A calm and undisturbed mind and heart are the life and health of the body, but envy, jealousy, and wrath are like rottenness of the bones.  Prov 14:30 Amp.


Disease and Stress

Emotional stress is well recognized as a major ingredient of chronic degenerative disease.  Negative emotions inhibit the secretions of the body’s natural healing chemicals that control our intelligent, pre-programmed responses that are needed to heal.  Without these we seem to keep ‘falling apart’ – old symptoms return, new symptoms keep appearing, and we cannot seem to get/stay well.

We think that the solution to our stress is for the presenting problem/situation or person to go away.  But, it is NOT the present situation that is the source of the stress, IT IS HOW WE PERCEIVE OURSELVES in that situation.  Are we able enough?  Good enough?  Safe?  Wanted?  Important?   In control of the results?  Or not?

A man’s spirit sustains him in sickness, but a crushed spirit who can bear.     Prov 18:14


Emotional Pain

People go for counseling because they don’t like the way they feel or act.  But our actions result from our intense feelings.    These bad feelings can be with us all the time, or in certain situations.  But, how we feel is based on what we believe to be true about ourselves in that situation.  And our belief system forms our reality which is a result of how we experienced life as children.  Example beliefs include, “I don’t matter to anyone.”   “I’m always alone.”  “What I do is never good enough.”   “It is hopeless.”  “I just want to die.”  “What’s the use?”  “I’m worthless.”  This inner reality only becomes painful when real life situations remind us of our inner painful thinking.  We cannot control life’s situations but we can address our stinkin’ thinkin’.  Our inner belief needs to be corrected by a higher truth.  God’s truth is the remedy which adjusts our paradigm and, in effect, armors us as we walk through life’s situations.  Some emotional pain is the result of broken relationships, harbored anger, received offenses, judgments, etc.  These also need to be reconciled to experience peace.

Behold, Thou desirest truth in the inward parts: and in the hidden part Thou shalt make me to know wisdom.   Psalm 51:6


Emmanuel Intervention

I have been doing prayer coaching for about 10 years and as a result of what I saw ‘worked’ or not, I wrote a self-help DIY manual for my clients. The painful belief statements that cause emotional stress need to be identified, and, the place where they were first accepted or experienced, needs to be discovered.  By prayer we invite God’s Truth into that situation.  In that moment, we receive a new peace-giving insight in an old painful place, and our painful little reality is transformed into His reality. Then we see ourselves and our situation from His point of view.  With His reality, we can experience His peace in our hearts.  My book helps people go through this process on their own.  I also coach people through this process.

Create in me a clean heart, O God; and renew a right spirit within me.    Ps 51:10

Pat Block, ND


One Response to Emmanuel Intervention for Physical and Emotional Healing

  1. Dick says:

    Today is 12/12/14 … and new Psychic abilities are starting to show.

    I have taught my body to sense the approach of people … way before they actually do show up at my Office.

    I sense them many miles away and can tell they are talking about me.

    If I concentrate … I can tell if they are Talking good about me or bad about me.

    I haven’t quite been able to catch all the words they speak yet … but … I am working on it and have had small successes with the bad stuff and what is said about me and what I will have to deal with … when they actually show up.

    My ears will ring and I will get sick to my stomach when the Bad things are said and I can expect a contact by phone or in person sometime during the day.

    I have begun to explain to those persons … that … I got their message in a joking manor and guess at the bad things they said and how it affected me.

    I can say … “Boy … You said some Bad stuff eh?” and they will offer the Bad words up and why they said them. It is really strange how they will accept my Psychic abilities.

    I try to use my Psychic Abilities in every way now that I have attained the age of enlightenment (80) years old.
    It is amazing how much stronger they have become.

    I have mastered the art of “Twilight Sleep” now …and can “See” into the Rhelm of things that trigger the sleeping stories * that follow the thinking patterns * of the “Day Before” * and the thoughts that actually trigger them.

    I have learned to shape and guide the thought patterns into the quest for the Dreamtime coming up next … so it will be Investigated and shown in the next episode.

    My Dreams are now episodes of the Daily happenings of my life and are shown to me in Beautiful color and sound. It is the most beautiful thing you could ever imagine.

    Growing older in the Psychic World is amazing … That’s all I can say.

    Sincerely; … Dick Baublitz xpi – 389 Ruby Lane, Carson City, Nevada 89706 – e-mail (blitz@pyramid.net) – Telephone (775) 885-9216

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