Unsupportive and Destructive Methods

As summarized in the Philosophical Approaches to Healing and detailed in the pages on Basic Principles, Naturopathy and Personal FAQs there are body-friendly, and not-so-body-friendly approaches to addressing the discomforts of mankind. The not-so-body-friendly approaches

Modern laboratory-made medicines OR traditional nature-made medicines.

are usually based on the ‘dumb body’ paradigm which assumes the body’s symptoms are random genetic mishappens that need to be stopped  by drug ‘blockers’ or ‘inhibitors’.  These approaches begin a trail of woes substituting one kind of pathology for another with a cascade of more and more drug ‘blockers’ or ‘inhibitors’ to ‘fix’ the effects of the last ones. How unsatisfying must the practice of modern medicine be!  The Personal FAQs report how my husband’s debility was a result of this practice as was my father’s early death at age 47.

I am not referring here to emergency medicine where skillful surgeons attempt to restore a body broken by a trauma. I am talking about the modern medical treatment of chronic degenerative disease where they fail to investigate the underlying cause of an intelligent manifestation (symptom) of the body, or, dismiss body-friendly therapies.  Instead they write a script for black electrical tape to cover over the ‘service required‘  light….and most trusting people don’t give it another thought, although most would feel better about taking something natural.   That said, there are good doctors, who have had their own health challenges, and appreciate the power of something natural. I hope you can find one of these.

I heard a drug rep say, “There’s no money in any cure.  The money is in symptom management because people have to come back to get more drugs for their symptoms.  If they are cured, there is no more customer, no market.”  And Big Pharma fares better when your condition is ‘managed’, not cured.

Disease is not cured by adding poisons to the body, but by eliminating them, and observing the laws of nature, aiding and assisting her in every possible way.  Edward Shook MD


So, if you are on any medications..

…please do the following:

  1. Visit www.drugs.com and under the ‘interactions’ tab, input your medications to check for interactions so YOU know what to look for and tell your doctor about.  A common response from doctors is disbelief that your symptoms could ever be from a drug, as they are told that it is so rare.  IT IS NOT RARE.  JAMA reported that pharmaceuticals are the 5th leading cause of death in the US (see below).  Well if they cause death, what makes them think they don’t cause other dysfunctions on the way there?
  2. Visit the Ask a Patient website to see how ‘not rare’ your symptoms are.  Type in your drug name.  This brings you to a page on which you can select to see the FDAs Adverse Effects Summary which is a list of the top 20 complaints that doctors and patients have been reporting to the FDA.
  3. If you don’t find your symptoms in 1. or 2. above, do an internet search with your symptom(s) or new diagnosis AND your medication in the search bar. Example, in the search bar put

Lisinopril  “pulmonary fibrosis”   or,
Antibiotic  “tendon rupture”  or,
Actos “bladder cancer”

This will show you what doctors are reporting about what real people are experiencing after the drug was put on the market.  Your doctor often does not know, so make a copy of your findings and ask him to put it in your records (this makes them nervous so often they will refuse).    In the case of lisinopril, long term use causes pulmonary fibrosis which will put you on an oxygen tank and eventually kill you.  This kind of search will also show you if there are class action law suits generated by the evidence of damage done by these FDA APPROVED DRUGS.   To reiterate, if an internet search on your medication brings up more lawyer sites than Canadian sellers – you are on a really bad one, with enough evidence of damage to take to a court of law.

By way of example, my friend Marty was put on Zometa and started peeing blood.  She was treated for a kidney infection.  I simply searched  zometa “blood in urine” and gave her the info to give to her doc linking Zometa with kidney damage  (I did not include all the class action law suits).  Her doc would NOT put that info in her file but did take Marty off the Zometa for a while.  When the doc put her back on it, that symptom came back.  Marty is dead now.  Radiation fried her liver.  Survival without working liver and kidneys is impossible.  She was a sweet trusting soul.

Here are some common responses  from doctors that my clients told me, along with some ideas to think through and present to your doctor.

Vaccines are another dangerous medical intervention (yes, this includes the flu shot). Here are some Gardasil Factoids as well as other vaccine info.


Pharmaceutical Phactoids

“In this analysis the investigators determine the proportion of patients hospitalized in the United States who are affected by serious or fatal drug reactions defined as a noxious, unintended, or undesired effect of a drug that occurs at therapeutic doses. The overall rate of serious adverse drug reactions (ADR’s) was 6.7% of hospitalized patients. The authors estimated that in 1994 overall 2,216,000 hospitalized patients had serious ADR’s and 106,000 had fatal ADR’s, making these reactions the fifth leading cause of death”  JAMA. 1998;279:1200 and 1216

It is probably higher, but docs will never put that their treatment is the cause of death on the death certificate.  I wonder what this number is today with new pharmaceuticals flooding the market since this was done.


4 Responses to Unsupportive and Destructive Methods

  1. anne cowden says:

    Dear Pat thank you for all the detailed info on your website.Its very apparent that you are extremely knowledgeable and passionate about natural medicine. Thank you for sharing this with us. I think/hope I read all required fields for my 2pm appt. Tomorrow (Thurs) Jan 9th 2014. Thank you for fitting me in at such short notice.

  2. Gina says:

    Pat Ive been reading so much of your website, I started my healing process last month and I feeling great and confident about the results. I am taking every herb and reading every word. So excited I’ve sent your like to my entire family.
    THANK YOU so much for providing this wealth of information that has/will change so many lives.

  3. Linda Schwartz says:

    My pharmacy took me off Valsartin BP Med bc it had been contaminated in manufacturing in India. That was 18 m ago, then I went on another which made me feel woozy and floaty. Then switched to Lisiniprol which was ok til about a m9nth in when I started getting a hacking , nagging cough when ever I spoke for a few minutes and finally looked up Lisiniprol . Result 2% get this cough. Went to new cardiologist who said they lied it’s more than 15% , but good news ! Valsartan is back on market , cleaned up. So I’m back on it. For a total of 7 yrs before going off , now 2 months back on it. Does it cause anything harmful? I have to check.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Linda,
      I have worked with many people on blood pressure medications. One man was on four of them and they were not changing his blood pressure at all.
      I gave him some herbs and told him to strictly follow the Blood Type Diet. He could see when he ate and inflammatory food that a half hour later his blood pressure would rise. He is still improving and is only on one medication now. So I encourage you to take your blood pressure and write it down. If you do have an inflammatory food, then half hour after eating it take your blood pressure. This should prove for validity of the diet.
      Since you are following your diet strictly, you may not need as much BP med, if any at all. That’s why it is important to take your BP and show it to your doc and have that conversation.

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