Acu-Reflex Roller

The Acu-Reflex roller is reminiscent of a rolling pin except for its collection of pointy balls. It may appear as a torture device rather than a therapeutic device but in this case, looks are deceiving.

The Acu-Reflex rollers were originally referred to as the ‘pain erasers’ (a name clearly disallowed by the FDA but who would seek their approval for an effective non-toxic treatment anyway). Although designed to stimulate acupressure points, the action of the rollers seems to be to break up stagnant lymph stores and to promote the movement of lymph. Since most often pain results from the stagnation of acid lymph in the tissues, the name ‘pain eraser’ well suits its function.

Lightly roll to relieve soreness from lymphatic congestion.

Rolling this device over your sore muscles helps remove acids. It is a very useful lymphatic massage device.  It takes just a few minutes between dressing to roller around your arms, neck, legs, lower back, and any trouble areas (or where directed during our appointment).

This roller can be used anywhere on the body and does NOT need to be used with a lot of pressure to be effective. Roller over the areas above and below sore joints or over any swellings.   If you feel pain even from light pressure, it is an indication of the presence of acid lymph.   ‘Black and blue’ marks on the skin are also a sign of stagnated lymph drainage but can also indicate vascular weakness or that the roller has been used too vigorously.  If light rollering gives you ‘black and blue’ marks it is a good sign to start taking VariGone (#999-9) to strengthen your weakened blood vessels.  Light rollering often will result in less tenderness and alleviation of many chronic painful symptoms.

Rollering the upper shoulders and neck are helpful in ‘erase’ing a sore throat.

This therapy works nicely with rebounding.  The roller breaks up the stagnation and the rebounding moves it.

For low back soreness due to lymph stagnation.


Roll from ear to shoulder to relieve congestion in the head and ears.


2 Responses to Acu-Reflex Roller (Lymph Roller, Pain Eraser)

  1. Tas says:

    I want to purchase the Acu Reflex roller. How do I order it? The telephone # on the site is for Natures Sunshine. I have had a roller like this but it is worn down and not as effective as when new.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Tas,
      Would you share with us for what conditions you find this useful and how you use it?
      I had found them for sale at this website but I’m having trouble getting it to load. If you cannot find it onlineI have some here I can sell to you.

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