Too Busy to do Healthy


Can-do Lifestyle Compensations

“But My Lifestyle/Diet is Terrible – Are there any simple fixes?”

Yup. Many people have said the same thing to me. So I wrote this for you.  You’ll find some creative solutions here (and be encouraged – I’m not a food Nazi.)  I must commend you first.  At least you realize that your life-style is ruining your life-quality, and you are trying to find a solution.  If your earth suit doesn’t work, where will you live?  So, I see 3 options:

Option 1.  Stay on course. (Easy, but feel terrible, get along with your dysfunctions, get a scary diagnosis, look older than you should, and die sooner than you should.) Not your first choice, right?

Option 2.  Change something. (BUT you have already done that lots of times, found out how hard it was to do … AND MAINTAIN …which has made option 1 so attractive, right?)

Option 3. COMPENSATE.  Choose this option.  It is easier than option 2.  It works and will make option 1 no longer your default.


About Compensation

Compensation (option 3) comes in two flavors – you may need both:

1.  You can compensate for what you are NOT doing that you think you SHOULD be doing.  (I’m not gonna preach here, hang with me.)

2.  You can compensate for what you ARE doing that you think you SHOULD NOT be doing

Now before you start – these ideas are so simple that you are going to want to do all of them at once – because they are so doable.  BUT I recommend starting only 1 at a time.  Make it your own.  Do it your own way.   Work out all the kinks that your life/lifestyle presents, and when you are consistent with one, and it is fully functional and consistently integrated into your lifestyle, you’ve earned passage to the next. Doing them all at once guarantees inconsistency and it will look like option 2 above.


Type 1 Compensations – what you are NOT doing that you think you SHOULD be doing.

THE number one thing most people don’t do proactively is de-stress (No. Really.)   Of course

Merging your lifestyle with healthy habits takes a bit of compensation.

stress is part of life, but first realize that stress comes NOT from your situation, but from how you perceive yourself in your situation. (If sub-consciously you feel ‘not good enough’, ‘not safe’, ‘not wanted’, ‘stupid’, etc., that is not the fault of your situation but of the way you perceive yourself in the context of those surroundings.)  Second, you have got to unload it, and I give some ideas here.

OK, so for now we can COMPENSATE.  A way to diffuse your body of the damaging effects of stress is to do the Emotional Stress Release technique every night until calmness creeps in.  Do NOT skip this.  It is cheap and will help dismantle the roadblocks on your return to health. Place a reminder on your pillow and just do it – every night.

Second. Some people are NOT drinking enough water. What folks tell me is,  “water tastes terrible, and it makes me nauseous, and bottled water is questionable anyway, and I resent paying $$$ for water, so I opt for diet sodas, flavored drinks and coffee, and if I drink more than that I’ll run to the bathroom to pee all day, and I’m ready for Depends and blah, blah, blah.”

OK fine, so COMPENSATE.  You should at least use some kind of filter on your water supply – that may help the taste some.  I use an RO unit.  Fill for each day 2 16-20 oz bottles with good water, THEN, add a little premake-yourself  Healthy Drink Concentrates to your filtered water.  It makes the water taste great AND is a great therapeutic compensation AND soda alternative AND relieves morning nausea.  The craving (see below) for the taste that is both tart + sweet is what makes us want sodas.  Finish these 2 bottles before the day is done. If your bladder doesn’t seem to hold very much, visit the Abdominal Massage (to increase bladder volume) and the urinary remedies sectionUrinary Maintenance (#2884-4) is really good for this.  If you do not work on your bladder problems now, you may wind up with Depends, plus ruptured disks, arthritis and memory problems – all discussed elsewhere.

OK, so now you know how to make your own healthy sodas ‘to go’.  Time: 2 minutes. Cost: much less than soda and better for you – these drinks are therapeutic and ajustable to your taste.  If you feel bad about drinking so much coffee, or diet drinks, just drink an equal amount of this drink before your coffee and your coffee will last longer, you’ll enjoy it more and you won’t need as much. You can fix up your bottles the night before and fridge them if you like cold drinks. This may seem small but hydrating yourself properly will make a big dif in your skin and with headaches. OK?  We took care of that guilt with a simple compensation that CAN be integrated into your busy lifestyle.  Next…

Third. Maybe NOT enough good green, yellow and red stuff with fiber in the diet?   Clearly because, “It isn’t convenient, I don’t have time to shop AND chop all those veggies, OR cook them, OR juice them, OR make elaborate ‘smoothies’ and, I can’t afford organic, PLUS the whole ‘green’ taste is bluck, AND I have to eat on the run, so I have to eat what is quick and available at the moment, and blah, blah, blah.”

OK fine.  Life happens, so COMPENSATE.  Get a tub of Ultimate Green Zone  and Everybody’s Fiber.  Put a rounded teaspoon of each in a glass, add water (or juice), stir/shake well, take it with you.  Done!  Your Green&Fiber tax has been paid for that day.  The guilt is lifted, and compensation has been given to your low-on-good-fuel&fiber body, and you’re off and running.  After a few days of paying your Green&Fiber tax you’ll notice more energy.  That’s because you are now ‘nourishing & cleaning’ your earthsuit and investing at least a fraction of what you invest in the other places you live (home and car).

Time: 1 minute.  Cost: haven’t figured it out, but you are certainly worth it.  The simple-easy-quick compensation has come.  Now when your food Nazi friends and caring family members (or conscience) get on your case for not paying your body’s Green&Fiber tax, you can say, “Got that paid in full”, and make them happy too.  Next…

Fourth on our short list is exercise.  Besides being boring, time-consuming and torturous, what does it have to offer?  Improved circulation of oxygen and movement of lymph.  But clearly, “I never used my membership at the gym last time I got all psyched about an exercise program, and I even got hurt when I went, my personal trainer was a marine, PLUS I barely have enough energy for the other things I need to do, SO just where will the energy for exercise come from, AND there just isn’t any time in my schedule, PLUS it hurts to even move sometimes, AND I go go go all day so I’m tired of getting in the car to go somewhere else AND besides all that, I am embarrassed to go out in public and exercise with the way I look, and blah, blah, blah.”

OK fine.  So….. COMPENSATE.  The easiest, most convenient, cheap and time-effective, least harmful way to circulate oxygen to your tissue and move lymph is to rebound on a mini-trampoline.  You will get amazing results for investing 3 minutes 2-3X/day!   That’s right, minutes!!  You can do it in your jammies, while you watch TV, in the privacy of your own home, on your schedule and not have to drive anywhere to do it plus the weather doesn’t matter.  If you are able, you can rebound more vigorously but breathe deeply the whole time (more in that doc).  6 minutes a day – w/no travel time.  Can you handle that?  This will help circulate blood, remove acids in the tissue that make you stiff, and oxygenate your whole body.  Many people report back to me they are a lot less stiff – after just 2 minutes!

Time 6-9 minutes max.  Cost: Maybe $20 at Walmart – or check garage sales.  Ask around.  Lots of folks have these in their attic.

If you feel that you would like to build muscle, look into the ‘Slow Burn Exercise Revolution’ which is only done 1X/week, and it won’t hurt you, and it is very effective in building strength.   Next…

And last on our short list is elimination a.k.a. bowel movements.  What a hassle, right?  Depending on the amount of food you consume and the fiber content thereof you should eliminate at least once every day.  Often the compensations #1- #4 fix this problem.  If not, you start with the Magnesium Bowel Cleanse.  If this is insufficient, add Bowel Detox or LB-X.  Add them in slowly and figure out by experimentation when and how much to take to have your bowel movement at a convenient time.  If this has been a long standing problem for you, go to the Digestive Path Defect section to see how to normalize bowel function and do what is necessary to avoid bowel cancer.

These simple Lifestyle Compensations make a very small dent in your schedule and wallet, will result in more energy, less discomfort and better functionality plus help you avoid scary diagnoses.  If your earthsuit doesn’t work, where will you live?


Type 2 Compensation – what you ARE doing that you THINK you should NOT be doing.

Starting point. NOTE: Your habits/cravings/addictions ARE your own compensations

Ah ha. I caught you compensating. Good.

that your intelligent body is already trying to accomplish.  Whether it is tobacco, chocolate, alcohol, drugs, sugar, pickles, etc., it IS a successful compensation that somehow works for you.  (If you have stress/emotionally driven addictions/behaviors consult also with that document.)   So Type 2 Compensations are ones that you are already doing to support genetic weakness or metabolic dysfunction or stress level – so pat yourself on the back. However, the balancing potency of many of these choices is weak which is why you want soooo much of them.  And they often carry undesirable consequences with them so I want to offer alternatives so you won’t have to pay that piper. Let’s see what these mean and what alternatives more powerfully correct the imbalance, thus reduce the cravings.

1.  Cravings for sugar/sweets/carbs/alcohol are largely indicative of a body broken down by stress that is needing energy for important repairs BUT the blood glucose regulators are dysfunctional.  BOTH of these need to be addressed – stress and glucose regulation.

Your blood sugar levels are primarily governed by 3 organs – your liver (mainly), your adrenals, and then your pancreas.  The liver is usually the first to become imbalanced followed by the adrenals (consult those posts to see if you fit).  This manifests as hypoglycemia or dysglycemia. When the pancreas finally becomes dysfunctional, we call it diabetes but that is very late in the process.  When the liver becomes compromised, first allergies appear.  When the adrenals dysfunction blood glucose levels can go into free fall (creating a strong desire for sweets, alcohol or other high glycemic foods) and create headaches and BIG MOOD problems.  These people usually wake at night for no reason and cannot fall asleep again.  The liver imbalanced folks have vertical wrinkles/creases where their eyebrows meet their nose bridge ( and other manifestations) and the adrenal exhausted folks have dark circles under their eyes, close to their nose (and other manifestations).

Two really powerful formulas to correct both the liver and adrenal imbalance are HY-A (#950-0) and Chinese Nervous Fatigue Formula (#1884-7).  I can come close to guaranteeing that if you do 2 bottles of each, taking 4-breakfast and 4-bedtime of each, your sugar craving will dissipate and your sleep will be so much better.  After this, find how little you can take to keep the liver and adrenals balanced and your sugar/carb craving at bay (see Basic Principle #9).  By the way, this is the only craving that is never satisfied – the more you eat the more you will want.  It is wise therefore to balance with herbs and restrain from high glycemic foods.  Here are some ideas.

2. Cravings for chocolate/coffee/beer or other bitter substances result from a body trying to balance a weak circulation system and may possibly be a harbinger of heart/circulation problems. Although these foods are good, the chronic craving may indicate they are insufficient to address the underlying imbalance.   If you crave these things AND have a crack on your lower ear lobe, please consult the heart and circulation section.  All of these items are good digestive aides and as such should be enjoyed with or after a meal, never on an empty stomach.

To successfully squelch an excessive appetite for these things, take 2 capsules of Dong Quai (#258-8) before each meal.  By the second bottle, you will not only notice an improvement in circulation, but how easy it is to pass on those chocolates and coffee.  Again, reduce the dosage to keep at bay the imbalance which made you crave the chocolate or other bitters in the first place. Those who crave beer may want to add Hops (#380-9) which in the herbal world is a calming bitter.

3. Cravings for salty snacks can signal a hypothyroid condition or a low kidney function. These folks often get white hair early in life.  So consult these documents for other clues as to which may be imbalanced.  (Since one of the 5 hormones that the thyroid makes stimulates the kidneys to remove water, it is hard to place the location of this imbalance without considering other clues.)

The remedy however is the same.  Combo Potassium (#1673-3), which contains kelp, can be taken 4-breakfast, 4-dinner to address the imbalance.  How do you know when you’ve had enough?  The open bag of potato chips, corn chips goes stale or the salted nuts last longer.  Added benefits of Combo Potassium are that it flushes out excess fluid and excess cellular debris through your working kidneys.  Dr Christopher said that a body with sufficient potassium would not form tumors or cysts.  Good insurance – and cheap.  Taking this formula is particularly important if you have cancer in your family and/or have a tendency to form boils, tumors, or cysts.  Another beneficial side effect is normalized blood pressure.

4. Cravings for Tobacco signal a nervous or anxious body trying to calm itself down.  So consult those pages for other clues to the imbalance.  Tobacco is a wonderful sedative, but the commercial additives may be problematic to a compromised liver.  Step one in balancing this craving is to switch to organic additive-free cigarettes.  People have told me that these are much more effective at calming them AND, they find they need less, but it may take time to find the brand that suits you best.  In my humble but experienced opinion it is NOT the tobacco that kills people but rather the stress that made the person reach for the tobacco to calm them down in the first place. So stress must be addressed (see #1 above under Type 1 Compensations).

To quit smoking, follow this intense natural program that works BECAUSE it addresses the underlying imbalance that existed all along.  Begin this to prepare you to quit smoking.  When you notice less subconscious reaching for your pack of cigarettes or you realize you need less during the day, the underlying need is being satisfied in a more constructive way.  These supplements basically nourish the tissue and correct the underlying imbalance that stress has produced.  DO NOT be guilted to quit smoking until you have found an alternative way to calm your nerves, unless you are really into frustration.

For the first week, every 3 waking hours take 1 Niacin (#1797-0), 1 NutriCalm (#4803-3), 1 Lobelia (#430-1), 2 Valerian Root (#720), and 3 Mullein (#460-7).  You can put these 8 pills in little plastic Ziploc craft bags to put in your purse/pocket and take them wherever you are.   The second week and afterward, take these same packets 3X daily until the urge subsides.  Now the stage is properly set for you to quit, when you feel calm and ready.  You can use other quit-smoking plans along with this but remember, if you don’t address the underlying nervous tension, your body will want that familiar calming agent back.

Niacin helps fill the brain receptors that were filled with nicotine, thus makes the cravings much less intense.  Lobelia eases tension, mimics nicotine, and also begins to cleanse the lungs.  If you feel nauseous on this program, reduce the Lobelia.   Valerian helps nervous tension and helps relieve some kinds of pain.  Mullein is slightly sedative in its effect on the nervous system, but it also cleans and moistens the lung tissue that has been dried out from the hot tobacco smoke.  In fact, the Lobelia/Mullein combination can be used indefinitely in a 1/3 ratio to clean tar from the lungs, and the lymph nodes around the lungs where cancer is often sited.

After you have successfully quit, try reducing to 2X daily, then 1X, then every other day. It is prudent to do the Gentle Liver Cleanse once or twice a year to get your liver to process out any accumulated chemicals so they don’t come back to bite you.

5.  Cravings for pickles, mustard, relish, vinegar, lemons, sharp cheddar cheese or other sours signal a congested liver.  Check out that link for other indicators.  Although these foods are good, the craving may indicate you are not getting as much as is needed to address the underlying imbalance.  Sours encourage the bile flow because the bile is alkaline and is released in response to the pH of the food leaving the stomach.  More sours mean more bile flow.  When the bile is sluggish the sinuses in the liver fill and detoxification slows.  Often these people will have elevated liver enzymes (which are easy to de-elevate).  This is why pregnant women want pickles, and, if your bile is sluggish you will more likely experience morning sickness.  Thick, sluggish bile causes the lymph and blood to thicken which is why these people can clear their head (and sometimes bowels) with a glass of lemon water in the morning.  To thin the bile and promote emptying of the liver of the toxic bile the 2 most useful herbal combos are SF (Skinny Formula) (#1067-5) and Liver Cleanse Formula (#1010-3).  Do SF w/sluggish bowels and Liver Cleanse Formula otherwise. Take 2-3 each morning. When the cravings are subsided, do the Gentle Liver Cleanse once or twice a year.

6. Cravings for Pungent or Spicy Foods, like Mexican food, Tacos, Spicy Italian or Chinese, etc. can signal intestinal and lung problems.  Check out those links for other indicators.  Although these foods are good, the craving may indicate you are not getting as much as is needed to address the underlying imbalance.  I’d address this with simple Garlic Oil gel caps (#1694-6) 2B, 2D (must be the garlic oil, not powder). These will improve circulation to the intestinal tract, balance the microbial population and help move mucus from the sinus and lungs, which you are intuitively trying to balance with these kinds of pungent foods.  Another good choice is Capsicum and Garlic with Parsley (#832-3), but I would use this after doing at least one bottle of the Garlic Oil gel caps and the craving is under control.  Another good formula if you also have the earlobe crack is HS II (#930-9) 3B, 3D, reduce with cravings.


8 Responses to Too Busy to do Healthy

  1. Terri says:

    I’d like to try your recommendation to use Ultimate GreenZone but I see it has broccoli in it. I have gotten sick on broccoli twice (violent vomiting/diarrhea like food poisoning) and since then can’t eat it without getting sick and enduring said side effects. I’m assuming I’m now allergic, so I just don’t eat it anymore. What are your thoughts about eating it in this form? Do you have any recommendations on how to get back to the place where I can eat it? It was always one of my favorite veggies. Can you ever NOT be allergic to something once it’s made you sick??

    • PatBlockND says:

      ‘Allergies’ can be a complicated topic because your response to an a supposed allergen depends on many things: how much of it you have (one tiny flowerette to a whole bunch), your body’s ability to reduce an inflammation and help you recover ‘under the radar’, and there also can be emotional aspects. AdaptoMax is really good here.
      So the only way to know is to try a little bit and if you are concerned start AdaptoMax a few days before 3B, 3D and then while you are doing the GreenZone try reducing the AdaptoMax a little.

  2. Beth Kepple says:

    Hi Pat, Thanks so much for all this great info!
    My husband tested well for the Chinese Nervous Fatigue, but it is restricted in California and they won’t ship it. What could he use instead with the HY-A?
    ~Blessings, Beth

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Beth,
      You may be able to do the HY-A by itself, or, see if you can get the concentrated version of C. Nervous Fatigue and take 1 instead of 4.
      Blessings to you and yours, Pat

  3. Deborah says:

    Dear Pat,
    I have been taking combination potassium for a few months now as you recommended. I have a family history of cancer, and over the past year, chronic boils, a fatty tumor, and a cyst have popped up. The cyst disappeared after 1 month on the combo potassium. My question is how long to continue taking this? Is the 4b and 4d a must or can I break it up into smaller more frequent doses?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Deborah, you can certainly titer down the dosage, even to once a week but know what body indicators tell you to increase again.
      Blessings, Pat

  4. Jenny says:

    Is there a similar product to HY-A? Its no longer available it seems.

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