I do not advertise so you probably got my name from someone who had good results finding ‘something natural‘.   Most people have never been to a practicing traditional naturopath/herbalist and may have lots of questions and possibly misconceptions.  And not all naturopaths practice the same way.  I wrote this to help you decide IF you really want an appointment with me.  IF, after reading ALL this info, you are still interested in an appointment, you can call the answering machine (757) 867-8633 or email my office manager at PatsOfcMgr@aol.com.  Use this email: PatBlockND@yahoo.com.  I will not schedule an appointment unless I have a verbal confirmation that you have read all of this page.    Directions are at the end.  (PLEASE don’t call for directions on the day of your appointment!  I may not be available to help you.)


Read ALL the fine print ;~)

As part of my nutritional counseling, I am researching and documenting non-toxic means of analyzing and restoring health.  Because of this, I charge a nominal fee for the time I will spend evaluating your nutritional needs ($30 for an initial consultation and $20 for each follow-up).  I will be recommending herbal supplements that have been effective in helping others.  The cost of the herbs may range from $50 to $150 depending on the severity of your condition, and the strength of the herbs you need (NOT covered by insurance AND I do NOT take credit cards, although cash transfer via Zelle is a new option).  I love interesting cases as they provide me more data and experience with which to help others.
From my experience I have learned that you should NOT schedule an appointment if….   (or cancel your appointment if…)

1.  you are merely curious about what I have to say,

2.  you don’t have the time to read this entire post BEFORE coming to the first appointment (I must assume that you don’t have the time to invest in your health either – some people just don’t/won’t),

3.  you are not willing to take, or, won’t afford herbal supplements (if you cannot swallow pills read this)

4.  your doctor does not approve of your taking herbal supplements, (Some doctors are supportive, some are not.)  If you are NOT sure how they feel about herbs and you will bide by their opinion, ASK THEM before coming.

5. the controlling influences in your life do not approve of your taking herbs or following my recommendations – e.g. spouse, parents, in-laws, your bill payer or your ride here,  etc.  Lots of opposition wears down your resolve.

6. you are suffering from the side-effects of your drugs and want me to ‘make it better’.  I show you how to look them up here.  Experience has shown that I may not have anything strong enough to help your body deal with them.  However, if we address the underlying health cause that convinced your doc you needed such drugs, you may be able to reduce/eliminate them.   Have this discussion with your medical doc.

7.  you are not willing to follow through for the time (sometimes 4-8 months) that it may take to improve your health and learn how to stop destroying it. (Your health problems didn’t develop overnight.  Time and nutrition are needed to heal and rebalance your body – one layer at a time.)

8.  you are adamantly opposed to making these dietary changes.

If we are a match, I’ll bring all my experience (25+years) and resources to help you.  NOTE: I’m apologizing ahead of time, but if you fail to keep your first appointment or any other appointment without 24 hour prior notice, this is a disservice to others waiting for an opening to see me, and a no-show fee of $20 applies, or, I will refer you to someone else.

Pat Block,  N.D., D.A.Hom.

Your Appointment

The first appointment will be about an hour.  Please come a little early to fill out a short symptom survey.  Please, if possible, find out your blood type ahead of time, so I can recommend a diet that will be very helpful.  I will use several traditional naturopathic tools like Muscle Response Testing  to determine the nutritional intervention and therapies for you. Then, I’ll give you a schedule of what herbs to take along with other educational materials related to my recommendations (all of which are on this site).  I have (and sell) several brands of herbs and supplements with which I have had good results and you will usually be able to get them before you leave  (We don’t take credit cards).   I will set up a follow-up appointment and then my work is done and yours begins.  I do like to work with my clients until their concerns are all resolved AND they feel comfortable being their own herbalist and resolving their problems with ‘something natural‘.   The first appointment and a few check-ups are usually sufficient.  Again, this depends on the severity and persistence of your symptoms, your diet and your drugs.

The Supplements You Are Now Taking

If you are taking dietary supplements you can try not taking them before the appointment, to see if you are able to get along without them.  If you have been taking them for some time, they have likely done all they can do for you.  Big box brands and cheap herbals are generally not good for you for many reasons and can imbalance your body and possibly be toxic taken long term.   And, taking too many supplements can make you sick, just like giving a plant too much fertilizer will make it sick.


If you are taking prescription drugs DO NOT stop taking them prior to the appointment.  Please come with a list of all the medications/OTCs you are taking.  If you are taking more than 2 prescriptions, do the exercise on this post before coming.  If your drugs are causing your symptoms then the only way to completely resolve the symptoms is to eventually go off the drug.  Herbs may be able to help but I have found that ‘help’ is temporary.   This is a discussion you should have with your doc.    The only herbs that might be able to counter a drug effect are the ones that have adaptogenic properties or that detox your liver of accumulated poisons.

Natural Healing Basics 101

…so we are on the same page.  The first foundational principle is the body heals itself.   Your diagnosis indicates that your body has failed to do this for some reason.  The second is that the body’s response is always an intelligent response – that is, what it needs to do to preserve and continue your life.  ‘Symptoms’ are indicators of imbalances and/or efforts of the body to restore balance.

How do we get sick?    Simply put it – we over stress our body, suppress its recovery efforts w/OTCs, insult it with drugs/toxic substances,  provide it too few nutrients to function as it was designed, and add pharmaceuticals to mask intelligent body responses (putting black tape over the ‘service required‘ light).  The body always does the best it can with what is has to work with.  Herbs stimulate the healing process.  My job is to find the herbs your body needs to do its own healing work.

An Analogy:  Imagine that when we were born, $100,000 was deposited into our health checking account.  Through life, we write checks on this account, and hopefully make deposits also.  Health damaging actions are withdrawals – like stress, toxic emotions, drugs or over eating.  Let’s say that each time we over ate, we withdrew $50.  And say every stressful event (illness, job/family problems) or toxic emotion (envy, anger, fear, guilt) was a $100 withdrawal from our health account.  Well, that’s OK when you are young and have a big account to back your check, or if you compensate by making deposits into your account by a healthy diet and herbs, or resolving problems through prayer.  However, when you start having disturbing, recurring symptoms, you are bouncing checks, and it’s time to turn things around – stop making withdrawals and start making deposits.  Herbs are sizable nutritional deposits.  Love, forgiveness and mercy short-circuit the toxic emotion damage.  This is how the body cures itself of even the dreaded cancers and heart disease.  Remember – if you don’t take care of your body, where will you live?!

About the herbs I will be recommending

Herbs are strong or concentrated foods that have certain ‘actions’ on the body.  For example, some herbs have been historically shown to move mucus, or strengthen the heart, or clear the lungs, or improve circulation, or move the bowels or calm the nerves.  Herbs have been used for thousands of years, and if they didn’t work their use would have been abandoned.  Herbal remedies are part of every culture.

As far as ‘vitamins’ are concerned, I do not consider these good for long term supplementation because they are isolates and not whole foods.  Some synthetic vitamins (big box brands) are toxic to your liver.  God didn’t make a vitamin A tree or a vitamin E root.  The whole herb contains not only what we call vitamins and minerals but also synergists needed to utilize the vitamins and minerals.  All herbal products aren’t equal.  Some are diluted with less expensive fillers.  Some are imported from countries, which allow pesticides that are banned in this country.  Be cautious.  Cheap herbs are often impotent and potentially dangerous.  Good quality gives good results.

Do’s, dont’s and factoids (necessary to keep my/your costs down)

  • DO NOT give my name as your ‘primary care physician’ even if you do not go to doctors
  • DO NOT fax any medical records to me, or request ‘medical records’ from me.  My notes from our meetings do not constitute your medical records, rather they are my research notes.  You can keep your own healing journal.
  • DO NOT have medical forms sent to me to fill out and return.  Any action by me that could be construed as medical treatment, records, or advice can potentially pose legal problems for me.    Thank you for your understanding.
  • DO write down your appointment time in several places.  I do not hire extra staff nor purchase software to remind you to look at your calendar.  ‘No shows’ incur the missed appointment fee of $20.
  • DO keep your receipts for your own accounting purposes and do not request we re-issue them.  No insurance plan I know authorizes payment for supplement recommendations made by a non-state-licensed practitioner.
  • DO come prepared with checks or cash.  We do NOT take credit cards or debit cards.  Insurance pays for no aspect of what I do or recommend.
  • DO NOT wear perfume or heavily scented deodorant or body lotions to any appointment.
  • DO respect my neighbors and come into my neighborhood and around my horseshoe driveway SLOWLY.  Do not block the driveway but park on the side yard and come to the front door.

You can read my bio so you see that really sick folks can get well.


(or Search:  102 Kay Circle, Yorktown  23693 )

From I 64   Take exit 256B onto route 171 (Victory Blvd.) towards Poquoson (as if going to Super K). Cross over Rt 17 and Rt 134.  The next light is Big Bethel Rd (Rt 600).  Turn left onto Big Bethel Rd.  (see ->>> below)

From Hampton Take Rt 134 (Magruder) towards Yorktown.  Turn right onto Big Bethel Rd.  After the stop light at Victory Blvd (Rt 171) Bethel road turns into Yorktown road. You’ll see on the left the fire station.  (see ->>> below)

From Hampton  Take Big Bethel Rd north towards Yorktown.  You’ll pass over Rt 134 and Rt 171 (Victory Blvd)  After the stop light at Victory Blvd (Rt 171) Bethel road turns into Yorktown road.  (see->>> below)

From lower Newport News  Take Rt 17 towards Yorktown.  Turn right at Victory Blvd (Rt 171).  The 2nd light is Big Bethel Rd.  Turn left onto Big Bethel Rd. (see ->>> below)

From upper Denbigh & York Co.   Take Denbigh Blvd toward York Co and turn right onto Rt 17.  Take 17 south to Victory Blvd.  Turn left at Victory Blvd (Rt 171).  The 2nd light is Big Bethel Rd.  Turn left onto Big Bethel Rd. (see  ->>> below)

->>>  Take your 3rd right onto Tidemill Rd.  Then make your second right (onto Denise), your first left (onto Pageland) and your first right (onto Kay Circle).  We are at 102 Kay Circle – a white two-story farmhouse with a split rail fence in front.  THERE ARE MANY CHILDREN IN MY NEIGHBORHOOD, THEREFORE DRIVE SLOWLY THROUGH THE NEIGHBORHOOD AND SLOWLY AROUND MY DRIVEWAY.  Enter the driveway next to the mailbox, drive around the back of the house (a horseshoe driveway) and out to the front and park on the side yard  by the “PARK HERE” sign.  Do not park on or block the driveway.  Please come to the front door.

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42 Responses to Must-Read-Before-You-Come

  1. Donna Olson says:

    I live in NY and am interested in scheduling a consultation. How do I go about doing that? I was not intending to leave this as a post but am uncertain how to contact you for an appointment.

  2. Jamie says:

    Hi Pat, My name is Jamie Shaw and i am praying that you can help me. A friend of mine gave me your name. I am unsure of what to do. I am covered from head to toe in hives and angioedema at all times. I was told by an immunologist that it is not my thyroid and that she has no ansewer for me. Do you think you will be able to help? I am so itchy and in pain its really affecting my life. How do i set up an appointment?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jamie,
      All the info you need to set up an appointment begins on this link and continues onto this one.
      There are 2 things I have in mind that may help in the mean time. The first is Grapine HP for inflammation and the second is Eleuthero to help with your self-recovery process.
      Remember, docs are experts in a very small universe, BUT there is life outside of their little universe – where your remedies are likely found.

  3. Tami Eilers says:

    Do I stop taking the supplements you suggested 36 hours prior to my next visit with you, or keep taking them the day of?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Tami, There are advantages to both approaches. If a person has noticed a dif with the herbs and doesn’t want to stop them, then continuing to take them right up to appointmenet time is fine and they are less stressed. Sometimes folks come to their follow-up thinking the herbs have done nothing for them. But if they stop them for a few days, that shows them otherwise. Sometimes folks run out of the herbs a few days before the appointment, and make that determination. I used to think it would be better to test folks if they hadn’t taken their herbs for a few days. I’ve since learned that the body is smarter than that, LOL. Thank God He put such intelligence in the body – we’d all be lost without it.
      I realize this is a non-answer, but you are free to do it either way and it won’t affect our results when you come.

  4. Jenifer says:

    Hi there! Im hoping you can help or recommend someone who can. We are a family of 6 and all very healthy. We eat well and take care of our bodies. However my son developed an ear infection a week or so ago that I treated with garlic and Mullien. The ear infection is clear but his hearing is not back fully. Im worried he may have pushed a piece of cotton into the ear canal. Ive looked but can’t see around the bend! I could take him to a allopathic Doc that my ins will cover but they always give me grief about the fact that we do not vax. Plus, I would really like to have a naturopthic general practitioner. None of us has needed a doc in almost 4 years, but, when we do, we need someone we can trust and that has our well being on mind, rather than simply treating symptoms with drugs. Im not sure if your a GP or a more specialized doc. If you can take us, that would be great. If not, maybe you have a recommendation? No one is sick per say…..just need ears/hearing checked. Thanks for your time!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jenifer,
      The underlying cause of the ‘ear infection‘ was likely not addressed by those remedies so it remains. The same underlying cause is affecting the hearing, and that is lymph stagnation. In the winter that is often caused by nervous contraction which impairs drainage. So the etiology goes like this: cold=> nervous contraction=> slow lymphatic drainage=> acid tissue conditions=>tissue breakdown=>infectious assistance.
      Sometimes people need herbal nerve relaxers and sometimes lymphatic drainers. So you may want to try those kinds of things.
      My bio and the consult link explain how I work. Pat

  5. Sarah says:

    Dear Pat,

    Did you receive my first comment?

    Thank you,

  6. Sarah says:

    Dear Pat,

    I looked in my spam file and did not see it.
    Would you please send it to my email, again?

    Thank you,

  7. Angela Holland says:

    Hi Pat,

    I just wanted to send you a huge thank you for all of the information that I have gotten from your website. You are loaded with fantastic information! I feel very blessed to have found your information.

    Thank you again!


  8. Cynthia B. Trower says:

    Hello Pat,

    You come highly recommended. I have read your information and have a clearer understanding of how you offer your services. I look forward to meeting you.

    Thank you,

    Cynthia Trower

  9. Annie Baker says:

    Hi Pat! A friend recommended you to me. I saw a practitioner who was “passing through” VA Beach, and during her healing session, she recommended that I see a homeopath for environmental/heavy metal toxicity clearing. I see that you are a naturopath vs a homeopath, but still wanted to ask if you deal with those issues too, and how.
    Thank you for your response!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Annie,
      Well I have a degree in homeopathy but I don’t use it very much as I find that the herbs are longer lasting and homeopathy can be quick, but temporary.
      I don’t do toxicity clearing per se. I do muscle test the body to see what the intelligent body wants as far as a course of remedies is concerned. If your body isn’t prepared to move toxins, it is not a good idea to do so. Perhaps you could ask your friend how I work for a better idea.

  10. Dave Sebring says:

    Strong praise for your insight! To help my sleeplessness, you prescribed herbs to help my pancreas and small intestine on Friday. Coincidentally, my family doctor annual exam was the next Monday. She was not familiar with eating for blood types but agreed there could be benefits. She also agreed with MY goal to reduce or eliminate the meds I now take for reflux, joint pain, and blood pressure and even proposed a tapering off on them at a later date.

    Bottom line…I’m seeing side benefits in addition to sleeping better although not without a sleep aid. Post nasal drip is much better, my joint pain is nearly gone, swelling in hands is greatly reduced. After one week!! Thanks a million. I look forward to my next visit with you.

  11. Dave Sebring says:

    Must give you positive feedback. The herbs you gave me Friday were right on target. Two nights in a row now of good, restful 6 hour sleep. I hope I’ll have a chance to repay your willingness to help people feel better. Thanks again for seeing me and Lauren on short notice. Stay well….
    Dave & Lauren

  12. jamie says:

    Hello Pat.

    I am writing after reading your information to ask you if you have experience with MTHFR gene mutations and infertility. I’ve been struggling with infertility for 5 years now but the first is a new diagnosis and I just have no idea where to start with it.

    Thank you,

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hi Jamie,
      I have worked with people knowingly or unknowlingly with so called ‘gene mutations’ and infertility. It does not change the way I find a course of remedies because with MRT, the intelligent body selects what it wants. It has nothing to do with my ‘experience’. Also, there are emotional and physical reasons why a woman cannot get pregnant. I wish you the best.

  13. Sandra Layton says:

    Hello I received your name from a good friend of mine. I’m hoping you could help me. I have had psoriasis for years and years now. I have done creams, ointments, shampoos, tanning and now injections. the injections finally worked however is giving me infections every time I take them. I’m trying to find something natural that wont have the serious side effects that the injections have. Please help. Thank You. Sandra

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Sandra,
      These kinds of skin imbalances come from the inside, and topicals may help the skin heal faster (or make it worse) but the results will be short-lived unless the underlying imbalances are addressed. Plus, the underlying imbalances which prevented this from being resolved will likely be contributors to other imbalances which may not have yet manifested. I’d be happy to try to help you. Please read the ‘must read‘ under the client info tab in the navigation bar.

  14. William A. Spells Jr says:

    I am really interested in trying natural healings I need a change in my life, because I am tired of taking medication that causes other side effects.

  15. Maureen Adams says:

    Hi Pat, I have to break down and finally make an appointment with a family doc and am expecting he may recommend a chest x-ray, which I will avoid at all cost. But after 4 weeks of discomfort I’m just not sure what else to do. Spring shed cleaning and shaking out a dusty cover, unmasked (stupid!), caused me to inhale whatever was on the cover… dust, mold? Now with a heavy chest and some difficulty breathing I am getting increasingly more concerned; one ok-day, one not-so-ok day, etc… Coincidentally, I am also in week 4 four of the GLC if that has any relevance. The past several months have been full of emotional turmoil and profound loss, from which I am prayerfully beginning to recover and that certainly is relevant. Like you, my confidence in conventional medicine has eroded to a nub which has left me with very few options I’m comfortable with. Yours is one of the only opinions I still value. Thank you!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Maureen,
      Very sorry to hear about your loss.
      According to Traditional Chinese Medicine the emotion of grief weakens the lungs. I would consider first doing Distress Remedy and the ESRs.
      Then C. Lung Support is for this kind of grief. Take liberally.

      • Maureen Adams says:

        Thank you, Pat. I will get the herbs and work on the ESR. Ok to continue the Nutri-Calm? EO’s?
        Update… With the heaviness I’ve had in my lungs I was reluctant to attempt any deep breathing. But following your links, I ended up at the abdominal massage page, and for beginners you mention diaphragm breaths. I decided to try it, repeating it several times over the course of a few hours. Last night, that scary, heavy feeling has been reduced by at least 50%! After 4 solid days of that awful weight, I can’t believe the relief I feel, physically and mentally. Does this surprise you? I am thrilled and will keep it up! Bless you, Pat!

  16. Delores J. Jones says:

    Hi my name is Delores, and I’ve been having problems with shortness of breath, and some tightness in my chest I’ve got a EKG and and other test done, and heart problems are ruled out so now there are setting me up with a doctor to see if it may be my lungs, and I’m always tied all the time. I was told by a friend that does cupping therapy on me that you could help. Could you possibly help me with my problem.

  17. Dennis Parks says:

    Hello.Had liver transplant 1994.have been on immunos for rejection.Also diabetic.These have caused kidneys to increases in creatine levels.I have reduced the immunos in the last two years.In reading instructions it says i have to come off off meds.Can you still help as i may not be able to come off immunos.Thank you Dennis.

    • PatBlockND says:

      There is no need for you to come off all drugs before herbs will help you. I commend you for identifying the side effects of the ones you are taking. If you need drugs, you need them, and we just do the best we can to help your quality of life.

  18. Dawn says:

    Hi. I was given your name from a friend. Do you do recommendations for animals? Our dog was diagnosed with a fungal infection (Blastomycosis) nearly a year ago. We have done everything to save her and she’s still on meds. A friend gave us your name.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Dawn,
      Sorry for the delay. My website was hacked, then an update crashed it, and I wasn’t getting notifications of posts.
      If it were my dog I’d be giving it Black Walnut and a grain-less diet.

  19. Suzanne Holt says:

    Hi Pat, I’ve just read your must read page, (and some of the other pages) and I am very excited to have found you, (you were recommended by my friend/PT). You are exactly what I am looking for. I have used herbs all my adult life, so am very happy to see that you use them. In also love the fact that you know the body heals itself if given the proper nutrition. I am very much looking forward to meeting you and getting me on the right track with nutritional healing.

  20. Michelle says:

    Hello Mrs Pat love your insight and wisdom I have a high blood pressure issue. I do exercise regular and diet is pretty good going through menopause and not sleeping well, and I know I am stressed but currently doing a liver cleanse….I will be setting an appt asap looking forward to seeing you!

  21. David Lively says:

    Hello I would like an appointment as soon as possible just been diagnosed with low blood numbers from white count red count hemoglobin symptoms fatigue blurred vision.

    I’ve been given a treatment to begin the end of November which doesn’t sound fun at all

  22. Mark says:

    I’ve been there in the past, years ago. Can I see you again for another health issue? Do I need to schedule as New Client even though you have helped me with my Celiac Ds?

  23. Bishop Read says:

    My name is Bishop Read,I am a retired Urologist and have been referred by Sarah O’Dorisio.I was diagnosed with an Agiosarcoma of the rt cheek last July, and have had 4mos of Taxol chemo and Radiation of my face with electron beam. follow up ct scan last week revealed multiple cystic metastasis in my liver. Liver biopsies are being scheduled to do nuclear analysis to determine the best treatment option. In the mean time I have discussed other treatments with sarah and would like to see you for your recommendations and especially diet recommendations.My liver function tests are normal and I feel good and appetite is good! Looking forward to your reply.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Bishop,
      Please call the office to set up an appointment.
      Your best treatment option is improving your own body’s responses, not only to the presenting imbalances but also to the medical treatment. Glad you are feeling well, but your imbalance markers are legion. ;o(

  24. RHonda Garcia says:

    Hi Pat,
    I believe I have fibromyalgia. My ribs are constantly feeling inflamed. I also feel “swollen” inside. I am sure it could be in my food, but I am not sure. I do have hemochromotosis, therefore, I am kept anemic to keep my iron down to a level that I am anemic. I feel tired a lot and I just have no energy. I have to watch taking any supplements with iron. I need help.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Remember RULE#1: Stop causing your problem. So get strict on your blood type diet. Sometimes making these changes alone will produce profound results. Consult with the app for the smart phone ‘Eat Right 4 Your Type’
      For a phone or email consult, please read this. Then download the consult intake form, fill it out and sign it.


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