Hands-on and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Health Therapies / Routines – An Overview

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These health routines or ‘exercises’ improve your quality of life, and they are cheap, proven, traditional, common sense, quick, DIY at-home therapies that maybe your grandparents knew. Any of these can be easily incorporated into our day or week. Successful health routines include more than muscle exercise. In fact, we should develop for ourselves something that is more comprehensive than just muscle exercise and maybe call it a ‘routine’.  Besides typical muscle ‘exercise’, these include beneficial neurological/brain routines, lymphatic drainage routines, energetic routines and spiritual routines – all important focused non-herbal interventions.   I encourage you to develop a ‘routine’ of these kinds of focused interventions which benefit your particular situation. I’ll discuss each of them briefly. You make them your own.

Typical Muscle Exercise

This means moving the body in a way to build or stretch muscle or increase their heart (muscle) rate to some ‘target range’ for a certain period of time. Since most people are convinced they need to do this I’ll give some reasons NOT TO along with recommended kinds of exercise.


If your joint problems or pain prevent you from doing regular exercising – even walking and you want to improve how you feel without the wear and tear on your structure, AND move fluid weight, the best ‘exercise’ for you for now is rebounding.

Gentle Self-Chiropractic – The Dorn Technique

The Dorn technique should be learned by anyone needing often chiropractic adjustments. Our skeleton is pulled out of optimum position by tense or foreshortened muscles. This creates uneven wear and tear and eventually joint inflammation problems.  The bones are NOT the cause of the problem…

Abdominal massage (Digestive problems, hiatal hernia, bladder problems)

Our digestive track is a long involuntary muscle that, when displaced, constricted, ballooned, prolapsed, etc. causes problems not only with its own function but elsewhere. Acid reflux, hiatal hernia, constipation, problems with the bladder, uterus, prostate as well as chronic hip, and lower back pain, and heart attacks begin in the gut.  The remedy is simple and cheap, and it is one ‘exercise’ that should be part of everyone’s health routine.  Done on a daily basis often results in weight loss.  If I neglect this, my health will begin to suffer.

Lymphatic techniques  (for stiffness and water retention or weight loss)

When the body collects fluids or tumors or cysts, the watershed of the body has become clogged.  This can occur in a certain area or all over.  This stagnation is the cause of pain, stiffness, burning sensations and excess weight which does not yield to heroic diet and exercise efforts.

Neurological Exercise (for various kinds of disorientation or coordination problems)

Neurological exercises are needed when the brain signals are weak or scrambled.  This can happen as a result of a vaccination, ischemic moment, medication, head trauma or emotional trauma or shock.  In some cases we have difficulty writing what we intend to write (e.g. write a ‘p’ instead of a ‘q’ or a ‘p’ instead of a ‘b’ a.k.a. dyslexia) or difficulty with reading, or telling left from right, or coordination or clumsiness.  Brain Gym exercises reorganize, and clear the brain.

Tapping techniques (another brain aide)

We all have observed people unconsciously tapping their head with their finger tips.  Tapping stimulates the brain.  It is a way to unstick brain output signals.  The brain needs to be engaged in the healing process but sometimes it filters out signals that are indicating imbalance somewhere in the tissue and thus a healing neurological response is not sent to the tissue.

Grounding or Earthing

Our body is a conductor of electricity.  Our tissues act like liquid crystals.  We can store static charges or EMF induced voltages within our tissue which affect our nervous system primarily (and since the nerves control things…).  How do we collect these charges is as important a question as is why we cannot discharge them.  Discharging them is called grounding or earthing.

Energetic Exercise

The body has both physical and electromagnetic (unseen energetic) aspects, and the proper functioning of both is necessary for life.  The physical body needs nutrients.  But it also needs continuous electric and electromagnetic flow.  Research points out that electric current traverses living things in specific channels, AND that incomplete or interrupted or distortion in those flows lead to disease, AND that completed and balanced currents reverse disease. Energetic flows are influenced or ‘exercised’ by the laying-on-of-hands.

Stress Reduction Exercises

There are many kinds of DIY stress reduction techniques that are natural (non-drug) – some temporary and one permanent. Know this – that stress does not come from our situation, but rather how we perceive ourselves in that situation. This thinking comes from our paradigm which was formed long ago.

Cleansing Exercises

The simple DIY therapy that generates the most resistance from my clients but has perhaps the widest application and success is the warm-water enema. I had a client gasp when I mentioned this to her. Then she confessed that her grandmother had been urging her and her mother to do an enema once a month.  She also volunteered that her grandmother, who followed this practice, was never sick, yet, she and her mother who scoffed at this therapy were always sick.  This is highly recommended for headaches, fevers, any prostate, uterine imbalances and certainly constipation. What comes out the first time may shock you. Come on, at least read about it.




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