The Ion Wand is an energy device, that is, it affects the energy garment around you, which affects how the physical tissues of your body operate.  I was introduced to it by other practitioners who reported amazing results with painful conditions including: backaches, headaches, neuropathy, teething, poison ivy, and various kinds and locations of joint pain.  Not all conditions

The Ion Wand contains Quartz Crystals

are helped so I muscle test to determine whether it is useful and HOW the wand should be used.

The wand is generally used in a circular movement pointing towards and near to the body (within 4 inches).  This can be a simple clockwise or counter-clockwise motion or a spiraling motion towards and away from the body.  Tapping the wand on a padded surface increases the ionization field around the wand and can be done before each use.  Many have reported sensations inside the body during ‘wanding’ and this is likely because the  invisible field around the body is influenced by the quartz within the wand.

Many report improved sleep when placing the wand under the pillow.

The Ion Wand contains quartz crystals and other minerals.  Quartz is a well known frequency regulator perhaps because of its piezoelectric properties.  Kirilian photography has shown that the field around the body is enhanced when a person holds a quartz crystal.  A stronger, more organized field around the body affects the current flows within the body which affect healing and regeneration of tissue.


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  1. Carolyn Pierce says:

    I have poison Ivy from working in my yard. This is the second time this summer I have been infected with it. I have tried every known solution, even the triamcinolone acetonide cream that the doctor prescribed.Last time I had to have a prescription of steroids to get rid of it. Is there any natural herbs or creams I can try?
    I appreciate any help. Thank You Carolyn Pierce

    • PatBlockND says:

      Hey Carolyn,
      There are 2 internal imbalances likely here: one is related to the liver’s ability to filter out irritants from the blood, and for that I would do Histablock; and the second relates to the adrenals and your ability to adapt, and for that I would do AdaptaMax. You can start these now at a 3B, 3D until symptoms subside and have them on hand before your work carries you to the part of the yard growing these things. You can also check out the links on those organs for more clues on what is the major contributor.
      Topically I would filet the stem of jewelweed, if you know what that is, kinda like you might do with aloe vera, and apply the juice to the skin.


  2. Gorm says:

    How do I order an ion wand, I just list my last one.

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