My clients taught me how to get them well.  And they said that THE TWO most important ingredients needed to get well are (1) energy, and (2) circulation. From the strangest diagnoses to death’s door they wanted herbs/therapies to improve energy production & regulation, AND, to improve blood flow to all parts of the body.

Now that they have taught me this principle in a parade of cases, I repeat this lesson back to them. So here IT is.

The first symptom of any illness is fatigue.

We may not know what has been going on inside but when the body starts to fix it, we feel like someone pulled our plug.  If you address the fatigue, then the illness can resolve, AND, the illness will not go any deeper into the body.  On the other hand, if you ignore your fatigue (or prop yourself up with stimulants) and keep pushing yourself, disease will invade deeper into the body where it becomes more and more uncomfortable, and takes longer to remedy.   (How do you know a young child is getting sick?  Lethargy!)

Important: If you have a serious diagnosis AND you have fatigue, you will remain stuck in that diagnosis until you can provide your body with the energy and nutrition needed to heal itself.  I’ve seen this over and over again.  Let me call it The Law of Fatigue.

Think of it this way. Your body has an energy budget.  Fatigue tells you that you are LOW on funds.  It cannot expend what it does not have or cannot make from food.  However, it will cannibalize muscle for the creation of energy for critical functions via inflammation, and the person will likely lose their muscle to improve the chances of survival.

To improve the funds in your energy account we must rely on digestion, particularly the liver and small intestine function, and usually they were compromised long ago.   Stress, drugs, and radiation are major destroyers of our body’s ability to extract nourishment from food.  An indicator of poor digestive capacity is lack of appetite and/or nausea.  THE starting point on the road back is the easy therapeutic broth drink, NOT protein powder shakes, NOT canned liquid meals, NOT raw juicing, and NOT smoothies.  In this state people need real food, in a mostly broken down form, and, in an easily assimilable form to begin the process of encouraging proper digestive function and repairing small intestine lining.  This requires a low pH and digestible animal protein, respectively.  This is a similar approach to the Budwig custard = acid+protein+fat.  Try to get down at least 1 quart of the broth/day.  If you have difficulty even swallowing, the Creative Dosing post has some ideas.  If you can’t keep anything down, use a straw to put a little in your mouth and just trickle it down to your stomach, then wait 5-15 minutes and repeat.

Next is to enlist the help of microbes (often decimated by antibiotic/antifungal use) that reduce your foods for you into vitamins and many other life-saving, energy-providing substances.  The contents of your intestines is supposed to teem with microbes which are indispensable in the extracting-energy-from-food process.  To this end begin adding fermented/cultured foods to the diet like cabbage juice (for inflamed/ulcerated guts), kefir, real sauerkraut, etc.  See Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon for other ideas on cultured foods.  These concepts are explained in the Bio-Remediation post.  Usually people with chronic fatigue don’t have energy for food prep so you can begin with commercially available meat stock (see broth recipe) and commercially available kefir.

Maintaining a good environment inside the intestines so your enzymes work and the microbes get established is also needed.

Next is to provide the microbes food and soothe the inflamed intestinal mucosa.  Besides loss of appetite and nausea, an inflamed intestinal lining manifests with diarrhea or gut pain or cramping.  To help resolve this add 2 teaspoons of Everybody’s Fiber (#1336-6) to the quart of broth drink. This is soluble, non-irritating fiber. Adjust the recipe to your liking remembering the important role of cravings.  The what to do when getting sick doc has spice suggestions.

Next, to avoid draining your energy account needlessly, DO NOT EXERCISE.  Spending your precious energy on useless limb movement at the expense of vital organ repair is uninspired.  The best exercise for you until you have energy to spare is slow deep breathing several times a day. If you want movement use a Chi Machine (passive exerciser) or a Rebounder.  Do not overdo either of these.  A ‘little bit but often’ is the best use of these devices.

Another consideration is blood quality and since liver function is likely compromised there are electro-medicine devices that serve to energize the blood.  These kinds of devices resolve chronic fatigue.

As appetite returns do not eat any raw foods (veggies or fruit).  Continue on the broth drink and add EnergV(#875-8) 3B 3D and follow your Blood Type diet for now.   After your energy returns and you feel like you are living again do the Gentle Liver Cleanse and follow appropriate recommendations on this website for your particular condition.

Remember, when your fatigue returns, slow down and do the parts of this program that you intuit did you the most good the first time around. Do NOT push through.

Oh, and if you feel the need to exercise, begin with cleaning the house and then the yard so your surroundings are pleasant.  This will have the expected side-effect of raising your mood.  THAT is useful exercise.  Once this is accomplished, help others in need.  This will also raise the mood and it’s cheaper than a gym membership.


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  1. Anne Dail says:

    I need this. Have Shingles now. seen the Dr. again on Fri 2/10. Then to the Phy Therp. for why my back has stopped me for many months. Now I am beginning to feel discouraaged, but still have faith. not doing much. when I can handle the trip to u, Ill call for appoint. Shingles have reached their peak. yesterday. 2/4 Sat. Be blessed always, Anne Dail

  2. stephanie nova says:

    You solved the mystery of why there is chronic inflamation in my body.After consuming therapeutic broth ( homemade w organic chicken and veggies) with generous spoonfuls of slippery elm for the past five days, my chronic 24/7 lower back pain disappeared! The psorasis which covered 60% of skin is nearly gone!My joints feel so much better. I ordered kefir grains to help rebuild my “gut”.l am listening to my body.It will let me know when to slowly introduce solid food. I thought l had good health habits…I quit drinking alcohol and coffee..stopped smoking six months ago.. With a few exceptions I follow the type A diet. I practice chi-gong twice a day. I tried to heal my gut with raw fruit @ veggies and became too yin. ( Always seek advice) thankyou thankyou Pat

  3. Sarah Godfrey says:

    Dear Pat,

    I have Multiple Sclerosis (MS)

    I also have a hyper-extended left leg which bothers me a great deal.
    Both of my legs are bothering me when it comes to walking. My balance is not very good. My vision has also been attacked by this disease. However, I do believe my body can be restored from this disease.

    I believe you can help me after reading information on your website.

    Do you think you can help me?

    Thank you,

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Sarah,
      A helpful analogy to understand MS it to look at it as a person driving with the parking brake on ALL the time. All manifestations relate back to nervous contraction…of the muscles, of the blood vessels, of the lymphangia. The resultant build up of wastes in the tissue create the nerve sensations and damage. The pain is often from decreased blood supply to the tissue. The more you move, the more blood is needed to the tissue. When blood is impaired we begin to lose muscle control. Some practitioners relate it back to heavy metal toxicity, but if the exits are blocked due to nervous contraction you won’t be able to get rid of them.
      The client link gives you all the info you need if you want me to help you.

  4. Katie Watson says:

    Hi Mrs. Block,
    I have been feeling lately like my body needs “cleaning out,” and was wondering if you would recommend this for that even though I’m not “sick.” I am thinking of doing the easy broth drink at first and then moving to the gentle liver cleanse. Does that sound like a good plan? Would you modify it in any way?
    Also, I see that I should not eat raw foods right away once I am coming off the broth drink. Since I am blood type A, that may be a little difficult since I’m supposed to eat mostly veggies & legumes. Any suggestions for some foods that would be good for me during that period?
    Thank you!

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Katie,
      A very gentle digestive rebuilder for your blood type is the broth drink with your beneficial veggies lightly cooked so as to break down most of the cellulose. You can soak your legumes for several days and cook them and blenderize them into your broth to make a more hardy fare. Soak the nuts for several days too. You can do all foods except the ‘avoids’.
      The Gentle Liver cleanse can be done at the same time.


  5. Debbie Iannuzzi says:

    Dear Pat,

    I am a 50 year old female. I have constant numbness and tingling in my right arm that radiates up to my jaw, cheek and the top of my head. This is the same side of my body that I had 36 treatments of radiation for breast cancer five years ago. I had xrays of my cervical spine and shoulder which did show disc space narrowing and of course degenerative changes. Do you think this could be the result of nerve damge? If so is there a supplement you would suggest

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Debbie,
      Yes I agree with the cause being the radiation because I have seen this many times. But a more important question is: Have you addressed all the causes for the manifestation of cancer in your body in the first place?
      When a worrisome symptom or unexpected diagnosis appears on our doorstep, our natural response is: Why is this (symptom) happening?  Or, how did I get this (diagnosis)?  What did I do ‘wrong’ to get this?  And we spend a lot of mental energy trying to come to terms with the causes of the problem and its best solution.
      But a better question, which springs naturally from the intelligent body paradigm, and, which may actually give better direction towards a solution, is: Why didn’t my body fix this before it got to this point?  Because if it is true that the body fixes or heals itself, then wha happened?  The short answer is that the innate healing forces and powerful rectifiers of disease have be thwarted…and probably for quite a while.  And to thwart them does more to bring about an unnerving diagnosis than all the causative factors you can think of. 
      Having said that, people seem to respond well to the cold laser to address the deep damage that radiation does. For specific nutritional support it is best for both of us if you set up a consult.

  6. Linda says:

    I have Crohn’s and have had two colon resections. It causes much diarrhea. I want to do the liver cleanse, but am concerned regarding step 3 Enviro. Any suggestions?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Linda,
      You may want to consider a few things first. (1) Follow the diet according to your blood type. The smart phone app is more up-to-date than the book. (2) Take some demulcent herbs to soothe the inflammation like Aloe Vera FD 2B, 2D (not the liquid) and Grapine HP 2B, 2D.
      Since the toxins will be going through the intestines, it is best to have your mucosa in tact and not so inflamed before doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse.


      • Linda says:

        Thank you so much, just ordered both of them and I will let you know the progress. Wanting to do the Liver cleanse for sure as I seem to becoming allergic to more and more things these days.

  7. Susan says:

    I have started following alot of your advise, and last week started the blood type diet (o negative). My intestinal issues are much improved, but I have absolutely no energy and feel extremely light-headed. I have my first appointment with you in early October, and am wondering if there is something else I should be doing in the meantime.
    Thank you,

  8. Susan says:

    I have also started oil pulling-could this be the culprit?

  9. Susan says:

    Do you recommend that I stop the oil pulling?

  10. Susan says:

    Thank you, Pat. I have all of the ingredients for the broth at home. My only question is the vinegar-according to my blood type diet I should avoid vinegar.
    Is it okay for me to have kombucha?

  11. Susan says:

    I made the broth last evening…it is really quite tasty. And did my first abdominal massage. I slept all night, which does not happen very often!

  12. Susan says:

    I just want to feel better! This almost feels like the flu-body aches, chills etc, but has been going on since Saturday.

  13. Shaunette says:

    Hi. I stumbled across your site due to mouth pain. I love everything I’m reading. I have chronic fatigue and a bad psoriasis spot on my leg. Where do I begin and is there a starting place on the site because I’m skipping all over reading different parts.

  14. alicia ferenc says:

    Do u treat mold toxic

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