Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs)

We now live in a sea of Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs) that we cannot see.  That is a reality that will not go away.  EMF sources include power lines, WiFi, radar, cellular and microwave towers, transformers, motors, fluorescent lights, microwave ovens, cellular phones, X-rays, other medical tests and hundreds of other common electrical devices which are known to produce strong and invisible electromagnetic fields (EMFs) in a wide range of frequencies.  Avoidance is not possible anymore.

The health problems known to result from EMF exposure include:
• Memory Loss   • Chronic Fatigue    • Headaches     • Inability to relax    • Irritability
• Depression    • Weakened Immune System     • Inability To Concentrate

Some people are more vulnerable than others and benefit from protection from these external Electromagnetic Fields (EMFs).  The most common presentation of this sensitivity is ‘failure to calm’.  Some also report feeling jazzed or ‘zing-y’ on the inside.  Refer to Basic Principle #4 regarding vulnerability to these things.

Why are these a problem?

We are surrounded by our own energy garment (called our biofield) produced by our own body.  That enervation is not only needed for life but is one of the many ways our body communicates with itself.  These subtle energies constantly swirl through and around our bodies, and we are unaware of them. These energies are measurable, observable to some, and the levels measured by electro-acupuncture machines.  External EMFs affect this communication and induce currents on/in our bodies and if our own biofield is weak or compromised, so is our health.

A Passive Solution – the Cook ‘Diode

In 1956, Wayne Cook (who was very sensitive to energy) was studying the energy fields of the body and their relationship to health.

Cook diodes help neutralize the effects of EMFs on the body. Sensitive people can tell a big difference when they wear them.

In 1964, he developed a method of enhancing the body’s natural energy field, by neutralizing the harmful  effects induced by external electromagnetic radiation (EMFs).  His method involves wearing a small device (which he called a diode) which contains metallic powders and other natural substances.  The Diode formula stabilizes the body’s response to external EMF.
People who have tested for using a diode have reported relief from the constant agitation they felt which was likely caused by the induced currents from external EMFs.  When they forget to wear the diode the agitation returns.  Again, not all people are affected so noticeably by these fields.  Also, since these fields are not visible (but they are measurable) some folks encounter very strong EMFs during their daily activities (e.g. work, car, subway, etc.) and are unaware of what is producing the sensations they feel.

People who are sensitive to the effects of EMF should also look into earthing or grounding.


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