Scars impair various kinds of flows (blood and lymph, electrical and energetic) inside and outside of the body.  Scientific research has demonstrated that any area of the skin that heals by scar formation has increased sympathetic nerve enervation.  These scars can suddenly ‘activate’ (even years after they were caused) and act as capacitors which accumulate nerve energy, and then can misfire at will, affecting local ganglia which then can effect other areas away from the scar site.

Clinical observations confirm the beneficial role of cold laser application in reducing the interference scars represent to the normal electrical conduction and energy flows of the body.  These unobstructed flows are crucial for proper organ function and the body’s communication with itself.

Fluid flows of the body are also impaired by scars, such as those from medical or surgical intervention. The intelligent body tries to redirect these fluids but, as evidenced by post surgical swellings, these attempts may be hindered.

Treatment with the cold laser greatly diminishes the keloids and can improve much of the dysfunction introduced by scars.  The cold laser beam penetrates into the scar tissue from 1/8 to ¼ inch.  The energy of the cold laser seems to break up the keloids into smaller structures, like mini-keloids.  If the energy flows of the body in the vicinity of the scar are correct, the mini-keloids appear to resolve into normal skin.  I have seen this many times.

The duration of each treatment, the number of treatments and the time between treatments needed to breakdown the blockage depend on the depth and extent of the scar.  Before cold laser treatment, the scar area should be clean and free of any topical applications.  The cold laser light is directed at the scar area at a distance of 1-2 inches from the skin.  The beam is slowly swept over the scar area for about 1-6 minutes depending on the depth and extent of the scar.  Cold laser treatments are painless.  However, during the application people often report unusual sensations in other parts of their body.  These are likely areas of the body that have been affected by the poor conduction of electrical, fluid and energetic flows through the scar area.  After cold laser treatment, topical healing oils may be applied.

Precautions:  Although cold lasers are very safe, no laser should be directed at the eyes.

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  1. betsy says:

    what are some cold laser devices that are good for home use?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Betsy,
      I just put “cold lasers for home use” in my search engine and lots of info came up. They vary in price and fortunately you can find reviews on all kinds of things like that so I would start there.

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