Often people tell me that they know they don’t drink enough water.  I find that people have a distaste for water because plain water imbalances them in some way.  This is easily solved by finding the right healthy things to put in the water to naturally address their cravings.  Mostly folks are looking for a combination of a tart taste and sweet taste with a little bitter ‘bite’.  A healthy ‘tart’ flavor can be introduced with pure unadulterated lemon juice (I use the 7.5 oz Minute Maid, “equals the juice of 7 lemons” no sugar added, in a box in the frozen section).  The healthy ‘sweet’ flavor can be introduced with real honey (if you have allergies) or Xylitol (if you prefer a slow-carb sweetener).  The healthy ‘bitter’ flavor can be introduced with NSPs real Green Tea Extract  which is brewed then dehydrated pure green tea (3 capsules=10 cups real green tea).

Drink concentrate #1 w/green tea (refrigerate)

In a 32 oz container put …

1 container of the 7.5 oz Minute Maid, “equals the juice of 7 lemons” no sugar added.  Add
1 cup granulated Xylitol Bulk, (# 5435-3)

1/8th tsp (pinch) of Nu-Salt (a salt substitute containing potassium chloride), and then

open 1-2 capsules Green Tea Extract  into the mix.  Because it is an extract, it will easily dissolve.

Shake well until xylitol crystals mostly dissolve.  This is a concentrate!  Add a squirt to your drinking water to taste…and see how easily it goes down. This drink concentrate is made ahead and kept in the refrigerator to be added to water to make a thirst-quenching, lymph moving, lemonade-like, toxin-flushing drink.

Drink concentrate #2 (refrigerate)

In a 32 oz container put …

1 container of the 7.5 oz Minute Maid, “equals the juice of 7 lemons” no sugar added.  Add

an equal amount of honey, which acts as a preservative

(or 1 cup Xylitol Bulk).

little cayenne pepper to taste to give it some punch and improve circulation

(or some ginger to make your own healthy ginger ale.  The ginger allays nausea.)

This is a concentrate.   Be conservative to start and increase amounts to taste.  Add as much as desired to each bottle of water you drink.



3 Responses to Healthy Drinks

  1. Anne Dail says:

    Sorry to ask u, if I had been thinking, I would have known it was on Pat’s website. Thank u very much. Anne

  2. Carolyn Pierce says:

    Can I use Stevia (truvia) in place of the Xylitol Bulk? I am a avid water and lemon drinker already and really like the flavor of the lemon in the water. I even freeze ice cubes with lemon in them. Thank U for all your info.

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,
      Some people question the safety of Truvia and there are websites where people report the side effects they experience from trying it. Some say it is not stevia only, or that it is processed by some patented method. So just be careful and be on the look out for unusual side effects.

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