I generally do phone/email consultations as a convenience for people that I have seen before in my office. But since COVID and since I have received many requests from those who cannot get to me, I am opening up this service to all.  The same procedure applies, HOWEVER, new clients must read the MUST READ post.

These are not for emergencies (call 911) but rather to address a resurfacing chronic health concern without having to wait for an appointment.


Phone/Email Consult ‘How-To’s’

I need to have a signed form on hand indicating that you know I am not a medical doctor giving medical advice AND that you have read the MUST READ.  Those I have already seen in my office have filled out and signed that form and I have it on file so there is no need to do that again.  If I haven’t seen you, or, haven’t seen you for a long time (more than 3 years) and/or your health situation has changed considerably, (e.g. new medications, had surgeries, etc.)  I’d like you to fill out the form again and send it to me.  Please do not send me anything but these two pages.   Download Consult Intake Form

Print out both pages of the Phone/Email Consult Intake Form and fill them out legibly and sign.  Note:  Due to excessive marketing faxes, I no longer support faxing.  Instead you can email me a pdf of both pages to the my office email PatBlockND@yahoo.com.   You can also email me a photo of the filled out forms but often these come out blurry.  You can also snail mail me the forms: 102 Kay Circle, Yorktown, VA 23693.  DO NOT SEND ANY MEDICAL RECORDS.

I will get back to you with my recommendations so please indicate the best time and number to reach you.   Keeping a record of these recommendations in your file is helpful if these problems recur and you need refills.  I have been doing this informally for many years and there are 2 posts that will answer most your questions:  Proxy Testing and  what you can expect from an herbal intervention.



How to get the recommended herbs

You have many options to get the herbs you need, as indicated on the client consult form.

Some herbs are only sold to practitioners so you won’t be able to order.  These you will need to pick up or I will mail them to you and you will receive a bill for them.

If this is a 1st time contact and/or you only want my advice the consult fee is $30.  If you are already a client, the fee is $20.

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56 Responses to Phone or Email Consultations

  1. Cindy Hailey says:

    Hi, Pat,
    I have been having issues w/what seems to be my thyroid. (Remember, I had radioactive iodine treatment years ago and as a result have nearly no thyroid.) Anyway, a friend in my milk group, w/Celiac’s noticed my puffiness, etc…things she experiences herself so is quick to note in others. We talked. I cried. She told me about T-3, which I’d known about years ago but forgot about until she mentioned it. Her endo. told her that the adrenals often go into a sort of ‘hibernation’ this time of year, (she was suffering all the same symptoms as I) and I know I’m not getting this all right, but the thyroid is so closely connected to them that this affects it, too…I’m thinking, if they’re not working, the thyroid is more taxed. So, her endo. gave her T-3 since Synthroid/Levothyroxine doesn’t supply this even though it is part of the real thyroid hormone. Forgive me, but I tried some of hers. I can’t tell you how well I’m feeling after only a few days of it in combo w/my Synthroid. She said she has found she doesn’t need it in the summer, but she doesn’t understand why. I would like to continue w/T-3 but would rather go through you than another doctor. Does this sound feasible? Should I come in again? No need to worry about me taking more at this time as I am out. The dosage I took was 25mg. I cannot believe how much better I feel…I start to hit that 2 0’clock steel wall and if I just stop for 20 mins. or so, my energy returns. I also sleep more soundly, wake more rested, am more cheerful, and have less puffiness. I had attributed my symptoms to pre-menopause, but apparently that’s not it. So…what are your thoughts? (By the way, that ‘steel wall’ didn’t go away in the past…the tiredness just started then and kept w/me until bedtime.) Oh! Our son & wife just had 1st baby (7th g.child for us), and bought 1st home that we are helping paint out this week, (in Smithfield), which is why I’m writing now instead of trying to call…They have terrible phone reception there. If you call my cell or my home phone…I should receive your reply.
    Cindy Hailey
    p.s….Yes, I do believe in paragraphs but when I tried to go back to put this into paragraphs, it wouldn’t let me… Sorry about that.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Your liver is supposed to convert T4 to T3 (and T2, and T1). Sometimes 7 Keto helps with that. Sometimes other endocrines will back up these activities. Best to get at the root cause.

  2. Rod Haines says:

    Pat, if you feel there is some way to relieve the ringing in the ears, perhaps we could do a phone consult.Don’t feel all that comfortable on the computer. Thanks, Rod

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Rod, Tinnitus does take a while to resolve. I need a signed form on file that says you know I’m not a licensed medical doc. So please down load the form, fax it to me (all the instructions are on the form) and we’ll go from there.

  3. Rod Haines says:

    Thanks, Fax is on it’s way.

  4. Carolyn Clark says:

    Pat, I have been at your clinic and have filled out the client form. I am experiencing pain in my stomach, my sternum is sore to the touch. I have been drinking aloe Vera juice, not helping so far. What would you suggest?

    Thanks, Carolyn

  5. Hello Pat:

    I remember you from a while ago 2007 or so, my grandmother Joyce Maltby saw you and you demenstrated to me what it was you did. I was impressed then and still am in awe now. I’ll be 29 this 22ed of september and have been looking up old Aspergerien obsessions of mine, one of which was apothecary and natural remadies from a young age. Funny it has come full circle. I’ve been speed walking for the past 2 years with my lovely dog and have lost some weight, more to the point will be off to an IP faith based program very soon. 🙂 Anyways, just thought I’d say hello.

  6. Judy Oleksik says:

    Hi Pat,

    I am faithfully taking my three herbs you gave me on Wed. I tried the stress relief test last night. When I laid down and put my hands on my forehead, I could hear a beating noise like my heart out of my ears. This isn’t the pulsing I am suppose to be feeling under my fingers is it? I thought after a few minutes I could feel a throbbing a bit under the fingers. Your directions say make sure it is even on both sides then address the stressor. I don’t want to give up but need to know I am doing this correctly. I have also started reading your book and it is a little overwhelming. Read on Judgement last night. Is this the correct place to ask questions and get answers or am I suppose to going somewhere else. Also, you said as I was leaving my appointment that when the liver is out of sink, any supplements I have been taking may not be doing much good. Should I stop all the other supplements until we get through this liver issue or keep taking them? I am suppose to take B12, calcium/multi-vitamin which I don’t really think with all the veggies I eat and protein I need them, but who am I? I don’t want to get bogged down and discouraged by working on too many issues at once. I am very concerned about the lympth as I now have a second cancer diagnosis. Thanks and I will wait to hear from you. Judy Oleksik

    • PatBlockND says:

      Yes Judy, you should feel the pulsing in your finger pads on your forehead. Wait until they pulse together before proceeding with the rest of the exercise.
      I recommend you read my book all the way through before doing any of the exercises. It will make more sense and the terminology will become more familiar.
      It would be fine to stop your other supplements esp the calcium supplement.
      Remember, the journey of a thousand miles begins with one step…and then another.

  7. ALLAN THOME says:

    I live in Alberta Canada and I have been suffering from morgellons for several years. About10 days ago a friend of mine in the US sent me an e-mail about the hydrochloric acid therapy and some info about how to mix it for the different ways to administer it. I went right out and bought a gallon. For 2 days I mixed 4 drops in1 half cup of water and drank it,didn’t see any difference so I went out and bought a rectal syringe, mixed 4 drops in25 cc’s of distilled water and did this 2 days in a row, the sores shrunk by about 30 %. I talked to a man(Mark Torrence) in the US and was told to only do it every 3-4 days. All Ineed to know, is he right,if not how often. In the 6 years I have had this ugly parasite I have tried everthing you can imagine and I have never found anything that even touches this ugly parasite. Please just tell me how often I may administer this rectally.I understand you are not a doctor and I totally accept all responsability for what I do with any information you disclose to me. If you want to talk with me I can be reached at 403-528-3733. I am not very good on a computor and i don’t have a fax machine so i don’t know how else to go about this unless you have another site with this info allready on it. All I have thought about the last few years is I wish God would take me somehow, I can’t take this anymore, please Pat get this info to me somehow.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Allan,
      So sorry to hear of your struggle. I have dif view of the role of parasites and in cases like these the first step I take is to use lots of tissue healers to obviate the need for parasites. In your case I would begin with lots of PLS II, maybe beginning with 4 before at each meal. PLS II is a generalized tissue healer – great for digestive repair and joint repair. Then I would also do Yarrow, which is the herb for the wounded warrior. Yarrow helps with vascular tissue damage, 3B, 3D. Killing the parasites NEVER cures the body!!! There may be symptomatic relief but the symptoms tend to recur.
      As far as the HCl is concerned it is a lymphatic debris dissolver, and, in so doing it facilitates drainage, allowing tissue to get more nutrients to heal. Don’t be discouraged if results don’t come it 2 days. Allow 2 weeks. I’d go back to doing the oral HCl during this time. You can safely do the rectal implants once a day. I believe one of the posters here does it more than once a day but most of all be patient. All these things will help.


  8. ALLAN THOME says:

    Hello Pat,
    Just the few things you have written me gives me some hope, something I have not had for a very long time. Do you think you could help me beat this ugly parasite? There is so much strange stuff coming out of my body, this thing is not your average parasite. If I didn’t believe that one day God would help me I would have taken my life a long time ago. I ordered some products a short while back and that company gave my credit card numbers to another company that sent me a herb I didn’t want so I cut my card up and am waiting for a new one. It should be here in a couple more days, then I would like very much to sign up for the discount and order what I need. Do you think this thing can be killed and would you please help me? When my card gets here I would like to have a conference call with you. I have dealt with several naturopaths already and you are the first one that seems to be more interested in my health than my wallet. From the quotes you put on your e-mails I can tell you are a firm believer in Jesus and the bible and I feel comfortable that I trust you. I have lost a lot of faith in mankind over this parasite, I hope and pray that you will help me kill this thing, I don’t think I can go through another winter with this. Hope to here from you soon.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Allan,
      Hope is an important ingredient in getting well from any malady so please read that post.
      My understanding is that some herbal formulas are not available in Canada. If that is the case please let me know.
      Remember do not focus on the parasite; focus on your health. Your intelligent body is designed to preserve and continue your life in ways neither you nor I could ever understand, so focus on taking good care of it. Follow the guidelines in the above post and the fatigue post: broth drink, blood type diet, breathing, rest, etc.
      Finally, consider sending me a consent form for an email consult. Maybe a little history of other symptoms (on the form), or, symptoms leading up to your current symptoms would be helpful to keep you moving in the right direction.


  9. Kay Hedly says:

    I have an appointment with you in July for stress from working with my husband’s health issues lab test doctor appointments no answers etc. After one of his appointments this afternoon I was so depressed I decided to reread your website. My husband has serious health issues but all the tests with no real discussion from the doctor I am feeling we must try something to help our life be more pleasant. After thinking about it I think he needs an appointment as mush as I do.Is there anyway he could get an appointment as soon as possible?

  10. Miranda Kearney-Phipps says:

    Hi Pat,
    I wAs in a week ago wed and tested for a lymph drainage. Thursday I received a massage and as I was getting dressed the bad shaky feeling hit me like a train. I went straight to Dr and she said my heart murmur was louder and did an ekg, it was normal. She was thinking some kind of overload of fluid. I haven’t felt good since. I’m taking 3 liver cleanse a week, 1livton 1x a week, 2nervous fatigue@night and the e tea twice a day. Do you have any thoughts?
    Thank you

    • PatBlockND says:

      When the lymph is slow to drain one must be cautious in stirring up a lot of debris which needs to be carried away through the lymph channels. Unfortunately, time may be your best remedy and experience your best teacher ;-(

  11. Robin Strohsahl says:

    Hi Pat
    which multivitamins do you suggest for my 90 year old father? He would like to switch vitamins.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Robin,
      Whole foods work better than isolates, that is, substances that have been isolated from foods, or manufactured in a chem lab. Whole foods for whole people. At 90 some aspects of digestion are usually compromised so I would recommend a concentrated food that is easy to digest like Spirulina. If his diet is good have him take 2 at breakfast – if not, add 2 more at dinner. Also as we reach that age we do well to nourish our heart and our self-recovery efforts so to that end I would also recommend Target Endurance. 2B, 2D for 2 weeks then reduce to 1B, 1D.

  12. Grace Colombara says:

    Hello Pat,
    Scheduled for decompression surgery of cyst on back of left knee and menisectomy on Dec. 18. Also I feel arthritis stiffness in left basal thumb. Have appointment with you Dec. 27. I believe I can be healed before the surgery with your help. I am ready to take steps for health without surgery.

  13. Elizabeth Hobbs says:

    Hello Pat. I recieved your info from a friend Mary Virginia. She highly recommends you for my son Bryan (20). He is suffering from depression, anxiety and wt gain from that. We read all the info on your website and Bryan loves everything about how you help in different ways.. He does see a Dr. for depression but does not want to take the meds. He has tried a couple and can not stand the effects. Everything he read is exactly how he feels about your approach to recovery. We would love to make an appt to come see you and talk to you.
    Kindes regards Beth Hobbs

  14. Crystal Chamberlain says:

    Hi Pat, my friend Debbie gave me your phone number and information and suggested I see you. My first appointment is Thursday, Dec 11; I have read the MUST read information, in fact I’ve read so many things on your website, I can’t remember everything. The information makes more sense than some medical information I’ve been given for reoccurring and chronic issues I’ve had through most of my life and new ones since a partial hysterectomy in 2006. I’m looking forward to working with you to resolve my issues.


  15. Rochelle says:

    Hello Pat:
    Your name was given to me by a local doctor that I visit. My issue started in September with being diagnosed with a Vitamin D deficiency. I started taking 1000 mill of Vitamin but got a upper respiratory infection, urinary tract and bladder infection in the months of September, October, November respectively. In December I had a colonoscopy and my sinus, though were a little troubling, began to affect me in full force. Not sure if there was a connection there or not. I began to have extreme thick mucous, along with being unable to eat. I lost weight and felt as if something was lodged in my throat. The mucous was very think and I was miserable. I went back to my GP doctor and he again gave me another antibiotic in January. My digestive system now is very fragile. I usually can eat cream of wheat and mashed potatoes. Just recently I am able to eat more substantial foods such as cooked veggies and chicken. I also visited my ENT doctor and he recommended McNeil’s sinus rinse which has helped so very much however, I continue to take Mucinex and if I don’t my throat feels tight and the sensation of something lodged in my throat returns. I also feel that the Mucinex affects my digestive situation. My sinuses continue to have not cleared up totally with drainage in the back of my throat. I visited a location today that was using certain types of oils in a diffuser and during my stay my sinuses seemed to clear up somewhat. I would like to schedule an appointment to discuss ways to improve my sinus situation and throat issue using holistic or natural remedies. Thank you.

  16. Paula Shinkle says:


    I have a question concerning immunotherapy for bee stings. My son has seen an allergist for a major reaction to yellow jacket stings. It has been highly recommended that he start immunotherapy. He now carries an Epi-pen. What is your opinion on immunotherapy for bee stings and is there something else he could take to build up his immune system? Thanks.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Paula,
      In my experience the ‘allergy’ problem is not with the immune system but rather with the detoxification system of the body. The liver should be pulling out/neutralizing the toxins, so my guess is that his liver has become congested, and this is the underlying cause of most allergies. Secondarily, his adrenals are supposed to help him adapt to irritants and that isn’t happening either. So you have an irritant that is not removed and that the body cannot adjust to so the immune system gets blamed. An herbal formula that helps with these imbalances is C. Nervous Fatigue Formula. If he is under 12 do 2 – 2X/day, otherwise 3 – 2X/day.

  17. Suzanne says:

    Sandra Berg-Weston’s sister. My son has a 4 mm kindney stone. I ordered the items on your site using you as the sponsor. He has had this problem since age 17. He was using a magnesium oil spray 5 times a day. I am not sure why he was using this but he is wanting a natural healing as he has suffered this many many many times. He does not drink soda. He is o+ blood type. He has been hyper active all his life.


    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Suzanne,
      So has he begun the program yet? It is a broad/general approach that has helped many people (with patience). He should also do his blood type diet to keep inflammation down.

  18. Chris Williams says:

    Pat, can you give me something to get my ulcerative colitis in remission

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Chris,
      There are many ‘somethings’ that are natural that help. First step is to stop causing the problem, by (1) looking at your meds to see if they are causative, (2) looking at your diet as that too may be causative, (3) address your stressors and the easiest way to do that is the ESRs – done every night – it’s cheap, but consistency will pay off in all these 3 categories.
      Next we should look at why isn’t your body healing itself and that is where herbs come in. BUT herbs don’t work like drugs – quickly stopping a natural body response, they nourish the body into resolving its problem intelligently according to its intelligent design. I will also email you privately.

  19. Linda Pike says:

    What a blessing this website has been for me at this time. The abundance of information, which I’ve been able to immediately apply to my own health issues and get results is amazing. I can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and experience with those who need it. Thanks and God Bless! ~

  20. Marty says:

    HCL Therapy is changing my life!!! Thankyou and Thank the All Mighty for this website… Found after reading Dr. Guys work, Toxemia and Alkalosis online… No longer needing bile salts!!! Still needing supplemental enzymes however.. Any Idea why Vit C causing chapped cracked fingertips?? Looking into possible fumaric acid deficiency, seems to go away in summer time… Before HCL therapy, Vit C would cause burning urination as well… HCL, magnesium Chl. and enzymes has resolved most of the itching and digestive issues I experience.. Father with same symptoms told, Sarcoidosis…I am writing a thesis on that myth… I suspect calcium toxicity and Alkalosis.. Are you familiar with Dr. Sircus’ calcium in soft tissue imagery?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Marty,
      Please read this post for another perspective.
      Instead of using ‘vitamin’ C or Ascorbic acid, consider Rosehips – whole foods for whole people. Isolates like ‘vitamin’ C can create deficinecies, as your body tries to muster cofactors in order to use this or any isolate.
      Calcium levels can be kept in solution or precipitate out depending on the local pH. This is most often connected to liver function.

  21. Susan says:

    I resisted for a long time, but I finally got miserable enough with a bronchial infection to go on my blood type diet. I’m type O. I’m wondering about a few things that aren’t specifically listed. My AVOID list of vegetables shows Potatoes (red & white). What about Yukon gold potatoes? Should I avoid these, or are they okay?
    My AVOID list of dairy shows ice cream, milk, buttermilk, yogurt, goat milk, whey. Is butter or ghee okay? Is sour cream okay? Is cream cheese okay?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Susan,
      I recommend that people get the app for the smart phone. There are several apps but the one with the icon that looks like the cover of the book Eat Right 4 Your Type is the most up to date info and will answer all your questions.

  22. glenda mason says:

    I have neutropenia, my current wbc is .8. I also have diverticulitis. Diverticulitis is aggravated by the low wbc. Any ideas on how to raise the wbc. I have read that the pharma neupogen is used for low wbc. I would rather not use that. Any help or ideas would be appreciated. What could be used on a consistent basis to keep the wbc above 3k. Thanks, Glenda

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Glenda,
      You haven’t given much info on your case BUT, in your situation I would def be taking C. Blood Stimulator. It encourages the liver to make good quality blood and I have seen it many many times improve CBCs. I would do the concentrated version (30 caps/bottle) and take 2B, 2D. You should see other things improve. Consider doing a consult as there are often other factors that need to be addressed.
      Oh and do your blood type diet to keep inflammation down esp in the digestion.

  23. Jan says:

    Do you know anything about Essential Thrombocytosis a disease where the blood makes too many platelets. Currently on Hydroxyurea a chemo med hate taking this. If so I would love to make an appt and come in to talk to you.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Jan,
      First of all the body is intelligent and ‘too many platelets’ is a response to something else. To address the underlying cause (instead of managing symptoms) which is usually inflammation in the vascular system, consider taking Rosehips 6B, 6D and def do the blood-type diet. Also, long term it would be good to increase anti-oxidants in the diet.

      • Jan says:

        Do you know anything about Essential Thrombocytosis a disease where the blood makes too many platelets. Currently on Hydroxyurea a chemo med hate taking this. If so I would love to make an appt and come in to talk to you.

        Thanks will definitely try this

      • Jan says:

        Thanks so much will try both. I use essential oils do you work with oils or have any ideas best to use for this?

  24. Jan Trenholm says:

    Hi Pat I have a crazy request do you ever work with animals my friends dog has developed an auto immune disease called IMHA. From a 3 month flea medication. His red blood count goes drastically down. He has had blood transfusions is on prednisone which is keeping the red blood cell normal but they can’t keep him on that for ever. They want to put him on Azathioprine which has possible deadly side effect this is a 2 edged sword. Do you have any ideas ? Desperate If not thanks anyway.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Jan,
      Herbs help dogs too! Consider giving the dog I-X 1/day to help the liver make better blood, and High Potency Grapine 2/day for inflammation. If the dog is over 50 # double the dosage.

  25. shawna says:

    I have been living with high levels of stress over the past few years due to my job and my dads illness/ death and other life stuff such as kids and bills. I know i absorb stresses and i am working on protecting myself and stress relief strategies. Ive struggled with slow moving bowels for years. Neck & back muscle pain. Now im feeling lumps on my right side possible lymph nodes swollen. Ive been anemic for the last yr slowly improving. Ive been tired (seems to be improving) im taking a plant based iron supplement. My emotions especially anxiety over helath issues have sky rocketed. Im often cold. My diet is poor somedays and im trying to be better at drinking more water. I feel like ive been living in survival mode taking care of everyone else for so long. And now now my body is screaming hello. They found a node in my right breast that we will watch for now. I want to help my body get back to healthy functioning but dont know where to start.

  26. Ruth Deane says:

    I need to schedule an appointment. Not emergency. I don’t have ur no. Text me what times you have open. Thanks. I have seen you before.

  27. Jeanne Melhado says:

    Hi Pat,
    I, as well, have been referred to you from a friend that used to live in your area. Scrolling through all the email questions I have not seen any regarding chronic Lymes Disease. I was diagnosed with it in 2011 after many years of a gradual decline, finally getting to the point of within a couple weeks of complete disability in a wheelchair, complete cognitive inability (speaking, comprehension, brain fog etc) central nervous system overload and many, many other debilitating symptoms. I started very aggressive antibiotic treatment in September 2014 in conjunction with supplements, detoxing procedures and nutritional changes to kill off lyme sprirochetes as well as multiple co-infections, detox them out of my body which resulted in various forms of herx reactions and at the same time boosting my suppressed immune system to eventually take control again. It has been a very successful protocol as I am now trying to reduce down to a maintenance protocol. I was doing incredible for a time but now feel as if my days are sustained by God’s grace alone due to fatigue and possible slow decline again. Do you have experience with this and feel it would warrant a visit to you?

  28. Kimberly Ferguson says:

    Pat years ago you introduced me to screens with copper wires. Believe they were invented by a German pilot who crashed and had severe injuries. By lying on the screens and holding the copper he stimulated his nerves and regained movement. Thought his name was Erhmann. Cannot find anything on the internet. Can you direct me?

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