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The foods on our plates can be considered medicine.  These mild remedies can help with minor imbalances.  Major imbalances correct with a LOT of foods, OR with a lesser amount of strong foods, aka herbs.   The more severe the imbalance the stronger remedy needed, and strong remedies don’t taste very good, but usually not very much is required – so they are dosed in capsules.  However, the amount of food we eat in comparison to herbs we take, makes eating the right foods and avoiding the wrong foods important.   A lot of the wrong foods can waylay our attempts to regain health.

The  Blood Type diet is NOT a diet based on an eating philosophy or theory, such as: Paleo, raw foods only, vegan, etc., but rather on actual measurements of the change of blood quality after the ingestion of specific foods.  These changes are related largely to blood type.  So for some blood types, red meat is needful, and others should be avoiding it.  According to my clients it is the most relevant and therapeutic ‘diet’ to avoid inflammatory conditions.    Having given it a try, they come back and report not only weight loss, but how their symptoms wax and wane according to their adherence to the diet.  The foods designated ‘Avoid’ actually cause inflammation (and thus impaired circulation) so should be avoided with ANY inflammatory process, especially within the digestive tract itself.

The Slow Carb Diet is a relatively new diet that focuses on eliminating grains, avoiding an insulin response which promotes deposition of fat, supporting a high metabolic rate, and redirecting food energy to muscle instead of fat.  Because it is designed to minimize insulin, it is very helpful for all blood sugar issues and circulation issues.

The Insulin Resistance Diet is also focused on avoiding an insulin rush.  Anyone with blood sugar regulation (Dysglycemia) issues will do well to incorporate these few rules.

The Keto-Genic-Like Diet is the one that must be followed by anyone with a cancer diagnosis and the reasons are in that link.

Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon is not a diet but rather presents an intelligent way to consider what you eat based on the research of Weston Price.  It promotes culturing foods and corrects ‘politically correct’ thinking regarding the consumption of fats.   (Culturing may render foods that are considered ‘inflammatory’ on the blood-type diet, as non-inflammatory.)  Especially important is the need to properly process grains to avoid ‘gluten intolerance’ or other wheat/corn sensitivities, like weight gain.

But many do not have time for serious kitchen activity because of their lifestyle, so for them I offer some handy Life Style Compensations

Whereas carbo-mania is particularly common amongst those who come to see me,
And whereas certain imbalances (cancer, dysglycemia, ADD, weight gain, high triglycerides) are exacerbated by improperly processed grains (yielding high-glycemic carbs),
And whereas I earn blank stares when I tell folks to reduce their carbs, I have posted some easy low-carb ideas for meals and substitutions.

There are many handy remedies in your kitchen ready to come to your rescue.


Therapeutic kitchen recipes

Here are the Go-To recipes for those getting sick with cold and flu symptoms.

Cabbage Juice for ulcers and other digestive upsets.

Bone Building Soup – make large quantities and freeze in portion sizes.

Or you can make the Easy Therapeutic Broth version for folks too sick or too tired or too busy for kitchen activity.

Cilantro Chelation dip – was inspired from reports that cilantro caused Mercury to be excreted in the urine.

Budwig’s custard came from an anti-cancer therapy in Germany.  It contains the basic therapeutic components of tartness + fat + protein.

Cultured foods like Sauerkraut and Kefir and Kombucha Tea are very beneficial in restoring beneficial gut flora that may have been adversely affected by anti-biotics and anti-fungals.  Kombucha tea may be made with green tea which is beneficial for all blood types.

Drinks can be therapeutic too. The lemon-honey drink is a good substitute for those transitioning off soda drinks, and the broth drinks are life-savers for those suffering digestive debility from medical intervention (chemo/radiation) or food poisoning or any inflammation.


Other homemade natural interventions

The magnesium bowel cleanse helps with constipation due to muscle tension or laxative overuse.

Tooth and gum problems also respond nicely to home remedies.

The garlic douche is a cheap and easy intervention for yeast infections.

Natural deodorant helps avoid aluminum products that some do not want on their skin. It also helps with stinky feet/shoes.

Chia seeds are a wonderful food-like intervention for diabetics.

Here is a collection of sinus interventions.

Detox baths are relaxing and therapeutic.

Foreign Travel kit is a must for a pleasant excursion away from home.


The Gentle Liver Cleanse


4 Responses to Diets, Recipes and Homemade Interventions

  1. Patricia Webb says:

    Where a re the ingredients for the soup for cancer. Thank You.

  2. Jenny says:

    What are your thoughts on food combining? Like fruit alone at least 20 mins before other foods, carb with veggies, meat with veggies, but never carbs and meat because they digest differently? I have insulin resistance so am going to try the insulin resistance way of eating which goes against food combining. Are our bodies more intelligent than that?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jenny,
      Food combining may help some people with very weak digestion….but it doesn’t help everyone. You can try it and see what benefits you realize and adjust your eating habits accordingly.

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