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You should be able to handle this sandwich, so why does it give you trouble? Read on.

Glad you are here.  The Abdominal Massage is THE reliable and cheap remedy for reflux.  Why?  Because it addresses one of the steps in the development of it.  Acid reflux can be addressed by naturally correcting the underlying imbalances that exist in the digestion (AND in the emotions) whether you have the hiatal hernia aspect of it or not.  So just commit to it for 1 month BECAUSE it will fix many other problems too.

On the other hand, pharmaceutical acid-blockers derange digestion by inhibiting the release of this important stomach acid.  In typical pharmaceutical fashion, a normal bodily function is interfered with resulting in long term unfortunate consequences.

Hydrochloric acid is released into the stomach where it adjusts the pH to what is necessary to ionize and reduce the food.  But its usefulness extends beyond the stomach as it is actually one of the body’s cleaning agents.  It is a cellular debris solvent.    Your body even recycles this acid to clear cellular debris from the lymphangia, preventing an imbalance that can lead to cancer!  In fact, in the 1930’s cancer was routinely resolved with Hydrochloric Acid Therapy (HCl).

Hydrochloric acid is needed to turn protein into your rebuilding materials.  And undigested proteins cause many health sorrows.  Acid blockers ‘block’ this process which is why a side effect is abdominal pain and diarrhea.  Incomplete protein digestion also contributes to the inability to build sufficient mucus (a protein) to protect the GI tract from any of the acids including food acids (hot spicy foods).  So your natural protective buffer (mucus layer) from the acid is deficient, exposing your tissue to the acids – and THAT is what you feel – an absence of your mucoprotective layer.

Hydrochloric acid is ALSO needed to ionize minerals in the stomach.  These minerals are also needed to rebuild bones.  In a randomized, double-blind study, acid blockers were shown to cause a 41%-61% drop in calcium absorption.  (If calcium was so affected, what about all the other minerals that go into the bones and body tissues?)    (See Pharmaceutical Phactoids below)


What causes acid reflux?

Short version:

Imagine what happens to this happy scenario when it gets smooshed up due to poor digestion. Where else can the acid go?

  • Chronic worrying reduces stomach (and lymphatic) activity
  • Resultant under-digested foods slow the bowels and cause gas and bloating
  • The belly often feels full or distended but hunger signals create food cravings caused by under-digestion
  • With time and more worry, belly distention pushes up on the stomach and down on the lower pelvic
  • Stomach gets displaced up against the diaphragm (hiatal hernia) and folks notice that in certain positions the acids are felt in the esophagus.
  • Without natural intervention it gets worse.  So…

The primary contributor is stress.   Stress reduction techniques are important for a long term solution.  Ignore these to your own peril.

A secondary contributor is chronic constipation.   (This is the main cause of acid reflux in babies.)  Slow bowels contribute to fullness in the gut which contributes to lowered stomach volume as the full bowels push up on the stomach from below.  So now we have a smaller stomach volume containing acid, being pushed up from below by a stuffed bowel and bingo – acid is in your throat.  Since ALL problems have a root in a stress-affected gut, pay close attention to rectifying all gut derangements.  Often folks report that they feel bloated but say they are not constipated because they have a bowel movement every day.  HOWEVER, is today’s elimination yesterday’s food, OR the food eaten a week or more ago.  (This can be answered by eating slightly cooked frozen corn and seeing how long it takes to reach the exit.  The total transit time should be less than 48 hours.)

Another contributor is Pyloric stenosis – a narrowing of the lower part of the stomach where it is supposed to empty its contents into the small intestine – but food stalls right there.  (Nervines like Valerian Root should be employed in any nervous contraction.)   Symptoms include vomiting and nausea right after eating.  The person cannot eat much food at one time.  If this is the problem, then the sternum (breast bone) will be tender to palpation.  Applying the Lymphatic Drainage techniques to the sternum (Chapman’s Reflexes) will resolve this.  The NeuroLymphatic Dainage points for pyloric stenosis are indicated on the Chapman chart.  There is likely fluid pressure in this part of the abdomen.

Another contributor is poor eating habits.  The most common problem is eating too much at once, a.k.a. overeating.  This is the beginning of many sorrows.  This can also be emotional but for the time being, you may want to consider some easy lifestyle compensations.


Final Thoughts and Ideas

  1. Since the number 1 cause is stress, employ whatever personal ways you have of calming yourself.  Some use prayer, acknowledging that we cannot control people or things – but God can.  Many find the Emotional Stress Release helpful – but do this every night.  These are ‘cheap’ but require constant application.  Nutritionally address the stress component with Nutricalm (#4803-3) which also aides in proper digestion.  Start with 4/day and if this will do the trick for you, you will know it in 4-5 days.  These are helpful short term solutions but permanent relief comes from addressing stress on an emotional/ spiritual level.
  2. Nightly do the Abdominal massage.  This is cheap and resolves many other problems in the body including frequent urination at night, stress incontinence, and circulation to and from the lower extremities which eases the stress on varicose veins.  Commit to doing this if even for just 1 month.  Your gut will be ever so happy.  AND you have found a nice, cheap, life-supportive, balancing remedy.
  3. Address the digestion component with the recommendations to correct digestive defects like constipation.  Lower bowel problems often put pressure on the stomach AND heart. Eating for your blood type also helps.
  4. If you are over 40, try abstaining from all raw foods (fruit and veggies, salads) for a week to see if there is an improvement.
  5. Until you get things under control, take 1 Tblsp of liquid Hydrated Bentonite Clay (#1725-9) when experiencing acid reflux to resolve the symptoms.  This puts out the fire while adding minerals and not stimulating digestion.  Others find that Stomach Comfort (#1820-0) works to soothe the discomfort.

Give all diligence to protect your good health by addressing any health concern with natural, non-toxic approaches first.  You may live in a mansion but if your little earth suit is run down, how can you enjoy anything else you put your money into.


Pharmaceutical Phactoids – In the unlikely event that your doc failed to warn you that…

Antacid drugs and increased risk of hip fractures

There was an article in JAMA (12.27.2006 Vol. 296,No. 24) that reported on the elevated risk of hip fractures with the long-term use of antacid drugs (proton pump inhibitors such as Prilosec® and Nexium®) .  This study showed a 59% increase risk if antacid medications are used for 4 years.  There was a steady increase in hip fracture rates the longer these drugs were used.

So, now we have someone taking an antacid drug and they begin to develop osteoporosis. What happens next? You know the answer–they will need another drug, this time an osteoporosis drug.

See the discussion on bones for help here.

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