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The two major supporters in the health of the eyes are the liver and the circulationeyesAny strange eye symptoms are usually remedied with herbs that benefit these two functions.  If the eyes are effected equally then it is likely circulation that should be addressed vigorously.  If eye symptoms are only in one eye or affect the eyes differently, then working the liver will give the best results.  In Traditional Chinese Medicine, the eyes are the opening of the liver and as such any eye pathology warns of liver dysfunction.  My clients taught me that the liver-eye connection is very reliable.

If you have had eye problems for a long time, consider doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse at least 2 times a year.

If you have taken lots of pharmaceuticals or OTCs check that link for medication side effects.  In this case, I strongly recommend doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse at least 3-4 times a year to slow deterioration.  Your eyes will tell you when your liver is doing better.

If you also have allergies and joint problems then add MSM (#4059-4) 3B to the Gentle Liver Cleanse .

If you also have chronic lymphatic problems, then consider N-Acetyl Cystine (#509-7) 3B.  Either of these can be added to the Gentle Liver Cleanse. Reduce these with symptoms.



Begin with the Gentle Liver Cleanse then in between the liver cleanse months, do the following:
Gingko Biloba T/R (#898-8) 1B, 1D, Alpha Lipoic Acid (#1505-6) 1B, 1D and N-Acetyl Cystine (#509-7) 1B
If there is suspected nerve damage (don’t believe that it is irreversible) add Nerve Control (#1242-4) 3B, 3D.
And if your eyes are also dry then C. HY-C 3B,3D is a specific remedy for this.
Finally check out the Lymph Drainage and Open the Exits to be sure fluids are able to be carried away from the eye.


Night Vision 

My clients report that Bilberry Concentrate (#74-8) 3B,3D DOES help with night blindness/vision.  Bilberry does help the liver (it is a sour) AND is a vascular anti-inflammatory so both aspects of eye support are covered with this herb.  Reduce dosage with symptoms.



My clients report that anti-oxidants are effective in reducing/eliminating floaters which points to vascular inflammation being the culprit.  Grapine HP (#1699-3) 3B, 3D reducing w/symptoms would be the best place to begin.  You can also rotate with Bilberry Concentrate (#74-8) 3B, 3D or Perfect Eyes 3B, 3D which has many eye-supporting ingredients.  Reduce dosage with symptoms.


Dry Eyes

A reliable remedy for this is C. HY-C.  This Chinese combo comes up for conditions where the adrenals are not sufficiently regulating the body’s fluids/minerals so some areas are dry while others are water-logged (swollen).  If this has been a long standing problem do 3B, 3D for the 1st bottle, 2B, 2D for the second and 1B for the 3rd.  This will fix many underlying problems with moisture mishandling in the body.



Styes are like boils and are a sign of lowered lymphatic drainage around the eye.  To move the fluids in the area simply do rapid blinking whilst moving the eyes in a rainbow arc back and forth, that is from left to right and back again.  Do this until you feel slight fatigue in the eye muscles and then stop.  Repeat every four hours (yup, set a timer).  Topically apply Colloidal Silver Gel.  Also do your favorite liver herbs for the reasons stated above.


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8 Responses to Eyes

  1. Becky Parker says:

    Hi Pat, husband has been diagnosed with blepharospasm….and he cannot keep his eyelids open. He has a couple decent hours in the morning….then they stay closed. It all started with dry eyes..which the doctors say is under control. He is using Restasis twice a day, and taking Bilberry. He is scheduled for botox injections in March. Supposedly, there is no cure….any suggestions that may help. Thanks for sharing your website with us… much good info.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Becky,
      I encourage you both to read this post as many people regret these kinds of medical interventions and have not been told of the possible ‘complications’. There are some questions to ask the doc/surgeon which trusting people don’t think to ask. I wrote that post after hearing MANY sad stories from my clients.
      His situation didn’t develop over night, and there really are no quick fixes – naturally or medically. Even with medical intervention, the surgery won’t take long but the medications and complications and recovery last for a long time.
      He may want to seek alternatives to see how much improvement he can get with ‘something natural’. At least they will address the underlying cause(s) which the surgery will leave unaddressed.

  2. della compu says:

    I have a baffling eye condition, No two doctors agree on what it is, but all are certain surgery is indicated. Vision is foggy, plenty of bitot’s spots, shadow image, inflammation and burning sensation. They day it is not glaucoma, I have peripheral and central vision, but Optic nerve is cupped, retina stretched and cornea thinning. What to do? I have been skirting away from any medical intervention since 2006, but eyesight is hardly improving fast. Thank you for any light you may shed on this subject.

  3. Margaret says:

    I had a sudden onset of blurred vision last Dec. Ended up in ER w BP 190/101. They did lab work and CAT Scans and meds. Sent me home w RX and follow up w Cardiologist, Ophthmology and neurology. I have not been able to control BP and so I have not been able to get a referral to a neurologist. My eyes have changed color from dark brown to no brown – mostly blue/yellow and gray. I got ok on eyes but still have blurring, and often weepy spells not crying just water from eyes oozing out. Have tremendous fear resulting in me no longer driving. I take the bus now. Hence high BP from fear. Always higher in DRS ofc. Lots of emotional energy in all of this. I am 70 and very healthy. All my Lab work is really good. Should I start w liver cleanse and abdominal massage?

  4. Kay Pagano says:

    Pat I went o the eye Doctor today he said that my tear ducks were dryed up and eyes are very dry he wants me to do restasis eye drops morning and night what is your suggestion Thanks Kay Pagano

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Kay,
      Do your eyes hurt? Do you have tears when you cry (that shows that you can lubricate your eyes if needed)? Have you tried natural tears-type drops to see if that helps? Many people are helped with those symptoms by a Chinese hydration formula C. HY-C. You can try doing 6-8/day for a few weeks to see if that helps.

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