Edward Bach M.B., B.S., D.P.H. was a physician and bacteriologist in England.  In his practice he observed that the same medical treatment did not always cure the same disease in each patient. However, patients with the same mindset or personality would often respond the same way to the same treatment.  One of his major contributions to natural healing was his finding that the personality of the individual was more important in determining a course of remedies than the state of the physical body.

When Dr. Bach treated patients according to their individual temperaments, he obtained dramatic results.  He found that by simply normalizing the mind, a sick body would correct its own illness.

Bach proposed that there were several moods or temperaments that were evident in those who were sick.  He identified them as fear, terror, worry, indecision, uncertainty, indifference, apathy, doubt, discouragement, over-caring, weakness, impatience, self-distrust, over enthusiasm, pride or aloofness.  He identified certain flowers essences that were able to address these emotional imbalances much like herbal remedies helped physical imbalances. The 38 flower essences that he used have come to be called the ‘Bach Flowers’ which work similarly to homeopathy.

Since that time others have found ‘Flower Essences’ that helped with other emotional stresses and imbalances.  Children with apparent emotional imbalances respond very well to these kinds of remedies.  You can read more about the emotional characteristics of each of the Bach Flowers.

The Custom Remedy you have received is taken 5 to 10 drops under the tongue 2-5 times a day between meals (at least 5 minutes away from meals).  Often the best time is upon rising and retiring.  When the bottle is ½ full, it is important to replenish the remedy in the following way.  Add spring water to about ¼ inch of the bottom of the neck.  The bottle is shaken by firmly striking it 50 to 100 times against a hard surface.  This potentizes the solution.  This shaking is only done after dilution.  Continue to take the remedy 2-5 times/day.  As it gets to the halfway mark dilute it and strike firmly again.  The bottle should be kept away from sunlight and electromagnetic radiation like TV’s, LED’s on clocks and microwaves, and magnets.  If you feel that the Custom Remedy is no longer working as it did at the beginning and that you still need it, I will need to recharge it.

In my practice I find it rare that someone does not noticeably respond to a Bach Flower in a profound way.  My clients tell me that they get better results with the Bach Flower that I make them than their prescription anti-depressant.  Amazing finding, Dr. Bach.

©Pat Block ND 2007


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