Our body is a conductor of electricity.  Our tissues act like liquid crystals.  We can store static charges or EMF induced voltages within our tissue which affect our nervous system primarily (and since the nerves control things…).  How do we collect these charges is as important a question as is why we cannot discharge them.  ground


Collecting charges

Have you ever walked across a room and shocked something (especially in the winter when the air is dry and you are wearing heavier shoes with thicker soles)?  As you walked along the rugs your shoe friction collected and built up a charge and you did not dissipate it because you were insulated by shoes and dry air.  When you touched the faucet, zap, you discharged.  Then, you went about and gathered more static charge.
Friction between fabrics also creates static charge.  Remember the science experiment when you rubbed a non-conducting rod against a wool or polyester fabric and then were able to use it to pick up little pieces of paper?  If you discharged the rod (or it discharged through you with time), that attraction would be gone.  The friction that occurs wearing layers of synthetic clothing that rub against each other or while tossing and turning on our synthetic fabric bedsheets also causes a buildup of static charge within our bodies.

We are also, as conductors (thus natural antennas) affected by electromagnetic fields that are all around us – from cell phones, wireless devices, household or office 60Hz, etc.  These produce measurable voltage increases within us which may affect bodily functions depending on our vulnerability.  People who are sensitive to the effects of these voltage increases may consider wearing a diode.

These ionic disturbances should dissipate with time, but with the increase of EMFs in our environment and prevalence of synthetic clothing we build up charges much faster than ever before and then insulate ourselves from discharging them.  The tissue most likely to register the effects of these currents is our nervous system.

The presentation of a person so affected by these unseen phenomena is generalized inflammation,  ‘failure to calm’, heart rate variability, sleep disorders related to nerves (vs other contributors) and any nervous system inflammation.


Discharging the built up charges

The solution is discharging or earthing or grounding yourself. This will produce a wonderfulearthing calming affect on the autonomic nervous system (which affects automatic functions …like heart rate) for those with any nervous system inflammation or who are sensitive to these buildups.   Earthing or grounding also provides negative (anti-inflammatory) electrons from the earth.  Basically your bare skin must come in contact with earth – no substitutions but many methods.  Here are a few:

  1. Soak in the ocean or bury your feet in wet sand (this sounds wonderful but not practical on a daily basis).
  2. Dr Christopher encouraged walking in the wet grass barefoot first thing in the morning.
  3. Drive a copper pipe into the earth (about 18 inches) and run a wire (that is securely fastened to the pipe) into the house to another copper pipe/screen or other conductor which can be put in contact with your bare skin.  In the winter this can be tucked into your clothing or socks, etc.  Disconnect yourself with threat of lightening strike to the ground – just in case – although Beck cites a case where a lightening strike had a serious curative effect.
  4. Purchase or make any of the devices that plug into your household ground, but first make sure your house wiring is truly grounded.  There are meters that you can plug in to your electrical outlets to verify this. cf  www.lessemf.com

The Address the Stress page describes how our nerves respond to changes in the surrounding electromagnetic fields (produced by emotions).  This is also true for EMFs which build up static charges within our body.


Herbal Intervention

APS II  2B, 2D helps reduce the inflammation that makes these people vulnerable,  Nerve Control 2B, 2D provides ingredients to repair nerves and Eleuthero or Siberian Ginseng 2B, 2D helps with adaptation.  5 HTP (#2806-4) 2B, 2D which helps neurotransmitters has also proven helpful.  Once down-regulated, see how little you can get by with to maintain low vulnerability and ability to calm.


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