Traveling to foreign countries can earn some unpleasant GI problems such as Delhi Belly or Montezuma’s Revenge.  However, it is very difficult to avoid contact with the water as even salads and fresh fruits and vegetables are washed with it.  To avoid OR solve problems from accidentally ingesting the water, pack Activated Charcoal Capsules (366-2).  It significantly adsorbs toxins to minimize that which reaches the enterohepatic (intestinal-liver) circulation.  Charcoal is a well-known remedy for diarrhea, intestinal gas, nausea, and vomiting.  In fact, several studies have shown charcoal also helps relieve the production of gas by as much as 75% in the GI tract.

My husband has been on many, many trips to third world countries and has done the following which has, to date, prevented any GI problems.

Every night before bed take 4 Activated Charcoal Capsules (366-2) with 4 oz bottled water.  At first signs of GI distress, take 4 capsules.  To aide someone already in great distress (losing fluids from both ends), it is better to open 8 capsules into 4 oz bottled water and then wait until after their vomiting episode before administering orally. Sip as much as is comfortable without triggering ejection.  This may be repeated.  Continue until all symptoms have abated.

If you have a sensitive stomach or have battled yeast, I highly recommend that you take a probiotic before leaving for your trip and take it while you are overseas.  Take 3 capsules of BifidophilusFlora Force (4080-4) each morning.

If you are going to a widely different temperature or altitude than you are used to, or engaging in a life-pace that you are not used to, I highly recommend taking Adaptomax (872-9) which is a blend of ginsengs to help with the transition and to improve stamina.  You can begin taking this 2-3 days before leaving to help with the stress of preparation, then continue through the duration of your trip.  Take 2 w/ breakfast.  Add 2 w/lunch with increased physical stress.  Take 2 at bedtime to help get a good night’s sleep.




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