Bathing in mineral salts has a long history of therapeutic use.  Baths are extremely effective for removing toxins and soaking away aches and pains. It is now understood that its beneficial action is both chemical and electrical.

Chemically there is an exchange of ions at the skin surface which is believed to have a detoxifying effect.  Herbs and essential oils may also be added to the bath to increase skin surface circulation and open the pores to enhance this exchange.

Electrically the salt water allows for the external body circuits to be completed since salt water conducts current.  The external body currents are facilitated in conducting media – like the ocean, and this detox bath.  This therapeutic benefit is increased with more of the body under the water – a difficult feat in most home bathtubs. A 30 minute soak changing position every 5 minutes should still provide the benefits.

General instructions:  The salts or detox ingredients are added to normal sized tub of water with temperature of at least 104 degrees.  Sweating is therapeutic.  Use a loofah or exfoliating bath gloves to gently remove dried skin.  Have a drink at hand, and maybe something to read.  Soak 20-30 minutes. (You can have a pot of boiled water beside the tub to add in case the water starts to feel cool.)   Add about a half tsp of  NSPs Sunshine Concentrate (#1551-6) to make the water wetter and to avoid a bath tub ring.  When finished remember to rinse off before drying off.

Detox sequence:  This sequence is accomplished in 6 days.  Do not repeat more often than 2X/month.

Day 1, add 1 cup of Baking Soda (not Baking Powder) to the bath.

Day 2, repeat.

Day 3,   ½ cup Baking Soda, ½ cup Epsom Salts,

Day 4 repeat.

Day 5,   1 cup Epsom Salts.

Day 6 repeat.

Optional: To improve circulation and detoxification put 1/2 Tblsp each of  ground Ginger, Cayenne(Ground Red Pepper) and Dry Mustard into a Pyrex jar and add 2 cups boiling water, mix and add to the tub.  You will need to coat sensitive areas with Vaseline – cuts, genitals, lips if you add Cayenne.

Optional: You can also drop essential oils into the salts, before adding the salts to the bath.  Essential oils of Lemon (#3908-2)  (3 drops), Geranium (#3905-3) (3 drops) and Sweet Thyme(#3913-2)  (3 drops) help detox.



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