Hamer Theory of Disease or the ‘German New Medicine’

German medical researcher/oncologist Ryke Geerd Hamer, M.D. had uncovered the absolute physical proof of the mind-body connection in the development of diseases. (http://www.learninggnm.com/home.html)

He has confirmed, in more than 40,000 case studies since 1981 the following by his empirical studies:

An event that produces an unexpected physical shock called a biological conflict shock will manifest in a visible brain marking on a CT scan.  A biological conflict shock is a real life event that is very acute, traumatic and usually isolating (not easy to discuss or process with others).  The conflict catches us unaware, ‘off guard’ without any time to prepare ourselves.  Often, it is life threatening or fear-inducing news that causes this kind of shock.   The biological conflict shock results in the formation of ring-like patterns on specific brain tissue depending on how the event is perceived.  The organ enervated by that specific brain locus registers a functional transformation.  The circumstances that existed at the moment of the shock become like a set of tracks, replaying some of the aspects of the conflict in our life again and again.

The physical transformation within the brain (called a focus or DHS) leads to a measurable change in physical-nervous parameters of associated organ areas AND to the eventual development of diseases such as cancerous growths, ulcerations, necroses and functional disturbances in those specific organs of the body.  These diseases however are not meaningless mistakes of nature that should be ‘fought’.  Dr Hamer defines diseases as meaningful biological special programs created by nature to deal with particular emergency situations and to restore health and equilibrium after the shock.  As such they are wonderful programs and, if understood correctly, provide the individual with a way to deal with “out of the ordinary” circumstances presented by the biological conflict shock.


Every Disease has Two Phases

Dr. Hamer asserts that every disease can be viewed as a two-phased occurrence (if there is a resolution of the conflict).  At the beginning of the disease process (right after the conflict-shock) a cold, ‘conflict-active’ phase starts.  During this cold phase (1st phase), activity of the sympathetic nervous system predominates.  The shock event results in a constant preoccupation as we subconsciously try to come to a resolution.  Meanwhile changes occur within the affected organ often without symptoms.  Patients in the cold phase of a disease program present with cold skin and cold extremities, obsession w/event, nausea, loss of appetite and weight, and sleep disorders, hypoglycemia and HBP.   These all mean ‘the meaningful biological special program to resolve the stress has started.’

If the conflict is resolved via counseling (or temporarily forgotten), the disease process begins the warm phase (2nd phase) to undo the biological processes needed in the ‘conflict active’ phase and return the individual to health and normal function.  The warm phase is the healing phase of disease, and what we usually identify as an infectious disease.  The warm phase indicators are fatigue, return of appetite, fever, hot sweats, inflammation, swellings, discharges, rashes, so-called allergies and infection.  In this stage, cancers are broken down by microbes or encapsulated.  Necroses or ulcers are filled up, with the help of microbes.  The brain begins to heal, as does the associated organ tissue, which heals to a stronger state than it was before the shock.  In the healing phase edema remains until healing of the tissue is completed, after which the edema is reabsorbed and the final healing is complete.  A diuretic phase eliminates excess liquid from the area and normal health is re-established.  Understanding this process allays symptom-fears and promotes cooperation with nature.  Herbs facilitate this natural process and act like shock-absorbers on the bumpy road back to health.    If the conflict is not resolved, the person will suffer repeated setbacks with each conscious or subconscious remembrance of the initial shock.  The disease slowly progresses.  Doctor’s visits create a diagnosis shock, and uninspired medical intervention leading to death.


The Beneficial Role of Microbes

Microbes are not the cause of the symptoms but rather the optimizers of the healing/warm phase of disease.  All microbes without exception become active exclusively in the second phase, (the warm phase) starting with the conflict resolution and ending with the completion of the healing phase; they work neither before nor after.   Microbes are directed by the brain to reduce the involved diseased tissue, and thus have worked for us, not against us.  Because they are present with disease does not mean they are causative but simply concurrent.

You can use GNM and Dr Hamer’s findings to identify the kinds of shocks or stressors that may be contributing to your imbalances.

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