Homeopathy is based on biology, physics and solid pharmaceutical laws and fulfills all the criteria of a true science in that it has a theoretical foundation and a set of laws.  Homeopathy is the science of using microdoses to stimulate the self recovery process of the body by affecting the body’s electromagnetic field and thus information pathways within and without itself.  What chaos theory and quantum physics are indicating is that the homeopathic remedy imparts an order to the body, supplying information that directs the chaos toward order.  I like to think of the action of homeopathic remedies as restoring clarity to what may be a fuzzy blueprint that the body has about healing its own self.  Homeopathic remedies deliver the electrical signature (frequencies) of one substance to that of another, namely the body.  Hence, homeopathic remedies pharmacologically produce resonance and informational transference.  The Law of Similars in homeopathy can be viewed as a biological expression of the ‘principle of resonance’ in physics.

The British Medical Journal reported a meta-analysis of the data from 96 published reports of 105 controlled trials evaluating the efficacy of homeopathic remedies.  81 of the trials indicated positive results whereas 24 indicated no positive effects of homeopathic treatment.  Considering that American pharmaceuticals are approved for use with a much worse record than this, homeopathic treatment – which has NO toxic side effects, should be seriously considered to reduce human suffering and improve health.  Furthermore, using muscle response testing to determine a suitable course of homeopathy remedies gives more reliable results.

Homeopathic remedies are highly diluted solutions of naturally occurring substances.  They are non-toxic and 100% safe.  Although the principles of homeopathy predate Hippocrates, they were formalized by Hahnemann, a German physician in the early 1800’s.  Hahnemann protested the brutal healing practices of the physicians of his time and set out to discover “if God had not indeed given some law whereby the diseases of mankind would be cured.”  Since books on homeopathy can be checked out of most libraries, I will leave further explanation of homeopathic principles to those materials.

The homeopathic remedies that I use are preserved with alcohol or glycerine.  A dose consists of 5 to 10 drops taken orally. These drops may be placed in warm spring water to dilute the alcoholic taste.  A dose is taken as directed, at least 15 minutes away from foods.  While taking homeopathic remedies it is best to avoid mentholated (all mints) or camphorated products (Vicks, Halls cough products, TeiFu oils, etc.), coffee and tea.  There is some disagreement amongst experts whether the homeopathic remedies are antidoted by the camphor or menthol substances so it’s better to avoid them if possible.  If an antidoting substance was accidentally (or intentionally) taken, wait 15 minutes and retake a dose.  A homeopathic remedy is reactivated by succussion, that is, to shake by striking (as on the palm of the hand). This may be done prior to dosing.

Homeopathic remedies should be kept away from high-powered electronic and magnetic devices, sunlight and electromagnetic radiation like TV’s, computers, LED’s on clock radios and microwaves.  Again there is some disagreement whether a homeopathic remedy is compromised by these things but it is best to protect your remedy from these things.

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