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Pat Block, CNHP, N.D., D.A.Hom.


About being very sick and dysfunctional

Been there.  Done that.

I am married and have four children all of whom I’ve home-schooled up until college and are now done with college and have their own careers, three married, 10 grandchildren. My first career was engineering (BS Physics, MS EE, Prof Eng Aeroacoustics) and I worked 15 years as an aerospace engineer at NASA where I designed and conducted wind tunnel experiments, collected data, analyzed the data, wrote reports, and presented my findings to my peers. I resigned because of increasing family responsibilities and ill health.

How did I get into this? In 1990 my intermittent problem with visual memory and short-term memory loss became memoryincreasingly incapacitating. I couldn’t remember 4 digits in a row. While traveling in the car I would experience  panic moments of disorientation, not knowing where I was, or where I was going.   In conversation, I found myself unable to remember what I had just said and what I was leading up to, continually asking, “Now, why was I telling you this?”   This affected every aspect of my life.   During this time I also experienced extreme fatigue and chronic viral infections. I often home-schooled from bed and had to instruct the children from there on how to make dinner and do other household responsibilities.  The cognitive disability was in stark contrast to my educational history.  My mind had worked very well for me.

So why not seek medical attention? My personal and family experiences with doctors up to that point had greatly eroded my confidence in modern medicine. I envisioned potentially toxic tests leading to toxic drugs with unwanted side effects and uncertain results. The next step?   Well,…

I sought the Lord and He heard me and delivered me from all my fears.
Psalm 34:4

I began to pursue ‘something natural’ to regain my health.  After a series of coincidences I found the ‘herbal underground’.   I began taking herbs and within three weeks was able to carry on a

Humble Chickweed

Humble Chickweed

normal conversation, remembering what I had been saying, and what point I was making. I was amazed!!

I guess I thought someone as educated as myself would surely have heard that people can eat herbs and get well. Not so, obviously (….well, it has since become apparent that the info has been suppressed by financial interests that influence the FDA.)   So I began searching out the people who knew these things…and the rest is history.  But I am here to say, people eat herbs and get well.

With my newly well-functioning brain, I started to study about herbs, their historical uses, and other alternative healing methods and began working on the health problems of my family and friends with rewarding success.  My own health had been greatly impoverished but through experimenting with something natural, I discovered which ones helped my varied ailments. I have much evidence to date that had I not taken this road, I would likely not be here today.

If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.
Psalm 119:92

My health remains fragile, but I am learning through personal experience how to use the right herbal remedies and non-herbal interventions to function and do all I am called upon to do. I tell my clients, “If I weren’t so sick, I wouldn’t be so smart.”

Dandelion - needs no introduction.

Dandelion – needs no introduction.



I pursued a formal course of study, obtained my Doctor of Natural Medicine (N.D.) from Trinity College of Natural Health, an accredited naturopathic school in 1994 (I’m a certified traditional naturopath CTN, not a medical naturopath.)  I finished a series of classes to obtain my certification as a natural health professional (CNHP).  I’ve also completed the Touch for Health series and advanced courses in Professional Kinesiology Practice, accredited through the International Kinesiology College.  In February 1999, I completed my Doctor of Applied Homeopathy. I received my national certification by the board of the American Naturopathic Medical Association in 2001, and was licensed to practice naturopathy in Washington, DC (until the laws changed.  Virginia doesn’t license naturopaths which is good as the government tends to taint anything it regulates).  However, above all the education I value my clients who showed me how to get them well.   In my office I now see from 30 to 50 people a week who are seeking something natural to feel/get better.  I do nutritional counseling by appointment only.

Finally, my clients taught me that stress was the major factor eroding their health and it was the same in my case.  I pursued various modalities to address stress and wrote a self-help book to help them with what helped me.  I do Theophostic-type and Emmanuel Intervention prayer coaching and assembled my experiences in that book.

Oh, and I thought I’d answer some of the funny personal questions that my clients have asked me over the years. They were curious. You may be too.


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  1. Jeanne Huckabee says:

    Dear Pat,
    I love the website! So much information that will hopefully help me not to
    bother Brenda so much with my questions. I was looking at your information
    on sleep because it’s still an issue for me. I got excited because I thought I
    had some HY-A, but I’m out. I also saw that I may need the Chinese Nervous
    Fatigue Formula as well. Do I need to have the muscle testing for these items
    or can I just purchase the herbs? I haven’t reviewed all of the website yet but
    am greatly looking forward to it. Looking forward to the recipes section. I
    don’t have anything in my diet that I could label as “healthy”. If I could make
    healthy meals that taste wonderful, it would be great. Many thanks, Jeanne

  2. Rod Haines says:

    Any suggestions for ringing in the ears?

  3. Rod Haines says:

    Pat, tried a few things with no success.Went to the doctors and was told there is no way to prevent it. The ringing keeps me looking for some relief. A friend at work suggested your site. Thanks for steering me in the right direction. Rod

  4. Danette says:

    Hi Pat,
    I am very interested in switching career paths from being an RN to becoming an ND or CNHP. As you know, we are moving to CA, and I was wondering if you could clarify a few things that are confusing to me. CA does require licensure for an ND but there seems to be a huge difference in the way you would practice in an unlicensed state v. licensed. It seems like to be licensed by the state you have to take a more traditional (4yr college, state board exam, etc.) route to get there and then set up a practice similar to an MD Dr’s Office. Is that right? What are the disadvantages of this and are there any advantages? I’ve always heard that you DON’T want something like this licensed by the state d/t control over the way you practice. So would it be better to NOT be an ND in a state requiring licensure, and just set up a practice for nutritional couseling with certifications in different areas like homeopathy, natural health, etc? Thanks for any insight you can give me on this. 🙂

  5. Margaret Knight says:

    I will keep reading till my first appointment.
    God bless you!

  6. Ryan says:

    Hi Pat,
    you mentioned that research had been done on ESR. Can you tell me where to find some of these studies?
    Thank you so much.

  7. Diane says:

    What is the name fo the site to check all the drugs out there and what they can do to you again?


  8. I am a Traditional Naturopath in Illinois and stumbled upon your website. Pat, you are a blessing and a gift!!! Thank you so much for putting together such an amazing website. I can see that God is working through you in a major way. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you!

  9. Jim Young says:

    I wanted to compliment you on your web site. If I had two lifetimes, I could absorb it all. Perhaps you know I found out I had prostate cancer last November, and am scheduled for radiology at Riverside next week. I have had some fears about that with reading a lot of stuff about after effects. I have been ruled out for surgery due to being on blood thinners. I did discover something interesting on your site or the links about Lisinopril possible causing pulmonary problems. I have been taking that stuff for 5 years, and recently developed shortness of breath. I will be talking with my doctor at the VA about that next week. In reading around your site, I was impressed about the natural products that I read about. I will be researching more on this in the coming days. As of right now, I have put the radiation on hold till I investigate it further. One ND practioner told me about Coral Calcium and Natures Pearl from Muscadine Grapes in NC. I was looking around your site and did not see anything about these two products. Don’t know if you have heard of them or not. I have read your site about asking for help and agree with it all. Very smart not to waster your time on “tire kickers”. Glad Art is doing better.

    Jim Young 713-0665

  10. Joan Price says:

    I am very interested in making an appointment to start a herbal program

  11. Rachelle says:

    Hi Pat, I was recommended to you by a friend. I have endemetriosis and was told I could not conceive, Would you be able to help? Do you think there is hope. Ultimately it is in God’s hands but I have been taking tramadol for pain and truly believe pharmaceuticals is not the way to be healthy or live.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Rachelle,
      Addressing the underlying cause of why you can’t get pregnant usually results in the ability to get pregnant. A healthy woman can get pregnant. Therefore we always address health. I hate to sound trite but this has worked many times for me. Also I have found the liver to be sluggish in removing hormones from the body. It is best to make an appointment.

  12. Dawn Heading says:

    Pat I was recommened to you by a good friend of mine because I have told by my OBGYN that I have PCOS and I am having a hard time will all the systoms and have tried the meds and they didn’t work. I am over weight and I have been tring to lose some weight without much luck and I feel tired all the time. I would like your advice on what I can try to help me deal with the systoms since there is no cure for it just dealing with the systoms. I have 3 young kids at home and I want to be able to play with them and enjoy my time with them.

    • PatBlockND says:

      This is completely resolvable by addressing the underlying causes. It would be best to schedule a consult and for those options see the client tab above on the navigation bar.

  13. Ruth Butler says:

    Hi Pat,
    I just posted your website to my facebook page. I rarely recommend health related sites.
    The self help book link above says Sorry Page Doesn’t Exist.
    Might you have an updated link to post.
    Thank you for an extremely helpful wesite.


  14. Denee Casto says:


    I recently have had my roller stolen and would like to replace it. I have the ACU-REFLEX SYSTEMS Hard Blue 5 ball roller. I went to the site that you posted in a comment in 2013 and they are selling for 95.00, although you said you had some. I know it’s a long shot due to it being 3 years since that post, however if you still have that specific roller I was wondering how much you would sell it for?


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Denee,
      We are looking into how to go about mailing it. The roller cost is $105. Once we find the shipping cost and you pay us (via Paypal) we will send it out. Let Brenda know if that is what you want to do [].

  15. Kristie Burns says:

    My daughter in law recommended I make an appointment due to recent health issues. Dizziness, very loud ringing in ears and fatique. I would like to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

  16. June Johnson says:

    Dear Pat over the years I have lost your email address, but I remembered your site. I have a question.
    1.Have you ever heard of the violet wand invented by Tesla?
    2. What type of PEMF do you reccomend?
    I am feeling good, not great, no pain and I can maintain all daily living experiences. My memory still is not the best. I continue with Gotu kola and Ginko.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello June,
      Sorry for the delay in my response.
      I look at these devices as only partially as powerful as our own hands. For this reason I have pursued the art of Jin Shin Jyutsu to help balance the energy of the body. I feel that is a superior approach. Good to hear from you again.

  17. Alex Carlson says:

    Hey Pat I wanted to say this publicly. You are a blessing, I wanted to share with you that God has delivered me from everything and I was in the threshing floor. I really respect you and appreciate you not dismissing me, you recognizing my trauma was a huge step to God setting me free and I believe even to forgive.

    I know this is a medical forum, but you are Spirit filled and I believe that is the most important part of all. Your knowing God is a blessing to everyone you meet. I say this not to flatter you as I know pride is scary but I want you to know that you are awesome and a gift to the body of Christ. Its incredicle the mix that faith produces with a beautiful mind. To me this is more important and credible than any diploma, you are genuine and a rare mix that God has blessed us with. God bless you and your family!

    Thank you also for the very reasonable costs and fighting for the common man.

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