That is probably the conclusion you have come to based on…

a)  how you feel (and look)
b)  your recent scans and blood test results,
c)  what the doctor said (“just this many months to live”),
d)  you  throw up whatever you eat (see #4 in that post)
e)  all of the above

Well I’m glad you have decided to gather some more data (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this.)  If you are another victim of failed cancer treatment, read this, and then…..

Consider the following:
  1. God made the body (not the doc) and He made it to preserve and continue your life with little conscious effort on your part.  Self-healing is in your intrinsic design and you had nothing to do with it.  Since you are still breathing how about we cooperate with the body and its design (Basic Principle #1).  To this end, begin with the Fatigue page and nourish your starved body according to those directions.  Begin some breathing exercises (free).  You have nothing to lose there.  Breathe and sip and rest – that’s all I ask….well just one more thing…..
  2. God thinks ahead. He knew all the uninspired harmful therapies that we would be exposed to and planned our bodies accordingly. But seeing as their therapies didn’t work and left you far worse off, how about stopping all unsupportive treatments AND tests and give yourself a chance to recover.  Your vitality going into a toxic treatment or test determines your survivability.   Just say no to the things that are supposed to ‘kill’ the cancer but are actually killing the patient too. No victory there.  See video below.
  3. As for your test results, they are either (a) a result of your treatment or (b) your body’s compensation – attempts to preserve and continue your life after treatment.  Some docs realize at some point that their treatment is ineffective and killing you, and, will admit that there is nothing they can do.  Others want to keep trying their ineffective treatments hoping one will help… until you are dead – then they lose hope too.  Remember, doctors are experts in a very small universe.  And there is life outside their little universe that does not fit their paradigm and they know not of.
  4. God also warned us of the landmines of life and they have nothing to do with diet or lack of exercise, or smoking, or your genes for that matter.  They are things that you cannot see– unforgiveness, judging/hating others, etc.  Basic Principle #7 explains this.  Address the emotional stress that your body is not designed to handle.  Continual emotional stress is harder on your body than almost any medical treatment.  I recommend doing the Emotional Stress Release while resting…you don’t have any energy to do much of anything anyway.  Then if you can, read my book.  It is only 50 pages.

OK so based on all these new data that I have offered here, all you should be doing is sipping, breathing, resting, and releasing stress, oh, and taking a vacation from unsupportive treatments AND tests that are killing you.

Gather some new hope.   Then call me in the morning.




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