Most households already have these simple devices. Vibration massagers vary in size

Vibration massagers aide in relaxing tension to improve blood flow and lymphatic drainage.

and power and attachments. They are even built into chairs and beds because their therapeutic value is well accepted and sought after. The problem is that people don’t know how or where to use them to get joint relief.

Their primary action is to induce relaxation in tight muscles.   Relaxed muscles release acid lymph, which reduces soreness, and allow blood in and out which reduces muscle fatigue.   This also allows the muscle to relax and lengthen so less tension is placed across the joints which creates ‘arthritis’.



To use a massager, palpate for the tenderness and just place the massager on the area with slight pressure and keep it there for about 30 seconds.  For large areas of tension, move the massager around the tense area searching for tender spots.  If the area itches, this means that lymph has been released and the itching is usually short-lived.  Applying too much pressure with the massager will dampen the vibration.  This is best applied for a few minutes several times a day as opposed to one marathon torturous session.

Rest the massager on the tense area. No pressure needed. Relax and feel the vibrations propagate into the tissue.



A common location of tensed muscles is on top of the shoulders near the neck (upper trapezius). Tension here will lead to head congestions including ear problems, sinus problems and most commonly, sore throats.   Relaxing the muscles in the upper shoulder and neck allow the lymph in the head to drain. Placing the massager lightly on the tensed areas (found by palpation) and turning the head left and right will bring relief.   This should be done several times a day.  And if you wake up with a stiff neck, this procedure is the remedy.

A common joint troubled by tensed muscles is the  hip.  The location of the tension is the sides of the thighs– along the outside side-seams of the

Hip pain is greatly mitigated by relaxing the muscle/tendon that goes down the side of the leg. If you have hip pain, somewhere along your side seam will be tender – relax it.

pants.  When this muscle tenses (facia lata, or the ‘IT band’) the hip and knee become sore from being pulled out of their normal operating position.   Palpate for soreness and then apply massager gently to the area as described above under ‘How’.

Carpal tunnel and other kinds of wrist pain arise from tension in the muscles just above and below the elbow. These can be found by palpation and daily application of the massager will bring relief.

In general, if any joint is hurting, go to the area between the joint and the torso and palpate the muscles until the ‘guitar string’ is found. You have found the culprit causing the joint inflammation. Prove to yourself that after relaxing that tension in

Locating and relaxing tension in the forearm will relieve carpal tunnel and most hand pain.

that muscle, the joint pain calms down.

Since many carry stress in the gut (e.g. “my stomach is in knots“) a gentle application of the vibration massager on the soft tissue of the abdomen can bring relief to digestive related issues including constipation.

The massager pictured above is an impact-type massager – easily found locally.  Also available are rotational massagers sometimes used by massage therapists.  These are very useful for alleviating large areas of lymphatic stagnation.  These are used in the same way, namely, holding the massage pad in position until the area itches.

A rotational massager shown with 12 inch ruler for scale.



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