This soup is great for nourishment period!!  Specific applications include a tender or damaged GI tract.  For example, enjoy this when the appetite returns after a GI flu episodes, or colds/sinusitis, or for a chemo-damaged GI tract.  For serious GI derangements, strain before serving and take very small portions often.  I freeze this in glass single or double portion sized containers and thaw when needed.

Broil 2# Turkey legs or 2# beef soup bones (don’t broil beef bones – just the meat removed from them) until brown – 10-15 min, depending on distance from coils.  Add meat & bones to large soup pot.
(Broiling meat is done for flavor.  To my knowledge it does not add to the medicinal quality of the soup.  The bones are the medicinal part of this recipe. )
(NOTE: If boiling the bones yields a bad smell stop and throw the whole mess out.  I’ve had this happen with beef bones.  I’ve brought home beef bones from the store and gave one to my dog but she wouldn’t eat them.  She clued me in to this.  When I began to boil them, they just didn’t smell good – and they were organic.  Out they went!  So you need to be careful here.)

Add 1&1/2 gal. good or filtered water,

1/4 cup apple cider vinegar and 1/4 cup pure lemon juice.
(NOTE: This might be too much vinegar for some people.  So if you don’t like pickles or sour tastes generally do not suit you, just use ½ cup lemon juice).  Boiling the bones with the 2 acids (vinegar and lemon) causes them to yield their membrane/bone healing nutrients, among which are chondroitin, glucosamine, gelatin and collagen.  GI membranes, joint, and respiratory membranes benefit in particular.

Bring to rolling boil then simmer bones and meat 1-2 hours until meat falls from bones and shreds easily.  Allow to cool some and strain broth into another large pot.

Seasonings:  To the broth add 1 Tbls chopped garlic, ¼ tsp cayenne pepper or to taste (Other salt-less seasonings can be added including 1 Tbls Miso, 2 Tbls MildAjvar or pimento pepper paste).  Save other therapeutic seasonings for just before eating.

Veggies:  Add parsley, celery, carrots, cabbage, peppers and onions in the proportions you like.  No starchy ingredients (rice, barley, pasta, corn, potatoes, etc.)  Some of the meat can also be added.

That’s it.  Divide into serving-sized glass containers and freeze.

This is best made ahead and frozen, then reheated as needed.  It is always good to have some on hand.

Upon reheating,

Garlic will improve circulation.  Add more to taste.

More cayenne (red pepper) can be added for chills.

Ginger may be added to allay nausea.

Horseradish can be added for stuffy sinuses or other breathing complaints.

Add any other seasoning that you enjoy from your spice cupboard as they all improve digestion, stimulate circulation and digestive secretions.  Some recommendations: Thyme, Cumin, Sage, Oregano, Rosemary, Fenugreek, Celery Seed and Savory.


When more substantial nourishment is called for, the grains (brown rice, barley, etc.) can be added when reheating.


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    If I can’t find turkey legs can I use chicken legs?

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