Here you are asking for my recommendations.  Important factoids

  • I am not a licensed medical doctor, nor do I play one on the internet.
  • I do not diagnose, OR prescribe herbs for a medical diagnosis.
  • I must have a signature on file that you understand the above two statements, and have read this before I can help you find something natural.
  • Your exact diagnosis is not as important as what inhibited your body from resolving it.

If the 130+ documents that I’ve posted here have left you directionless, below are the ways I can help you can find ‘something natural’ to self-heal.  And yes, I do see children.


Office Hours

Saturday and Sunday – off
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 1-4 PM  (by Appointment)
(These are my semi-retired hours)


First consult

This post is required reading BEFORE you come, and you will sign a form when you come that says you have read this.  We can’t set up an appointment without verbal confirmation that you have read it.  This link also tells you about fees and other costs, directions and do’s and dont’s.  This first consult takes a little longer than follow-ups because I explain what I do and why it works and go over the diet.


Follow-up consults

We will discuss dietary challenges, and what the remedies (that you indicated you needed at the first consult) have done for you. We will see what health projects need further attention. Generally after about 4 -5 appointments it will be clear what is affecting your health AND what kinds of remedies are the best for your body to bounce back from these. I’d like you to become your own herbalist and know the ‘something natural’s that you need to rebalance yourself from your genetics and life’s insults.  Follow up appointments will last about 20 minutes or less depending on your projects/questions, and are usually spaced at 3-4 week intervals (or less with children, or those with severely threatening health conditions).    Or, if more convenient, you can schedule phone/email consults.


Phone /Email consults

This is a convenience for clients that I’ve already seen or who may have come from a distance, or have trouble getting in to see me for various reasons.  All the info for this option is found here.  It is important to read about what you can expect from an herbal intervention.   DO NOT SEND OR FAX ME ANY MEDICAL RECORDS.   You can contact my office manager, Brenda, at   Use this email:   (I have done consultations for 25 years and am now semi-retired. My office manager had to leave to care full time for her mom. So please be patient, I am a one-man retired show ;o)  )


Open Clinic  (NOTE: This option is suspended due to COVID 19 & my retirement)

This is a drop-in, no-appointment-needed clinic on most Tuesday afternoons, only for those clients who I have already seen in my office for scheduled appointments.  The morning before coming to open clinic, please call (757-867-8633).   The answering machine will announce if Open Clinic for that Tuesday has been canceled.   If there is no cancellation message at the beginning of the announcement then I will be holding open clinic that Tuesday.

Open clinic is on Tuesday from 1-3 PM.  It is a service for my clients ONLY, not your friends or out-of-town guests.  (Please DO NOT come before 1 PM or after 3 PM).   I can spend only 5 minutes with you and the fee is $5.

Open Clinic is designed for acute problems that come up quickly, like a sinus problem or a bladder irritation, OR, for an old problem that had been resolved with herbal intervention that tends to resurface occasionally. Herbal support for these imbalances can be found in 5 minutes since my clients already understand muscle response testing and how herbal remedies are found and used. Open Clinic is NOT a substitute for a scheduled appointment (or a missed appointment).  Please DO NOT come with a long list of complaints, since people are often waiting, and I can only spend 5 minutes with you.


Emmanuel Intervention

(or Theophostic-Like) Prayer Coaching.  Stress is far and away the greatest destroyer of health and balance. What you think does more damage than what you eat.  I have found that this type of prayer coaching permanently resolves our damaging thought patterns. Because of this, it will reduce the damage done by your paradigm to your body.

Again, so we are on the same page before a prayer coaching session, I require my clients to read my book.  It was written to be a self-help guide but because some aspects of our emotional wounds are hidden and complex, some folks just need a little coaching to get them started.

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12 Responses to Consultation Policies and Options

  1. Lauren Greene says:

    Hello Pat,

    My son who is 11 has Torticollis and has had it for 2 weeks I was reading online about the Tei Fu Lotion you recommend so I am going to order that. I called you yesterday to make an appointment with my son are you open today? My mom goes to you and swears by you 🙂

  2. Susan says:

    Hi, I would like to know how I go about making a consultation appointment. I have been told that I have irritable bowel syndrome, am ready to make some lifestyle changes and would really appreciate your help in doing so. Right now I am living on bentyl and simethicone. Things are getting worse instead of better. I have gained 25 pounds in the last year although my eating habits have not changed. I look as though I am 5 months pregnant (I am 57 years old). I have just brewed my first batch of kombucha, it has been fermenting for 5 days now. Please let me know the correct way to contact you for an appointment. Thank you! Susan

  3. Dallas Quick says:

    I’m in Newport News Va 23606. So is your office near there? I could not find your address anywhere. Thx

  4. Delores J. Jones says:

    Hi my name is Delores I just started to get cupping therapy from Brook. I’ve been having some issues with my legs circulation, and some discomfort in my chest. I just wanted to know if u could help me. Thanks

  5. Heather Edwards says:

    Hello, I was referred to you by a friend. I have a daughter who is 7 and is having a hard time with controlling her emotions. She was diagnosed with Oppositional Defiant Disorder, we’ve done the rounds of tips and tricks from the psychologist however nothing is working. My friend that referred me to you, has a close friend who has a child with similar symptoms and they did a liver detox through their naturapath. She said the result are AMAZING! Im interested in a consultation for her, if you do these?
    Thank You!

  6. Jerry Sansing says:

    As a retired pharmacist, I deeply respect your every move and comment.
    On the job, I learned of Standard Process of Wisconsin and was thrilled to learn of their products and services. I use their standardized supplements and try my best to eat a nutritious whole foods diet. At 79 yo, no meds and very thankful for that. You may be assured you are following in Jesus’ footsteps and healing naturally. May God Bless You for your kind and thoughtful efforts.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Thank you Jerry,
      I also use products from Standard Process/MediHerb. Their policy is that these products are only sold through practitioners, so I’ve mainly recommended things that are easily obtainable.

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