The Zyto Compass communicates with the body electrically to determine imbalances.

The Zyto Compass is a ‘bio-communication’ device, in a sense, because during a ‘scan’ when your hand is on the cradle it ‘pings’ you with very small digital signals and then measures your responses.  It is programmed to look for imbalances in your body’s electro-energetics which I discuss elsewhere.   (Disturbances in the energetic field, called the ‘biofield’, precede manifestations in the tissue.)  This new bio-communication technology assesses 76 biomarkers within your body to determine which have inadequate stress response thus are vulnerable to dysfunction.  It then uses your data to select your unique nutritional supplementation to support the self-healing process in your body.  So the Compass makes health assessments simple – all you have to do is place your hand on a small hand cradle.

It is important to note here that the Zyto Compass …

  • is not a medical device (says the FDA)
  • does not diagnose a disease (go to the doctor if you really want a diagnosis)
  • does not recommend ‘cures’ for any disease (actually the body cures itself)
  • does not diagnose deficiencies


  • it senses imbalances in your biofield which may lead to disease
  • it scans its database of herbs and supplements for the herbs that contain the energetic frequencies that match your unique vulnerabilities
  • it reports which supplements in its database are needed to address your deficient stress response
  • it rank orders which are most important, that is, which supplements address the greatest number of imbalances so you know which one(s) do the most for your health.

A graphical representation of the imbalances found in the body with the red dots outside the circle indicating imbalances and the green dots inside, balanced biomarkers.

After the scan is completed you will see a graphical representation of your out-of-range bio-markers.  The Compass then calculates the best supplements to bring the majority of those bio-markers back into range, or balance.   The assessment will take about 5 minutes.  The report will tell you how many biomarkers are corrected by each supplement and a description of each supplement, its composition and historical uses.  This can be emailed to you.  (For those without email, we can print the report for you in our office.)  A follow-up scan is recommended at 1-3 month time intervals, depending on the state of your health and whether your health goals have been achieved.  You can request to do this scan when you come to my office or you can make a separate appointment.


What is the difference between your muscle testing recommendations and those of the Compass scan?
Either set of recommendations will give you good results.  The Compass gives an instantaneous reading of out-of-range biomarkers which may reveal unseen, compensated or yet unexperienced problems.  Some people prefer a quantitative or more ‘scientific’ health assessment like the Compass provides.  Muscle testing does not count biomarkers but, after setting our intention to work on certain health projects, it allows your intelligent body to select supplements.  Some people do not feel comfortable with muscle testing.  Both focus on improving health, not targeting a disease.

Is there any preparation needed?
No preparation is needed, no fasting or collection of fluids, etc.  We recommend you wash off any lotions.  If you have poor circulation or your hands tend to be cold ask to run them under hot water and then for a blanket to cover your hand while on the cradle to keep it warm.

Why would the Compass give different recommendations on close consecutive scans?
The Compass sends small signals into your hand to scan your body which may make slight transient changes in the tissues of your body in order to gather its data.  Thus the next scan will give different results because you may be slightly different.  These small changes may dissipate quickly or slowly and account for the different choices the Compass makes for you.    Also the Compass analysis may find 2 or 3 closely weighted or ‘equally good’ supplements within NSP’s large database. It picks one then fills in other supplements to address the remaining out-of-range biomarkers. So if it chooses a different equivalent supplement on the second scan, the rest of the program can be different as well.   Although you will get good results from either set of recommendations, it is best to use the ones from your first scan for 2-4 weeks before being scanned again.



14 Responses to Biofield Survey with the Zyto Compass

  1. Anne Dail says:

    Dear Pat, I am sooo greatful for aall your effort and your sharing to us. I can continue to learn because of u. God continue to bless Pat and do your work through her. Love is the greatest, Anne Dail

  2. Deidre says:

    Pat, Thank you for your info. I am starting a new bus. in my town and it is with The Compass. I’m still not sure how to present this to my community but with your descriptions of how The Compass can improve their health, I have great insite to my starting up. Would like to use more of your info. with your permission. Thank you so so much, Deidre

  3. Deidre says:

    Thank you, Deidre

  4. Nicole says:

    I use Young Living essential oils and i have gotten a scan done. I have 35 markers that are out. It suggested I use nutmeg, ocotea and myrrh. once a day 1 drop each. The only problem i have with the scan is that it does not say why they are out of balance. I do have a few books to help me out, but the oils help with so much, that it is hard to pin point what the problem is that each oil will be helping. (does that make sense?) It’s kind of like a guessing game. Do you know how to read the scan or maybe can refer me to somebody that does?

    • PatBlockND says:

      Two things to remember
      1. The exact remedy is always more important than the exact diagnosis. Often, too much time is spent trying to ‘pinpoint what the problem is’. But, how many layers back do you want to go? If you knew what the problem was, then the obvious question is, why did that become a problem, and on and on, back further. The Compass gives a snapshot of where you are right now. Maybe if you do it enough times you will get enough data to show you where a chronic weakness might be.
      2. EOs don’t nourish the body, they stimulate it – which is fine as long as it is well nourished and can perform what the stimulation is nudging it to do. Herbs provide a more stable remediation so that you don’t fall back to where you were before you used the oils.


  5. Chantel says:

    Is it correct that the oil/product with the highest number out of range is the most important ? Such as a 11 brings that many markers back in range and a 1 would only bring one back in range. I was told that you want the smaller numbers but this website suggests something different.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Chantel,
      The data that we don’t have from the Compass is the seriousness of the ‘out of range’ marker or the chronicity. Bringing more markers into range is likely to produce the greatest ‘feel better’ result – which is good when people feel sick.. But keep in mind EOs don’t always fix things, so you should be looking for more substantial/material remediation (food, and herbs) as you are feeling better.

  6. Rickie Herrmann says:

    of course you deleted my comment rather than respond to it

  7. Jodie says:

    I had this scan for my daughter today & I don’t understand it. The person who did the scan could only tell us what to buy. Please explain. I would sincerly appreciate it. She has 34 bio markers out if range. The numbers to be brought into range are:
    17,14,2 and 1. I’m not sure how these 4 numbers equate to 34 ranges but I would really like to understand this. What areas are these ranges concerning? Thank you kindly.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Jodie,
      Sometimes the Compass does not give a clear picture of balancing herbs are beneficial, but the information is sometimes useful anyway especially in conjunction with subsequent scans. I don’t recommend getting all that the Compass recommends either. If you have 34 biomarkers out of range and one supplement clears most of them, I would strongly consider getting that one at least. Then read the descriptions of the others and see if you feel they would be beneficial. After taking the most important one for a month or so, redo the scan and see what other kinds of recommendations it may provide.

  8. Stacy says:

    Please help me understand this – my scan came back with 27 biomarkers out of range – Ylang Ylang 14 – Juniper Berry 10 – DDR Prime 2 and Oregano 1. I was told that when you have the DDR Prime come up that is not good because of the cells. Does this mean I should go to the doctor? I am a little worried.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hello Stacy,
      Essential Oils (EOs) have their place in therapeutics, but they should NOT be taken internally. Many people have had serious damage done to their digestive tract as a result of ingested EOs. Keep in mind that many pounds of plant material are distilled into a few drops of an EO making them way too concentrated for our digestive tract. The original plant material contains protective, buffering and balancing components that are left behind in the EO distilling process and the resultant chemicals are too intense for digestion, toxic in some cases, and generally not body-friendly.
      To address serious problems you will need to take herbs internally which are more body-friendly. To this end, I would use a Compass that has the Nature’s Sunshine herbs programmed into the database.

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