To protect the skin from the sun and reverse a cancerous process, mix up the following solution:

1 cup water,
2-3 rounded teaspoons Vit C Ascorbates  and
4 drops Myrrh essential oil
1-3 drops of Thyme Essential Oil (optional – to add bug repellant properties to the spray)
Put this in a spritzer.

Shake well before using and spray your exposed skin often with this solution.  The water aides in keeping you cool.  If you have suspicious marks on your skin, dot the area with Myrrh EO straight (neat) whether in the sun or not.   BUT be warned this does NOT protect you from immoderate sun exposure.  For this wear light colored loose clothing and a light hat.  This is an ideal sun screen that heals and protects the skin and still allows it to sweat.  NSPs Vit C powder is non-acidic and has no sugar so this spray is not drying or sticky.    Keep out of the eyes.

It would important to also take supplementation internally leading up to the sun exposure.  AdaptoMax or Korean Ginseng are helpful.

For other important recommendations about skin care, see the skin section.

©Pat Block ND 2007


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