First, know that our health is eroded by stress.  And, a lot of stress erodes our health a lot, and results in some of the most serious debilitating diseases.  Stress does not come from the situation we are in, but how we perceive ourselves in that situation (I’m not good enough, I can’t make it, I’m not wanted here, I’m not safe, something is wrong with me, etc.).

A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones.      Prov 14:30

Thus the stress comes from how we think – our paradigm.  Good thoughts make good chemicals that promote repair and health.  Bad thoughts inhibit the release of these healing promoters.  So the damage originates on the thought level and produces emotions that we ‘feel’ in our body where the damage is being done.  With time and intensity of the insult, the damage is manifested on the physical

This is your tissue state after a stress hit. Either microbes or inflammation begin the removal process so new tissue can be rebuilt on the site.

level (where repair is needed);  it can be temporarily addressed on the emotional level (see suggestions below); but it is corrected permanently from the spiritual level.

You can use GNM and Dr Hamer’s findings to identify the kinds of shocks or stressors that may be contributing to your imbalances.


Stress impact ‘domino effect’

So we have one of those stressful thoughts (which pop up from our learned paradigm), for example “People will make fun of me”.  Every time we have that thought our physical body responds, and often we even feel that somewhere inside our body – our gut, neck, heart, etc. If we are in a job that requires we are in front of people often, then our body gets ‘pinged’ often – not due to the job, but rather how we feel about ourselves in that situation.

And it goes like this:  Our stressful thought first evokes emotion and changes our energetic field.  This has been measured.  The energetic field induces a change on the electrical system of the body much like the cell phone tower transmission induces a current on the antenna of your cell phone.  Our first physical response is on our nervous system.   Then the nerves tense muscles – ALL muscles (including digestive and heart) and vascular flows (reducing the diameters of the arteries, veins, and lymphangia, which drain the acid tissue wastes).  This is why your hands feel cold, your blood pressure goes up or you get a headache.  In German New Medicine this begins the ‘conflict active phase’ where your entire being tries to process the conflict and restore peace.

If the conflict is not quickly resolved, the tissue affected by this muscle tension or impaired blood flow deteriorates with repeated hits provoking an inflammatory response to repair it.  The muscle tissue becomes tender to touch (fibromyalgia) and with time manifestations are seen in the joints.  This requires more energy (blood glucose rises in response to the threat) and endocrine secretions.  Nerves are the immediate physical responders to our perceived threats and our endocrines are our sustained responders and counter-balancing repairers.

The endocrines should follow with an anti-inflammatory response, however if exhausted (due to repeated strikes), you will be stuck in an inflammatory state.  So we are left with muscles in a contracted state, inflammation, and lowered endocrine resources.  So here is the ‘flow’ of the damage that I call the stress cascade.

Thought => emotion => energy field => electrical => nerves => muscles => circulation => all body tissues => inflammatory response to repair (endocrines )


Repair work – Physical level

What my clients have taught me is that to repair the body we need to work backwards (this actually validates Herring’s Law of Cure).  The most popular supplements to begin with when people first come to me are the adrenal sparing variety that stimulate the self-recovery process.  This would be any of the following: C. Nervous Fatigue, AdaptoMax, the ginsengs, Adrenal Support, Suma Combination, He Shou Wu and Energ-V.  These help with inflammation and generalized stress response.  After a course of these kinds of remedies people usually have more energy and sleep better.

Next (working backwards on the stress cascade) are the kinds of herbs that improve circulation like Blood Pressurex, Nattozimes, GC-X, Niacin, HS II, Garlic Oil, Gingko Hawthorn,  and then they usually report more energy and sleep even better.  This is where a diverse set of complaints disappear due to improved blood flow.

If there is an anger component they will often need liver formulas like Cortisol Formula, C. Mood Elevator, C. Blood Stimulator, SAMe, N-Acetyl Cysteine, Histablock  and I-X.  After these formulas their friends or spouses tell them they are calmer (nicer to be around) since the mood is held in the liver.

Then we keep marching backwards to deal with the nerves and muscles with combos like Cramp Relief, Hops, Valerian, Herbal Sleep, 5HTP, St John’s Wort, Stress-J, GABA Plus and C. Stress Relief.  After a few appointments they have found their favorites among those listed here for dealing with stress, increasing energy and improving sleep.

Finally, when damage occurs where herbs cannot reach, we need the assistance of penetrating electromedicine devices. Many find the Brain Tuner very calming and the PEMF helpful for pain and lymph stagnation.

Up to this point we have only been talking about renewing the physical level.


Repair work – Energy/Soul level (Pre-Physical level)

Now we can stay on herbs forever to repair the damage done by the stresses in our life or we can continue to work backwards on the stress cascade.  The next step in repair is reordering the energy field which our stressful thoughts have deranged.  These can be considered as re-ordering remedies that work on the energetic derangements to lower the impact on the physical body.

Homeopathics and Flower Essences work on this level.  These include the Bach Flowers and NSP’s Flower Essences.  Dr. Bach found greater success with his patients treating them according to their personality traits than their physical symptoms.  NSP’s Flower Essences are classified according to emotional response and are especially good for children (of all ages) who have nightmares or other evidences of emotional imbalances including autism.  These can be taken orally or rubbed on topically and generally need to be taken often, according to stress events.  I also recommend Jin Shin Jyutsu, especially the finger holds described in that document.  Keeping the energetic field more ordered attenuates the physical damage from stress.  These kinds of remedies and practices will need to be continued until the thoughts are changed…


Repair work – The Thought Level (Pre-Energy/Soul level)

To take the punch out of stress we need to address our perceptions or our tormenting thoughts which are at the beginning of the stress cascade above.  ‘Bad’ thoughts inhibit release of neurotransmitters that make us get better and feel better.  On this level there are temporary and permanent remedies, however both are welcome to those tormented by stress from troubling thoughts (or voices).  The temporary remedies are easy and work on the same level.  To do the permanent remedies you have to go one level up to the spiritual level.

The following are remedies that work on the same level and they do work!  They are not permanent and some effects may last longer than others but use them anyway (see basic principle #7).

Choose between

The last (ESR) is the easiest, cheapest and requires the least training and outside help and it works.  Do these everyday as their beneficial effects can be reversed by the next onslaught of tormenting thoughts.  I learned these kinds of techniques and others in an advanced kinesiology class which presented many of these techniques before they became so specialized and popular (Psych-K, Body Talk, etc.).  My frustration with them came from the temporary aspect of their relief.  I’ve since come to appreciate that, even though they are temporary, they address a level closer to the origin of the stress and so should be employed anyway and as frequently as necessary.


Repair Work – The Spiritual level

Permanent remedies to our stinkin’ thinkin’ or paradigm must come from the next higher level.  We need to hear from Someone whose thoughts are above our thoughts.  I wrote a self-help book for my clients called Spiritual Disciplines to help them address these perceptions permanently using the Emmanuel Intervention.  Our thoughts are permanently remedied by Truth once we can hear from the Truth Giver.

Keep in mind that you MUST address the stress because, as I have seen so many times, you will continue to need lots of herbs OR you will get to a point that even herbs cannot rebalance you against the assault of your stressing perceptions.

A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones. Prov 14:30

©Pat Block ND 2007 Revised 2011


8 Responses to Address the Stress

  1. Linf Ngo (pronounced like No) says:

    I always enjoy your articles. Thank God, my naturopath therapist, Ms. Kim McCormack. I am interested in your article, Spiritual Disiplins. How do I get a copy? Please advise.

    Many thanks,


  2. PatBlockND says:

    Hey Ling,
    On the right sidebar, click on ‘Pat’s Book’ and you’ll be taken to Scribd where you can read a part of it to determine if you want to download it for $2.

  3. Gay says:

    I was trying to address the stress. I ordered Adrenal Support, Mood Elevator, and NAC. I probably should set up a consult so I won’t be buying things out of order. I am purchasing your book. I am a mess. I have liver gallbladder issues along with teeth and digestion. I feel Abba has led me here. Overwhelmed but hopeful

  4. Gay says:

    I was trying to purchase your book on Scribid, but it says full version not available

  5. Gay says:

    How do you buy the book? Thank you

  6. Gayle Short-Saunders says:

    I am so grateful for your website that has given me a renewed hope for the issues I am dealing with. Based upon your explanation of what stress does to the body my issues all make sense. I have for many years felt work stress of not having enough time to get done all that feel I need to get done. I know God was answering my prayers as he lead me back to your site. I went to your site looking for answers for my new husbands health issues.
    I have been struggling with high blood pressure for years and thought the herbs were not working. I went to a doctor this year for the first time in 30+ years, as I became fearful when my dentist called medic’s as my blood pressure was so high. After going to a doctor, I was diagnosed with fatty liver, slightly over the border diabetes, high cholesterol besides the HIGH blood pressure along with experiencing itchy skin rashes.

    It has been a while since I had an appointment with you, but had been muscle testing myself and intermittently taking a number of herbs. Looking back it was probably not consistent enough to heal me, and needed more of your expertise. With all my current issues, I now realize what all the stress in my life has been doing to my body. I’m buying your book to better recognize how I can better deal with the mental stress I am creating. Is that it is going to take more than taking some herbs to get my body functioning the way I need it to with my active life style. I’m going to start your recommended mild liver cleanse this week and would like the info to purchase a brain tuner.

    I look forward to seeing you again here soon. I am trying to schedule an appointment the beginning of January.

    Hope you and your family have a very Blessed Christmas!


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