Energy fuels healing. The ability to turn what we eat and drink into energy is the key to getting well. However, often with serious diagnoses, the digestion has long been compromised by chronic over-eating, eating while stressed, acid blockers, chemo, radiation, surgery or other medical intervention or illness.   SO we need to provide nutrients in a usable form taking into account that digestion is NOT working.   This is job #1 and step #1 to getting well.

This drink is ‘easy-on-digestion nutrition’ (unlike protein powder shakes, or canned drinks). It also provides ingredients to aid digestion, and no cooking is needed.  So it’s easy to make for people who are too fatigued for kitchen activities.  You can choose the ingredients according to your blood type,  taste, or availability.


Basic Recipe

In a quart container put

  • Something tart: 2-3 Tblsp Apple Cider Vinegar, OR,  1/2 – 1 cup Kombucha tea, OR, 1/2 c whey, OR,  3-4 Tblsp lemon juice or cranberry juice or pickle juice.  A nice addition for inflamed guts is Aloe Juice (#1680-4) which also provides the low pH (start with these suggestions then add more or less according to taste).  The sours are digestive aides in that they provide a low pH so the bile will come down and emulsify fats.  You can substitute other tart (acidic) liquids here.  (My personal favorite is Green Tea Kombucha and plum juice with beef broth (see below).)  With serious derangements you can incorporate Hydrochloric Acid therapy with this drink by adding several drops according to the % concentration you have.
  • Veggies, cooked and liquefied and strained: The easiest is 1/4-1/2 cup V8 juice (or more, can also use the ‘Spicy’ V8), Cabbage juice if there are suspected ulcers (see below).  There are many savory veggie soups on the market in quart aseptic boxes.  Or cook down your fav veggies, puree them with a blender stick and strain so you are essentially drinking the soup (plus cooking water which contains the minerals).  V8 is an easy starter as is baby food (organic) or pureed veggie soups.    NO raw foods or juicing with inflamed or damaged guts.  NO protein powders, no meal replacements from cans.
  • Meat stock, 3/4-1 cup of (chicken, beef, turkey, fish) or more.  The real meat stocks are NOT  ‘meat flavored’  nor bouillon, and can be obtained in the quart-sized aseptic cartons at most food stores, including Kroger and Trader Joe’s.  This cooked liquefied protein is needed to repair the mucosa along the small intestine walls where your food is actually absorbed. Meat stock is well known for its therapeutic properties.
  • Salt,  1/4-1/2 tsp NoSalt (Potassium Chloride).  Don’t leave out the salt.  If you have swellings then potassium chloride (No-Salt) will transport debris to the working kidneys.  If you are chronically constipated you can add 1/4 teaspoon of Epsom Salts and adjust up or down according to your results.  Keep in mind this is sipped on so you don’t need to be concerned about getting too much Epsom Salts at once (provoking diarrhea in some people).  You can also use other therapeutic salts.
  • Stir and fill to quart level with water (or teas made separately from herbs or teabags).  Note: If you have ascites (from liver damage) or other accumulating fluids/swellings that need to be drained from the body due to chemo/radiation damage, then don’t add extra water unless the drink is too strong.

Meat and veggies that go down easy and promote self-healing.


Other therapeutic additives

1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon of powdered ginger is a wonderful activator for digestion and a great aide in cases of nausea and intestinal cramping.  If you know you have ulcers then cayenne or red pepper will be helpful (which is in the Spicy V8).  Other powdered spices may be added including garlic,  cumin or curry.  See the I’m Getting Sick post for spice recommendations for your blood type.

Cabbage juice (or vitamin U) is a well known gut corrector and may be added to your drink BUT because of its smell you may want to keep your drink lidded.  You can use this in place of or in addition to the V8.

If there is a lot of intestinal inflammation add Slippery Elm powder (#1391-2) to soothe and rebuild the mucosa.  Add 3 tablespoons per quart.

If you are adding supplements to this broth recipe because you cannot swallow them, read the Creative Dosing page for how-to’s.

This can be drunk at room temp, warmed or chilled.  In serious digestive derangements this should be heated to a comfortable drinking temperature.  If you have chemo/radiation gut or any inflamed bowel condition drink as much as is comfortable.  If you ‘can’t keep anything down’ then sip enough through a straw to just hold it in your mouth. Some will drizzle down and give nourishment enough to heal.  Stay on this until your energy abounds.  Try to drink 2 quarts a day.




20 Responses to The Easy Therapeutic Broth Drink

  1. Danette Davis says:

    What are your thoughts on this therapeutic drink with different blood types? Is this pretty universal?

  2. Danette says:

    Yes it does 🙂 I have such a sensative Type A tummy that I was wondering how the V-8 juice in the mix would benefit me. I really like your new website and try to learn as much as I can every chance I get. Thanks for sharing all of this wealth of knowledge!

  3. stephanie nova says:

    Thankyou for your love and service. I love your web site.

  4. Diane J. Glogner says:

    I have been referencing your site for sometime and often recommend it to Drs. and acquaintances.
    MY FRIEND Sandy Naber Told me about you.
    First I want to THANK YOU for sharing what you have learned with anyone willing to look and listen. Our medical community is so blinded.!!!
    I had an opportunity to share your information on Hiatal hernia and ulcers with a Dr. and His nurse at Gregory, S.D. He is actually quite averse to prescription drugs and was extremely interested to learn how quickly the sauerkraut and green beans help with the ulcer and cold sore. Your conclusions on the hiatal hernia is awesome.
    I started doing the massageing and used a vibrater immediately upon reading your posted information and have experienced awsome releat. In days had a change in the affects of the ulcer. You are SOOO right about the stress.
    I am now using a supplement for the vaginal thining and dryness and a little extra folic acid as I found a little suggestion that it has been known to help with dysplasia and of course osteoporosis. My mother had that and Paget’s disease of the bone. Neither that was properly address during her life especially after the total hysterectomy in her early 30’s. She is gone now and suffered greatly from that and all the attendant ailments. Also pernicious anemia.
    Thank you , a million times. Keep up your work.
    A friend of Sandy’s
    Diane In South Dakota

  5. Chuck says:

    Is the therapeutic drink to be used in place of meals until the energy level is restored?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Chuck,
      The broth drink is needed with damaged digestion and low energy – an important ditch to get out of as quickly as possible. This drink is to nourish the body all day not just at ‘meal time’, AND at whatever level the appetite allows UNTIL energy increases and appetite improves. Even as other foods are introduced it is still helpful between meals. It is important not to overwhelm a weakened digestion and it is unlikely this drink will do so while providing easy-to-digest gut-building nutrients.

  6. Of course, I agree with every comment above, you are most certainly a blessing!
    Question…….please can I use regular iodized salt, have tried ” no salt” and for me, it ruins the taste, and I m thinking that I am not likely to drink this if it tastes bad to me. So wouldn t it be better for me to use regular salt than to make this up and then probsbly throw it out?

    • PatBlockND says:

      The idea is to get some potassium in the drink. You can also add regular salt if you like and reduce the amount of potassium chloride to an acceptable level.

      • Linda Schwartz says:

        Jumping in on this question re salt. I have Himalayan salt . Is that ok for broth? ( pink salt , mined in Himalayan caves).

        • PatBlockND says:

          Yes Linda that is fine. The color of the salt is a function of the minerals contained therein. It is good to rotate these mineralized salts, with, for example, Celtic Sea Salt which is ocean mined.

  7. Tasha says:

    Thanks so much for your informative site. I have candida and leaky gut and have tried most everything you suggest except the liver cleansing which I want to do. But probably should heal my gut first? My problem is, I feel like I’m in a catch-22: how can I heal my gut when I’m constantly reacting to foods (& therefore damaging it further) because I still have candida poking holes in the lining because my liver is functioning poorly and creating poor digestion which continues to feed the candida? Do you see what I mean? A vicious cycle might be a better term. Can you tell me please where to start?

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