Muscle Response Testing

After being muscle tested most people are naturally curious about how it works.  They are pleasantly surprised that there is a way to find out how to help their body move toward better health.  I was intensely curious about it.  In fact, when I first saw Dr. Whitman muscle testing someone in my nutrition class, I thought there was some trick to it.  I studied him closely to find out ‘the trick’.  At the end of class I asked to be muscle tested to find ‘the trick’.  I couldn’t understand why I was not able to hold up my arm when he touched my thyroid.  I said, “There’s nothing wrong with my thyroid. Do that again!”  He did.  Then he gave me some kelp to hold and when he touched my thyroid, my arm was strong (i.e. I could hold against his pressure).  It was bizarre.  I had him do it several times (well, that what scientisis do).  It was repeatable and I couldn’t influence the results.  I was nagged with the thought: How does that work?  Was this a mind game?  Was there a physiological explanation?  Spiritual explanation?  Could it be demons?

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter; the honor of kings to search it out.
Prov. 25:2

Dr. Whitman was a Baptist minister.  He was taught muscle response testing by a devout Amish farmer who spent his entire Saturday in prayer and Bible study.  I didn’t really accept the possible demonic explanation, but would surely have that question posed to me.  I know that when some people see things they don’t understand they tend to attribute it to evil forces.  The Pharisees of Jesus’ day did the same thing (Matt 12:24-35) – a gross error on their part.

My next encounter with muscle testing was in a ‘body works’ class taught by Dr. DeHaan.  His dad was a missionary to South America who had to return due to his wife’s illness.  Dr. DeHaan believes God led his dad to someone who did muscle response testing and who was instrumental in saving her life.

If your law had not been my delight, I would have perished in my affliction.
Ps. 119:92

So, how does it work?  I attended several courses in muscle response testing and began studying the electrical properties of the body – which fascinated me since I have degrees in both physics and electrical engineering.

I applied my heart to what I observed and learned a lesson from what I saw.
Pr. 24:32

Research in the body’s electrical properties is not scarce.  Useful references are The Body Electric and Cross Currents by Robert Becker, MD, Biologically Closed Electric Circuits by Bjorn Nordenstrom, MD, and The Fields of Life by Harold S. Burr.  There are others.  Some of the ‘strange but true’ facts about the body are as follows:

  1. Electric currents have been measured on living organisms including humans.  These currents traverse living things in specific channels.  The character of these currents (amplitude, frequency and phase) is reflective of the health or disease of certain organs or groups of organs.
  2. Muscles respond to electric current.  Ask any one who has received an electric shock how much control they had over their movement while the current went through their muscle.  Or recall the biology experiment in which electrodes are placed between the muscles of a frog’s leg.  This current created spastic movement of the leg (while detached from the frog).
  3. Electric currents produce electromagnetic fields, and electromagnetic fields induce currents in conductors.  Why does a cordless phone or a cell phone ring when nothing touches it?  Because things that we cannot see (the electromagnetic fields) influence things that we can see (the phone).  For example, a current in a wire will deflect a magnetized needle as found in a compass due to the electromagnetic field produced by the current.  Because we conduct current we are conductors.  We have current already flowing in us, thus we have an electromagnetic field around us which corresponds to our current which corresponds to our health.  The NIH has called this the Biofield.  This also means that the totality of our being does not end at our skin surface, but includes an invisible field around us.
  4. When there is an attempt by the body to heal its own tissue, a local increase of blood flow and electrical activity are found in that area. Electrical coronas have been observed around various pathologies and inflammatory processes in the body.  People can often feel heat radiating from the body as the result of tissue injury, etc.  As a conductor is brought near to the pathology (or ‘alarm spot’ – in muscle testing jargon) the electrical current is conducted away or drained from the body.  This current drain changes the total body current much like any high current device, like a compressor, causes the lights to momentarily dim in your house.  Would one say that spirits dimmed the lights?  No, because you understand that process.
  5. Muscles respond to the body’s own electric current. When an alarm spot is approached, the body loses energy.  All the muscles weaken slightly and any muscle can be tested to determine if a weakness exists. This is called muscle response testing.
  6. Many other things can change the currents in the body (which also affect the muscle response): OUR THOUGHTS (this is why a lie detector works), stress (lying, fear), food, external electromagnetic fields, such as the TV or high voltage lines, etc.  This too is measurable.  Some things have a strengthening effect and others a weakening effect and almost all of these are subtle and difficult to sense within us.  The muscles however, are useful detectors of the effect of various agents on the body’s current.   As I demonstrated in my office, the position of the hand on the top of the head produces a change difficult to sense within the body, but easy to demonstrate using your muscles.  This feature is useful to find supplements supportive of the body’s nutritional weaknesses.

There is no doubt more to the matter than I have attempted to put forth here. Hopefully this satisfies some of your curiosity.

Teach me and I will hold my tongue; and cause me to understand wherein I have erred.  Job 6:24

There are some pitfalls to Muscle Response Testing of which practitioners and clients should be aware.

And there are some techniques that you can use to test yourself.



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