This is so simple that I thought I wouldn’t need to post the recipe, BUT so many women suffer needlessly and take toxic drugs that imbalance their overall health that I thought I’d put it up here for all to see.  It is simple, CHEAP, NON-TOXIC and effective.  You won’t need to have your liver function tested either if you do this.

1 clove garlic  (Garlic is anti-inflammatory and stimulates circulation.)
1 pint hot water (filtered preferably)
Douche kit or enema kit with a douche tip

Peel the garlic clove. Add it to the hot water in blender and blend finely.  Pour the garlic water into the douche apparatus that you have and douche.  Yup. That simple.


How often should I do this?

If this is a long-standing problem and you have a raging itch, I’d do it once a day for 3 days then quit and assess.  Some women have told me that it has never come back after this.  Others say that if they feel it start to come back that once is enough to chase it away.  Don’t do it continuously – that should NOT be necessary.  Make an appointment to find out what is needed to balance you, or read the Lifestyle Compensations to see how your life may be out of whack.

Should I filter out the garlic pieces?

You can filter the garlic water in the blender through a tea strainer if you like.  I don’t think it will reduce the therapeutic value but I don’t think it is necessary either.  The vaginal mucosa will eventually flush out or resolve whatever tiny garlic pieces may remain.  They are not harmful to life.

What if it stings/burns?

Many douche preparations can do this, too.  That is because the mucosal lining is broken and insufficient mucus is covering the tissue (certain pharmaceuticals that dry up mucus can do this).   The skin can also be irritated from scratching.

Before douching dry the area then coat the inflamed area with coconut butter. After douching or urinating, reapply the coconut butter. It has some anti-fungal properties and will help the skin tissue heal.

If you get over zealous and put too much garlic, it can burn.  Also some garlic is more potent than others.  Sometimes only the first application burns and then the skin begins to heal.  If it continues to burn more than 2 minutes after the application, just repeat with plain warm water from the sink.   Wait at least 3 days and repeat. In the mean time keep applying the coconut butter.

Do I need to use fresh garlic?

Yup.  It’s cheap too.



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