Odor on the body usually comes from the breakdown and removal of dead tissue by microbes tasked with that responsibility.  This is an important function and addressing this internally would contribute to good health.  Excessive odor that cannot be controlled signals lots of dysfunctional tissue inside so consider adjusting some lifestyle practices, improving digestion or especially doing the Gentle Liver Cleanse.   Adjusting the pH of the local terrain slows the process and improves your social confidence.   Many have reported that taking Chlorophyll Gel Caps  or Liquid Chlorophyl has helped with odor anywhere on the body.  To correct the local pH, simple Baking Soda is used.

Basic Recipe

In a wide mouth shallow jar that can hold about a cup, put about

¼ cup of Baking Soda.

Add 8 drops of Guardian Essential Oil.

With a plastic spoon thoroughly mash the Essential oil into the Baking Soda.  Repeat the above recipe 2 more times so the container has about ¾ cup of very nice smelling Baking Soda.


Deodorant:  To use on the skin (e.g. as an underarm deodorant) simply wet the fingers, dip into the jar and apply sparingly. That was ‘sparingly’.   Experiment with how little is needed.   Too much can cause an irritation on sensitive skin or with longstanding overuse.   This recipe is NOT an antiperspirant.  When people tell me that they cannot find a deodorant that works, it usually means the odor is coming through not the wetness.  So this recipe can be used WITH an antiperspirant but you may be able to use much less antiperspirant ….and should try to use as little as possible of any chemical substance on your skin.

This will also work in the groin area.  Apply this after a shower for jock itch if the skin is not broken.

Smelly feet/shoes:  Simply sprinkle the powder into shoes.  About 1/2 teaspoon may be needed for the 1st application into strong smelling shoes, but this does not take long to remedy them.   I like to keep the plastic mixing spoon with the container so I’ll break the handle of the plastic spoon so it fits in the container.  This makes it handy to sprinkle the mixture into shoes.  If you have a foot fungus, know that these fungi are trying to bio-remediate the environment.  Add about 1/2 teaspoon to each shoe until the odor and itching is gone.  Thyme, a spice like found in your kitchen, can be rubbed on your feet to help with itching.

Colloidal Silver as a deodorant

Some folks are too sensitive for the cheap remedies but still want to avoid chemical deodorants & antiperspirants.  Silver Shield  can also be used.  I would put a little in an atomizer or small spray bottle and see how little is necessary.  This may need to be repeated during the day.




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