Abdominal Massage Diagram

Below are the steps referred to throughout this site.  NOTE: There is no more CD, which perhaps was only marginally effective as folks reported that my voice put them to sleep.   The beginner section is steps 1-5 which should be done for a week or so to loosen and clear the lower ab bowl so the stomach can come down where it belongs.  The beginner section helps the lower pelvic (bladder prostate, rectum, etc); the advanced helps the stomach, which in turn relieves the chest (heart), snoring, swallowing difficulties and other discomforts described on this site.  Here are the written instructions.


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  1. Ernalee says:

    #4 and #10 in your directions (above) refers to ‘jello’, does this mean that you shake the area like it wiggles like a bowl of jello?

  2. Ivones says:

    I like this website. I use abdominal massage for my research. and may I take your diagram picture for my leaflet?
    Im nurse by the way,,

  3. Laura says:

    would you do the same procedure on pregnant ladies or alter the massage for them?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Well Laura, it depends.
      If this is a high risk pregnancy, that is, the woman has had problems holding on to her babies, I would say definitely NO. She needs other interventions.
      If the woman is very early in the pregnancy – not showing at all, gently doing steps 1 and 5 should be fine, but she should do these on herself.
      As the pregnancy procedes, she won’t have access to the tissues that need the massage encouragement.
      It would be more important to do the ab massage after baby is born. Some experienced and intuitive midwives have specific strokes they use to help mommy’s tummy return to normal and can coach mommy what to do.

  4. Suliram says:

    My adult daughter has been diagnosed with rare non painful twitching toes syndrome, sometimes related to restless leg syndrome- which she does not have). Toes on both feet twitch constantly and started about a year ago during a very stressful time in our family. She was told there is no medication to help nor is there a cure for this continuing problem.
    Any advice?

  5. mary says:

    My husband has sleep apnea for which a cpap machine is prescribed. I would

    rather do another alternative treatment. His voice is also very hoarse. Any suggestions?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Mary,
      Sorry for the delay. My website was hacked, then an update crashed it, and I wasn’t getting notifications of posts.
      You are in the right spot. Has he been doing the ab massage? There is also a post on sleep that you may check out.
      The hoarseness is from inflammation so it would be important to follow an anti-inflammatory diet, that is, the blood type diet.

  6. Amanda says:

    Could you do a video of the abdominal massage?

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