The IonCleanse bath is a non-invasive technology that produces positively or negatively charged ions in a tub of water in which the feet are placed. These ions create an osmotic pull of the oppositely charged toxins through the feet into the water bath.

The charge can be set on the unit, but no matter what settings are used, know that both harmful AND beneficial ions are removed from the body. For this reason supplementation before and after a treatment is advisable.

  1. What health problems does the IonCleanse address? While virtually everyone will benefit from the IonCleanse detox, those with edema, chronic stiffness, inflammation, gout, osteo-arthritis and pain (that is not related to subluxation), experience the most noticeable relief. Since these problems are most often associated with acid tissue waste and/or compromised kidney function, the IonCleanse acts as an adjunct to removing these toxins from the body like a skin dialysis.
  2. Why herbs alone cannot resolve some of these problems? The above conditions indicate that stagnation exists in the removal of the cellular wastes from the extra-cellular matrix (ECM). The ECM is the fluid surrounding all the cells and is like the watershed of the body’s tissues. If the watershed is stagnant, the inflow of nutrients is also impaired. So herbs may help in encouraging proper function of the kidney and other organs IF they can be delivered to those cells. Consider this analogy, if there is an accident on the interstate, a traffic jam results. It is difficult to get the emergency vehicles TO the site because of the stopped traffic. In the body, there are few ‘shoulders’ on which the emergency vehicles can move. Everything just stalls. Thus the delivery of the herbal components to the site where they are needed can be a limiting factor in what the herbs can do in the body.
  3. What does the IonCleanse do? The IonCleanse generates ions of either a positive or negative charge (depending on the controller settings) in the foot bath. These ions generate an electrostatic pull at the surface of the skin on the feet. The exchange of ions affects the tissue pH. The water in the tub becomes colored with material from the ion plates, PLUS debris that is being pulled through the feet from the lymph. With each session you will observe a change in the amount of debris in the water and adhering to the sides of the tub and your feet indicating a lowering of the toxic load of the body. In addition to affecting local tissue pH, the IonCleanse will lower blood levels of drugs and glucose so please eat before doing this cleanse if you tend to be hypoglycemic. It also can reduce blood pressure so if you feel dizzy afterwards, you either have low blood pressure to start with or your blood pressure med is too strong for you right after the cleanse.

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  1. Eileen Mears says:

    Hi Pat, I ordered the Herbs for the Hair pulling….was reading over your site and thought I might order the garlic oil as well, and the Protease Enymes, can I take these with the ones I am taking for the hair pulling? Or should I wait until the rounds are done…..ALSO I looked up the Ionic Cleanse Foot bath….is that the mineral in the bottle they show? and can I use it in my foot bath from Walmart, the one that bubbles and massauges and heats your feet or is there a special foot container I should use…..thanks for the clairifcation…..Eileen

  2. Linda says:

    Hi Pat – Is there a brand or can you recommendation an at home ion foot bath?

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