Candida Albicans is a yeast/fungal organism that is normally found in the digestive tract and other parts of our body and may serve an important function in the body (This role is also acknowledged by German New Medicine).

When the Candida population is out of balance anywhere in the body it is a sign that stress or chemicals or lowered circulation/enervation have damaged those tissues, NOT the fungus. In order to rebuild new healthy tissue, the damaged tissue needs to be digested or broken down and removed. These microorganisms perform that service so the population of these microbes needs to be increased locally to do just that.  See the Infection or BioRemediation post.

THE most effective ‘anti-Candida’ therapy is (read these posts)

If you are chronically fatigued it will take longer to repair tissue so do not waste your energy on unnecessary activities (like exercise) while your body is needing energy to heal itself.
Using Silver Gel (#4950-1) topically helps reduce the inflammation and brings quicker resolution. Healthy tissue does not succumb to Candida or any other parasitic infection.

Antibiotics don’t affect Candida directly but they do adversely affect the populations of important microbes needed for good health.  Anti-fungals, in addition to destroying the liver, will reduce Candida and other beneficial fungal forms.  But this prolongs the inflammation process as described in the Infection doc.  Reintroducing these kinds of strains helps some (Flora Force (#4080-4) or ProBiotic 11 (#1510-1)).  Probiotic foods (living ferments in the recipe section) are also beneficial in rebalancing the lumen especially in children who have been damaged by vaccines, antibiotics, steroids and acid reflux medications. Balancing their gut balances their mood too.

Balancing the Candida in the body is not as difficult as some books outline. Many of the suggestions are ‘small potatoes’ compared to the discipline of keeping oneself calm. If sugar cravings are a problem look at some lifestyle compensations. If fatigue is a problem then recovery will take a long time so one should consult that document.

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