What to Expect on an Herbal Program FAQs

I’ve prepared this FAQ sheet for those I’ve put on an herbal program


How long until I can tell a difference? 

Usually inside a week you will feel a shift.  Some have called me the next day to tell me they feel much better.  Others have come to their next appointment saying they have not experienced any change (although after a few questions they admit that many of their minor complaints have disappeared).   Even if your main complaint is not resolved, often more recent or less problematic symptoms disappear first.   Your intelligent body “hand picked”  what it wanted based on your concerns.  A healthy body resolves its own problems miraculously in its own time…a few days, a few weeks, a few months. The longer a problem has existed, the longer it takes to resolve. If enzyme-disrupting and/or hormone-disrupting drugs are being taken, it takes longer still, and may not be resolvable if caused by drugs. So do your homework.  Also if overwhelming stress is ever-present, it will take longer to get well.


What if I feel worse?

We often mistake unpleasant symptoms as a disease when they are actually healing responses of

Broth drinker.

Broth drinker.

the intelligent body. The supplements your body picked out contain copious amounts of necessary micronutrients to accomplish its work. Sometimes that work is not pleasant and we have to remember that getting better and feeling better are not always the same.  Sometimes this means addressing an old problem that your body shelved because it didn’t have the resources to resolve it.  Often, after a period of relative good health from being on an herbal program, an old set of symptoms will arise. Here is a principle to remember: Suppressed symptoms will re-arise in an attempt to be corrected.  If the body didn’t heal itself, it isn’t healed. This is sometimes called a healing crisis or correction and it usually subsides within 4 days. Sometimes only one afternoon will suffice. During this time you may feel flu-ish, headache-y, develop a rash or encounter some type of inflammation or fever. Don’t take any suppressants.  Just give your body good fluids and put it to bed (no heavy foods) and give it opportunity to do its work. Know that once it’s done, at least one problem has been healed. If you don’t have this experience, it doesn’t mean the herbs aren’t working. If you feel this is happening to you and your symptoms worry you, stop taking your supplements for 2 days, then reintroduce them at 1 at a time at 1/3 the dosage. You can slowly increase the dosage or stay on this lowered dosage until you return.


Am I supposed to take all these pills?

Yes. But if you empty them into a tablespoon they won’t even fill it.  Herbs are strong foods so less is needed BUT they are less palatable outside the capsule. And to keep your cost down, I try to limit the number of herbal supplements that I recommend to four at the most while addressing the most important issues. This depends on the severity of the health concerns and the blends of formulas that I have.  Often symptoms arise from a long-standing nutrient deficiency. Remember, herbs are big deposits in your ailing health account. Once supplied in sufficient amounts, you will either no longer need the supplement (which is sometimes the case) or you can work your way down to a reduced or maintenance amount. This means taking one capsule 2-3X per week.

The herbs that you tested for are specific to your current health challenges. My job is to find which of the 400+ supplements will take you a step closer to better health. Your job is (1) to learn what these supplements do for you as you take them and, (2) to learn how to take them, that is, how much you need to get the desired benefit. You may need to take the ones you tested for at your first appointment again in about a year, or according to some schedule to avoid slipping into the ditch of degenerative or ‘genetic’ diseases. Each time you come we will try to move you closer to health and improved quality of life. Often people test for the same herbs several times at intervals of a few months. It is wise to have these herbs on your ‘medicine’ shelf. And some of your supplements you can order.


What about the supplements I am already taking?

Generally if you have been taking them for a long time, and, you can’t tell when you miss a few doses, then these supplements have probably done about all they can do for you. Don’t take synthetic vitamins! (Centrum, Walmart, Kmart, Sam’s or drug store brands) They are laboratory chemicals that are toxic to the liver. Don’t take high levels of natural vitamins unless you tested for them, especially vitamins D, A, K, and E.  Because they are isolates (isolated from their synergists and concentrated to a level foreign to the body), even natural vitamins can produce vitamin toxicity as well as deficiencies in other important nutrients not included in the formula. Fiber supplements are usually OK as are green foods and drinks (eg. barley greens). Antioxidants, (pycnogenol, grape seed extract, etc.) are generally protective and safe in small to moderate amounts. Discontinue strong herbal combinations unless you were tested for them. These can produce imbalances in your body which easily correct when stopped.  Furthermore, many herbal products are of poor quality and some contain toxic substances and solvents. (They may be popular, however, because rock-star docs are pushing them, OR, they say ‘weight loss’ on them.)


What about the medication I’m taking?

The person who prescribed the medication for you is the only one you should consult with regarding that

Modern laboratory-made medicines OR traditional nature-made medicines.

Modern laboratory-made medicines OR traditional nature-made medicines.

question. Often people come wanting to avoid going on a medication, or, to get off of their medication because of its bothersome side affects. (JAMA reported that adverse drug reactions are the 5th leading cause of death in the US.) The schedule for taking or eliminating your prescription drugs can come from the doctor who prescribed them for you. If you are getting relief from your original symptoms using herbs, you can talk to your doctor about a trial period of reduced dosage on your medication. He will be able to monitor your progress. As far as the herbs having a reaction with the drugs, this is rare because herbs are foods – strong foods. If you suspect that an herb is causing a problem, stop the herb, wait a few days, or call me.


What if I want refills of the supplements that were recommended for me?

I wish you could get all the herbs yourself. Unfortunately some companies only sell to licensed practitioners or will sell to you at almost double the price. However, you will be able to order any supplements from Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) and get the same price I do. I have used mostly NSP’s herbs because I have been getting consistently good results with them. One capsule of an NSP product is equal to several capsules of other brands. There are many reasons for you to order your own supplements from NSP: 1) You get the freshest herbs because they come right to your door, 2) it can save you about 15% on the cost, plus you get a 20% off coupon with your first order plus you get an additional 8-10% rebate if you order more than $100 in a calendar month, 3) you can stock up on what you and your family need rather depend on me.  If you want to order the NSP herbs yourself you can do it on my website or, call 1-800-453-1422.  Tell them you want to order herbs and set up your own account ( NSP is a member company so you’ll need a sponsor number 10908). The stock numbers are on the bottle and you’ll need a credit/debit card to do this.  You’ll get your own account number, a coupon and your herbs will come in 3 business days. This is the only time NSP has a minimum order and you don’t need to order every month.  Of late I have been using herbs from Standard Process/MediHerb because of the variety and strength they offer.  These must be obtained from a practitioner.


How long will I have to keep coming back?

Many people resolve the majority of their health concerns within three or four visits. (Exceptions are those with longstanding degenerative diseases/stresses and/or those who are on lots of pharmaceuticals.)  You have the option when to schedule a checkup. Some with serious diagnoses continue to come back for monthly visits so we can adjust their program to keep them in remission. After major symptoms have resolved you can call as needed for checkups.   IF you are under continual stress, however, you will likely need to continue to take herbs to repair the continual tissue damage.


How do I learn more about natural alternatives?

I’ve written much on my website. I used to have DVDs (that were taped at some of my classes) in which I try to condense some of my education.  Now that I am semi-retired, this website is what I offer.


Can I give your name to my friend?

I would ask that you screen your friend first to determine if THEY want to get well using natural means. Then send them to my website www.PatBlockND.com, go to the Client Info tab and read THE MUST READ before you come.  Sometimes we feel sorry for people, or want to ‘fix’ them, but if they are not interested in putting forth the effort or $$$ to get themselves well  it wastes my time and theirs. If there is no commitment, there is no healing. And please DO NOT contact me on their behalf.  Have them call for their own appointment.  Before scheduling an appointment I will ask if they have read the MUST READ.  Also tell them what I do at the appointment. I can also refer them to someone that I’ve trained if they would like to see someone sooner.


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  1. Jennifer Brock says:

    I believe that I need to come see you and would like to know how to prepare for the appt. so that I don’t waste time with unneeded detail. Would it be helpful to send you some background info on stress, emotions, and symptoms that have occurred that got me in this mess? Thank you. I appreciate your web site and am learning much. Thank you!!! Jen Brock

  2. Carolyn Pierce says:

    Hi Pat,
    Just letting you know that the Liver Balance & Nervous Fatigue formula is working. No more hot flashes and the leg cramps stopped. Is there any other supplements I should be taking for my bones since I will be 60 in February. and what about collagen for my skin?

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