump their wastes into the extracellular fluid for removal. Areas of the body that do not receive movement (gut) may require activation to breakup adipose stagnation. Tissue movers like Massagers, the Lymph Roller, the Chi Machine, the Rebounder activate adipose and cellular debris stagnation. Here are other therapies for lymphatic stagnation.
Regular exercise increases the amount of debris so passive exercise is much preferred when the exits are not fully open.
Cushion. The removal of toxins and excess debris from the body can be uncomfortable so taking adaptogens during this time is advisable. AdaptoMax is a general purpose adaptogen (cushion) formula. If there is inflammation in the body consider using Eleuthero, and if the general condition of the body is cold and sluggish, use Korean Ginseng.
Spiritual Aspects. It is prudent to address the spiritual analog of holding onto the baggage in your life. You will never be sorry you let go of it. Forgive and process out all offenses. Every night let go of ‘ill’-feelings towards others that are actually making you ill.

What to look for

In the above table, the strongest remediator is usually listed first, but several remediations may be used at the same time.  As you read the technical info on the herbs by clicking on their links, you can decide which may be more suitable for you.  You can begin with my suggested dosage, or with the dosage on the bottle, and adjust down if symptoms warrant.  If flu-like symptoms, headaches or itchy rashes develop, it is a sign that there is a toxic traffic jam and you should

  • back off for a few days and restart at lower dosages or treatment times (in the case of the devices)
  • look downstream as to where you may have skipped over areas of blockage
  • increase your ‘cushion’.



5 Responses to ‘Open the Exits’ Strategy

  1. Kmom says:

    This information is very helpful. Overwhelming to consider organizing these protocols being ill, but it seems to all make great sense and I plan to try these and other suggestions on your site. Thank you for offering this information to help people.

  2. Karen L Duncan says:

    Could you give me an idea how long I should take the supplements as I do these things in order?

    Thank you.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Karen,
      You can plan for one week at each step BUT, it is better to go by your results, or how you feel during each step. If you feel sluggish or like you have a low-grade flu, then some passageway is being a bottleneck to the process (and/or producing symptoms which may be familiar). Flu-like symptoms always mean congestion has occurred. So go back a step for a few more weeks, and maybe add another aide to that step before proceeding. This depends so much on each individual.

  3. Kathy Bernardi says:

    Hi Pat~

    I’ve gone through the intestinal step w/Una de Gato, Ch Anti Gas & Magnesium. One noticeable thing during this time was a sort of rash on my torso that I first noticed because my back was itching. It looked like little pin pricks, sparsely & randomly located front & back. The itching wasn’t severe so not too bothersome. It appeared during Week 2 of the intestinal step; has died down now 2 weeks later but I can still feel & see little scabbed dots.

    Moving on to the liver step now, so was reading about the HCl therapy and went online to research & purchase the 10% (since that’s been trouble free for you) but am having trouble finding where to buy & really don’t want to make my own purified grade from muriatic acid (demonstrated on YouTube!) unless I’m forced. Can you tell me where you purchase your HCl or if necessary, an alternative supplement. It has a little bit of a fright factor for me & I don’t want to guess at anything. If I do the HCl therapy, is there a recommended timeframe for taking it?

    Thanks! Kathy

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